Mets Claim Ryan Reid

The Mets have claimed right-hander Ryan Reid off waivers from the Pirates, according to Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish (Twitter link). Reid was designated for assignment last week along with Jerry Sands to clear roster space for Clint Barmes and Edinson Volquez.

The 28-year-old Reid made his big league debut for the Buccos in 2013 and pitched well, posting a 1.64 ERA with seven punchouts and three walks in 11 innings of work. He posted a 51.5 percent ground-ball rate and averaged 91.9 mph on his fastball in that brief Major League sample. Reid has enjoyed continued success as a reliever in the minors, as evidenced by his career 3.57 ERA in 194 innings at Triple-A. He's averaged 8.6 strikeouts and 3.2 walks per nine innings in parts of three seasons at that level.

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  1. Marky Mark 2 years ago

    Solid move, bring in all the warm bodies you can to compete in spring training, cause the mets bullpen right now is wide open

    • Blake 2 years ago

      With the 40 man roster now at 38, they’ve got 2 more spots for warm bodies.

  2. Skeeb Wilcox 2 years ago

    I think the Mets got a keeper. Would rather have him in the ‘pen than Barmes on the roster…

  3. Tyler Young 2 years ago

    Hey, if the Mets are building a bullpen out of the Pirates pieces, I won’t complain. Can’t get much better than the shark tank.

    • David Stephens 2 years ago

      definitely a solid grab by the Mets and also best for the player. he wasn’t going to receive significant innings in the packed Pittsburgh bullpen, but he could turn into a very nice piece in the mets pen.

    • Blake 2 years ago

      Building a bullpen? They’ve got Black and now Reid. 2 players hardly constitutes an entire bullpen.

      • Tyler Young 2 years ago

        That’s 2/7ths of a bullpen… I’d say a pretty solid portion of one.

        • Blake 2 years ago

          Yeah, if he makes the bullpen. Which I don’t think is likely.

          • Tyler Young 2 years ago

            Well, the mets don’t have all that much. Edgin, Germen, Familia, Rice, Parnell, Black, Reid, and a few others all seem to compete, with Parnell really the only LOCK, if he’s even healthy. I’d say Reid has as much of a shot as any of them.

          • Blake 2 years ago

            Black, Edgin, and Parnell are locks. He probably does make it now that I think about it because guys like Germen and Familia have options left.

            But, they’re planning on signing one free agent reliever also. Maybe two.

          • Tyler Young 2 years ago

            Torres should be there also. The only reason I would put Edgin in as a lock is cause he’s a lefty. I think he has potential but he’s been hit or miss since the end of 2012.

  4. Blake 2 years ago

    Reid should be ok if he keeps the walks down. The movement on his pitches is sharp and cutting, and if he can locate them, should be tough on batters.

  5. JohnLucarelli 2 years ago

    Claim Sands too. Whats the worst that could happen?

    • Blake 2 years ago

      They probably want to leave two 40-man spots open for end of spring training waiver pickups.

  6. connfyoozed . 2 years ago

    Reid has some skills. He could be a solid middle-innings guy. I wish him the best: he did nothing wrong as a Bucco, there were just too many guys in front of him.

  7. todd Rainey 2 years ago

    Why the pirates like Hughes and others over Reid is beyond me. A solid pickup for the Mets

    • RetireNumberSeventeen 2 years ago

      That’s cool, becase the Mets need all the help they can get.

  8. HarveyDaGod 2 years ago

    i approve

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