Rangers Moving Toward Deal With J.P. Arencibia

Catcher J.P. Arencibia and the Rangers are moving in the direction of striking a deal, FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal writes (on Twitter). The Rangers reportedly were close to trading for Arencibia before the Blue Jays non-tendered him. Earlier this week, MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan reported that the Rangers would have been willing to make the trade if Arencibia had agreed to a contract that would have avoided arbitration. MLBTR estimated that Arencibia would have made $2.8MM in the arbitration process, so his deal with the Rangers, assuming it happens, will likely be for less than that.

Arencibia will presumably back up Geovany Soto in Texas. Arencibia hit just .194/.227/.365 in 2013 and is unlikely to ever hit for much of an average, but with his power, he can be effective if he bats above .215 or so, as he did in 2011 and 2012. He has 62 home runs in the past three seasons, and hitting in Arlington should help him add to that total.

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  1. DerekJeterDan 2 years ago

    On the bright side, Arrencibia and Fielder add a lot of power to the Rangers lineup.

    • malna 2 years ago

      it is always good to take a positive out of something…

  2. Jaysfan724 2 years ago

    But see here’s the way he beats the system: He just doesn’t swing…at all…not one recorded swing. Sure he’ll have about 300 strikeouts (that’s nothing new), but his 300 walks will be untouched. Sure he’ll have an AVG of .000 but that K/BB ratio will be significantly improved.

    • malna 2 years ago

      ah i see….

      ye ole durability factor should definitely help make my gamble a sound investment

    • John LeClair 2 years ago

      if he didn’t swing at all, wouldn’t teams pick up on that and just constantly strike him out?

      • Jaysfan724 2 years ago

        The pressure to throw a strike knowing he won’t swing will be too overwhelming for some pitchers.

        • John LeClair 2 years ago

          if thats the case, than if the opposing team ever needs to use a reliever they should just give the bat boy a try

          • malna 2 years ago

            no way a stray batboy stands up to the pressure of facing strike3bia bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, Rangers up by 12 runs, knowing the guy is not gonna swing the bat….

            the batboy will literally crumble on the mound

            youre dreaming man

          • John LeClair 2 years ago

            Hahaha yeah cause this whole senerio is just soo realistic

          • malna 2 years ago

            obviously; jesse litsch, former batboy, probably used to light jpa up back in the days when they were just youngsters in extended spring training

      • malna 2 years ago

        it is the threat of the swing which keeps the lions at bay

  3. shysox 2 years ago

    Very low career BABIP (.250) as a flyball hitter with a move to a tiny park might do him some good. Going from the best to the worst division with a change of scenery, who knows.

    He can’t be much worse than both of their incumbents, which is why I was hoping they would at least take a chance.

    • JaysFan1996 2 years ago

      well, in 43 at bat he has 7 Home runs at Rangers Ballpark with an OPS of 1.040 so you got that

      • Kyle 2 years ago

        Confirming: I was at the Ballpark for all 7 of those home runs. Each one more depressing than the last coming from a .215 hitter.

        • malna 2 years ago

          On the flip side, next year you will be depressed every time he strikes out, so, roughly, 30% of his PAs

          • Kyle 2 years ago

            I’m really looking forward to having 2012 second-half Josh Hamilton back though.

    • malna 2 years ago

      One could also say JPA’s low BABIP is a product of his terrible ability (if I dare call it that) to make contact, if any, with the ball.

  4. JaysFan1996 2 years ago

    Most of the last 3 season he was the “starter” but how can you give this guy 550 at bats with his performance. he’s not even good defensively

    • malna 2 years ago

      Literally. He is just not good enough to get the requisite number of PA’s to hit 30 HR. Not very good defensively either…. in fact, about as bad as it gets…

    • Dave Andres 2 years ago

      Infact he is terrible defensively

  5. Rollie Fingerbangers 2 years ago

    This is Jon Daniels first depth move taking care of the backup catcher. Now they need a guy who can play LF, 3B, DH to fill out the bench. I’m not against this move. Arencibia will be better than last year. He has to just like BJ Upton. They gotta do better.

