Talks Heating Up Between Benoit, Padres

Talks are heating up between right-hander Joaquin Benoit and the Padres, reports ESPN's Jerry Crasnick (on Twitter).

Reports last week indicated that the Padres and Indians were competing for Benoit's services on a two-year deal in the $14MM range. Since that time, Cleveland has inked John Axford, so it's unclear if they're still in on Benoit. The 36-year-old Benoit posted a 2.01 ERA with 9.8 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 with 24 saves in 67 innings for the Tigers in 2013. He's also drawn interest from the Rockies, but he was said to be too expensive for Colorado's tastes, as he's seeking $7-10MM annually.

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  1. coup 2 years ago

    Sounds like Benoit is waiting for teams to come to him….or raise their offers. I guess if I were him, at his age especially (could be his last MLB contract), I’d probably do the same aggravating thing.
    I really would feel good with a Benoit/Street back end with Vincent, Campos, Quackenbush, Stauffer, and some lefties competing for the final spots.

  2. dc21892 2 years ago

    This would be a really good move for SD.

  3. John Kreese 2 years ago

    It seems like all these RP’s signings (Benoit, Veras, Balfour) are a bit on the low side. Good deals for the teams I guess.

    • briankoke 2 years ago

      Yes, and likely close in 2015 when Street walks.

  4. Noah Eli 2 years ago

    Street-Benoit-Vincent with Downs/Schuster/Quackenbush/Smith. Would be something.

    • coup 2 years ago

      Downs would be cool. Forgot about Burch. Then there’s Sampson. Does anyone see the Padres making Sampson a reliever? Maybe that depends on the rehab darlings Luebke, Weiland, and Kelly?

      • Noah Eli 2 years ago

        They could move him there, depending on spring training performance.

      • dvmin98 2 years ago

        I think Sampson will be a reliever, if he makes the team (doubtful out of ST). We are chock full of starters right now.

  5. dvmin98 2 years ago

    We need this. Get it done. Our BP is our weakness right now.

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