Quick Hits: Depth, Park Factors, Competitive Balance

Over at Fangraphs, Eno Sarris poses an open question: how can analysts and fans better understand how the dynamics of roster construction — in particular, depth — impact wins? Otherwise, it is unsurprisingly a slow night for hot stove news on New Year's Eve. (Though over 6,400 MLBTR readers — and counting — have weighed in with their vote for the best transaction of 2013.) Here are a few other notes …

  • Also on Fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan explores PNC Park's unique capacity to limit the game's three true outcomes: walks, strikeouts, and home runs. Sullivan wonders whether the Pirates may be able to leverage this fact, which could theoretically occur in the club's player acquisition and/or development approaches. Indeed, as Huntington recently told Charlie Wilmoth of MLBTR and Bucs Dugout, his organization is always looking for "the next edge."
  • While commissioner Bud Selig is proud of the game's financial prosperity, he tells Mike Bauman of MLB.com that his favorite achievement is "competitive balance." Bauman cites revenue sharing and the luxury tax as mechanisms that have, in Selig's words, brought "hope and faith" to more major league fanbases.

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