    • malna 2 years ago

      Well, BJ Upton has proven himself capable at the MLB level before, whereas Strike3bia has not.

      • Rollie Fingerbangers 2 years ago

        Rangers are not getting Arencibia to be the regular catcher. He will play 30-35% of the time while Geovany Soto will play 65-70% of the catching duties. Arencibia won’t have to catch the great Yu Darvish. That will be Soto who catches Yu’s 2 no-hitters he will throw next year. (one against the Blue Jays)

    • Tko11 2 years ago

      100$ says they will both be nearly as bad as last year.

    • Pike Parker 2 years ago

      As bad as he is at the plate, Arencibia might actually do less damage to the team as a DH.

  6. Morley C 2 years ago

    As long as no Rangers pitcher starts throwing a knuckleball, it might work.
    And if he’s the backup and plays one game in Toronto next summer, Jays fans still get to see him strike out at least 3 times!

    • malna 2 years ago

      edit… double post

    • malna 2 years ago

      I think my other reply to this was removed as i used RAD’s real last name. Anyways…. Strike3bia is one of the worst defensive catchers in the MLB, something teams typically look for in a backup catcher. Last year, for some odd reason, we let JPA catch RAD in the game 1 home opener. Things did not turn out well and JPA never caught the knuckleball again. It was actually painful to watch.

      • Pike Parker 2 years ago

        According to Arencibia’s cleat chasers on Twitter, Dickey caused Arencibia’s historically awful season by refusing to pitch to him after that game. I guess Arencibia can resume his “productive” ways in 2014 now that he doesn’t have a starting pitcher’s comments ruining his entire season.

  7. malna 2 years ago

    I liked this because the sarcasm was ambiguous….

    • Pike Parker 2 years ago

      It depends on whether Snoochies is a Rangers fan or not. I’m betting not.

  8. Twisted86 2 years ago

    I’m glad the Sox are staying away from him!

  9. toddcoffeytime 2 years ago

    I don’t necessarily see it that way, he’s (probably) cheap and the backup catcher market is pretty thin as it is.. He’s also nice late game PH option when you’re looking for a HR or bust (which is JPA’s only skillset).

  10. Tyler Koller 2 years ago

    Ranger fans saw how terrible Chris Davis was before they traded him to Baltimore, maybe a change of scenery for Arencibia will be a good thing.

    • malna 2 years ago

      Change of scenery is exactly what one must be banking on.

      • Tyler Koller 2 years ago

        Not saying i’m hoping he hits 50 home runs like Davis but if he can bat above .220 with 20+ home runs, ill take it!

  11. Erik Wofford 2 years ago

    When are the writers/commentators get it that the “Jetstream is gone” Do some research for Pete’s sake.

  12. Runtime 2 years ago

    I’m guessing something like 1/1.5 or 2/2.5?

    He really doesn’t so much aside from hitting homeruns, strike out, and allow passed balls. It’s a shame, he was a great “team player” in Toronto.

    • Pike Parker 2 years ago

      He also has terrible judgment in throwing out runners. He’ll try to throw out guys with whom he has no realistic chance to catch stealing, only to airmail the ball into center field or into the seats along the 3rd base line. In that way he’ll make the Rangers pitchers look better, erasing baserunners by turning them into unearned runs.

  13. Shauntell 2 years ago

    I think the safer move would have been to sign John Buck, he will actually take a walk or two whereas J.P. has already decided he won’t do that anymore at all in 2014:

    link to fangraphs.com

    This has the makings of a bad catching duo for a team that wants to contend…

  14. Runtime 2 years ago

    That’s what we wanted from him in Toronto

  15. Stuart Brown 2 years ago

    That’s what he will do, if you give him enough plate appearances. But he’ll have an OBP of .250 and be not good defensively behind the plate, so it’s not really worth it. He’s basically Yuniesky Betancourt, the catcher. Except Betancourt doesn’t strikeout 30% of the time and he doesn’t have as much power…and well, fine. It’s not a great comparison.

    • Tyler Koller 2 years ago

      I think you mean Carlos Peña.

      • Stuart Brown 2 years ago

        At this point in his career, that’s a pretty fair comparison. Pena always had the ability to walk, though, something Arencibia does not have. Maybe Miguel Olivo without the defense? Olivo himself isn’t that great, but he could throw people out at least.

      • Pike Parker 2 years ago

        Nah, Pena draws walks. Arencibia is more like a poor man’s Jeff Francoeur the catcher, only terrible on defense.

  16. JaysFan1996 2 years ago

    blue jays fan only defense for his bad defense is ” he” one of the best catchers that frame balls into strikes” the counter argument is that he’s one of the best catchers who can also ” turn strikes into balls” so yes he is terrible defensively

    • Pike Parker 2 years ago

      Sounds like you’re implying that Arencibia isn’t actually a guy. :)

  17. Runtime 2 years ago

    oh boy. If JPA was still a .215 hitter, he’d probably still be a Blue Jay.

  18. Andy Todd 2 years ago

    Saw this coming and honestly I’m really happy as a Rangers fan.

    • Rollie Fingerbangers 2 years ago

      Nice backup depth piece. I think Jon Daniels needs to get one more.

    • Runtime 2 years ago

      The JPA that exists, right now, this second… is a terrible terrible baseball player. He was at the bottom of the league (qualified hitters) in too many stats.

      That being said, if he turns it around next year… great! He’ll be a great addition to the team.

      • Andy Todd 2 years ago

        He’ll get the opportunity to work with Ivan Rodriguez at the Rangers Spring Training hopefully, I couldn’t think of any better catcher except for maybe Varitek to learn from

  19. rangersfan23 2 years ago

    Still a great ballpark for hitters

  20. ChrisV 2 years ago

    What if Arencibia can reproduce what he did in 2010 at AAA with the Jays after switching teams, much like Davis has done after being traded to Baltimore? If J.P. works out, it would be an genius move. If he doesn’t, the Rangers lose a relatively small amount of money and that is it. This is one of those low risk/high reward sort of signs. Gives catching depth at a low cost leaving more money on the table to sign a big FA like Choo. Smart move by the Rangers. Now there just needs to be an agreement.

    • Runtime 2 years ago

      AAA in the PCL…

      • Ted 2 years ago

        And in Las Vegas too… home of the Mike McCoy .881 OPS season amongst other absurdities.

      • Ted 2 years ago

        And in Las Vegas too… home of the Mike McCoy .881 OPS season amongst other absurdities.

  21. Patrick 2 years ago

    That’s 30-35 % to much this guy is not an MLB player.

    • Rollie Fingerbangers 2 years ago

      Yu Darvish will pitch a no hitter in the Sky Dome this season… Mark it down!

  22. shysox 2 years ago

    You realize what BABIP is, right?

  23. Mike 2 years ago

    Is that good or bad?

  24. RoadWarriorUSCA 2 years ago

    People need a change of scenery so give J.P. Arencibia a chance Ranger fans.

  25. shysox 2 years ago

    Adam Dunn is on the White Sox. I couldn’t possibly have any lower expectations.

  26. MetsMagic 2 years ago

    Sub .600 OPS aside, this should help the Rangers recoup some of the pink t-shirt sales they would’ve lost when Kinsler was traded.

  27. MaineBaseball 2 years ago

    Uhm…what’s the worst that can happen? Not like they’re shelling out millions for him.

    • rangers34 2 years ago

      true. but i’d rather see them sign kurt suzuki. better defensively

      • MaineBaseball 2 years ago

        Very true, I feel like Soto/Arencibia is actually quite a downgrade from Pierzynski haha

  28. talcha32 2 years ago

    I don’t think it’d be that bad. He’d be a cheap option to rotate at catcher with Soto and he has ridiculous power and solid CS%. Obviously he doesn’t offer up much else but his power would fit nicely in Arlington. And hopefully it would also mean that JD has a lot of $$$ available for Choo.

  29. talcha32 2 years ago

    Not really. If anything he’ll put up numbers we’re used to from our catchers in recent years except he actually has some good pop in the bat.

  30. rangers34 2 years ago

    terrible defense. not what you look for in a backup catcher

    • Pike Parker 2 years ago

      Not to mention the fact that for some reason he thinks he’s good enough to be starter, so I doubt he’ll be very happy riding the bench. He’ll probably be DFA’ed by July just to get his whiny problem child attitude out of the clubhouse.

    • Sean Young 2 years ago

      Ranger’s just signed on Bengie Molina as a coach. He’ll be fine as a backup. Just let the Jedi work his magic.

  31. Steven Russell 2 years ago

    I like it, he will be cheap so there is minimal risk. He’s just a backup, and may not even be the only backup we have. We’ve carried 3 catchers before. I think he was a bit of upside in that he has power and coming to a hitters park. A good depth move that Texas has to have sooner or later, would let them keep their options open going forward.

  32. Lucas Kschischang 2 years ago

    He was 4 PA’s from qualifying as the 3rd lowest single season OBP since 1900.
    Really gonna be surprised if this is a MLB deal.

  33. hurley55 2 years ago

    Here’s to the only player in major league history to hit 20 homers and have an OPS under .600! Hurrah!

  34. itstheduke 2 years ago

    Hence the non-tender.

  35. John Meloche 2 years ago

    I hop for JP’s sake this is a wake up call. He has a huge ego and picked fights with the analysis in TO for reporting his struggles. Being a backup might do him some good. When he is hot, you will love him! The problem is how long his slumps can last. Being a backup might help.

    • Pike Parker 2 years ago

      Being a backup won’t help his attitude.

      • John Meloche 2 years ago

        Just might kick his ego hard enough to work is what I am saying. If it doesn’t he will find is way back to the minors.

  36. John Meloche 2 years ago

    I hop for JP’s sake this is a wake up call. He has a huge ego and picked fights with the analysis in TO for reporting his struggles. Being a backup might do him some good. When he is hot, you will love him! The problem is how long his slumps can last. Being a backup might help.

  37. twins33 2 years ago

    Get this done, Rangers. Keep him away from the Twins. That OBP is brutal. The Twins say they’re back to only wanting another SP, but I don’t want them anywhere near this guy in case they sign a C anyway.

  38. twins33 2 years ago

    Get this done, Rangers. Keep him away from the Twins. That OBP is brutal. The Twins say they’re back to only wanting another SP, but I don’t want them anywhere near this guy in case they sign a C anyway.

  39. gnats 2 years ago

    This stinks. Want no part of JPA. I don’t care if he plays for league minimum.

  40. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 2 years ago

    I hope the Rangers realize that he really can’t catch. He is brutal on defense.

  41. Governator88 2 years ago

    ssswwiing and a miss

  42. Brian Mills 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind that signing. The catching market is so thin, I view both Soto and Arencibia as band aids until Jorge Alfaro is big league ready. The truth is also that Soto showed a lot of improvement under Magadan’s in coaching. With regular playing time, Soto will probably be able to duplicate the second half of 2013. Arencibia is a windmill, but he still hit 21 HRs in a horrible year. A change of scenery could do him well, especially at the hitter friendly confines of Rangers Ballpark. Ideally I would have liked to have had AJP back for one more year, especially considering he signed with Boston for just one year. However, I suspect that the chemistry issue between Darvish and AJP had something to do with Rangers brass not offering him a deal to comeback.

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