Reactions To A-Rod Suspension Decision

Now that the results of Alex Rodriguez's appeal have been released, the Yankees' relationship to the 2014 luxury tax is somewhat clearer. Their balance so far is about $151.5MM, via Joel Sherman and Ken Davidoff of the New York Post. That figure does not include arbitration-eligible players and other costs, including insurance as well as in-season player promotions. Here are more notes on Rodriguez's suspension, which now covers the entire 2014 regular season and postseason.

  • Even though he is not allowed to play in 2014, A-Rod still plans to attend Spring Training, tweets ESPN New York's Wallace Matthews, who cites sources close to A-Rod who believe the Yankees can't prevent him from doing so.
  • Major League Baseball has not yet said what it thinks about Rodriguez attending spring training, FOX Sports' Jon Morosi tweets.
  • A-Rod's suspension could end his career, Sherman writes. He won't be eligible to play again until he's 39, and he'll have been away from MLB action for the better part of two seasons. If the Yankees were to let him go, it's questionable whether any other team would pick him up, even at the minimum salary, given the "carnival" that surrounds him.

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  1. jjs91 1 year ago

    If arod wants to go why not let him? Be a great coach for their younger players. If he wants to coach a minor league squad let him do that as well.

    • GD 1 year ago

      So the youngsters are well educated on how to work around loopholes at a young age.

      • LazerTown 1 year ago

        Just like McGwire. There is quite a bit that these players can teach young players steroids or not. Arod is still one of the best players of our generation.

        • slashieboy . 1 year ago

          He started taking steriods in high school,we dont know his real ability. Maybee he will die at 42 like the WWE stars on roids…

          • LazerTown 1 year ago

            pure speculation.

          • Ryan 1 year ago

            Its mentioned in Alex Rodriguez: The Many lives of Alex Rodriguez written by Selena Roberts

          • jwsox 1 year ago

            Where is that evidence?? He admitted to using while he was I. Texas that’s it.

          • $3513744 1 year ago

            and i’m sure we should take his word for it.

          • Master Bison 1 year ago

            Steroids don’t turn bad players into good ones. Just ask Freddie Galvis.

          • $3513744 1 year ago

            yes because one case proves everything. sounds like solid science.

    • cjr45 1 year ago

      The Yankees have young players?

  2. Mike1L 1 year ago

    A-Rod joins his mates in Spring Training. This is a guy who seems to have a hard time staying away from the cameras. Couldn’t he just issue a press release every few days, and maybe be seen at various nightclubs and concerts with famous dates?

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      He is trying to make it as difficult as possible for Selig. Selig really has it out for him, so he is just giving payback.

      • Mike1L 1 year ago

        I’m no fan of Bud. He has a track record of cronyism. But the owners clearly like what he’s done to their bottom lines.

    • MrCravat 1 year ago

      why stop there..what about “dancing with the stars” ?

    • Dennis Brownlie 1 year ago

      wasted at bats that could be used on developing other players.

  3. Nik 1 year ago

    I don’t even care anymore. The MLB always says they will do something drastic with the players who ruin the integrity of the game and put a mark on every single player in the game. I am very disappointed with how the MLB handles these. You get kick out of baseball from being accused of betting and gambling on the game but when you actually cheat to get a head above everyone else you get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again. Braun, Rodriguez, Colon, and others who have recently cheated need to be banned from baseball for taking the sport away from the others.

    • dunnetg 1 year ago

      This is a *$25 million dollar* slap on the wrist.

    • docmilo5 1 year ago

      The integrity of the game? The game was saved from the 94 strike by steroids. McGuire and Sosa! The Chase for 61!

      • jwsox 1 year ago

        Yeah everyone forgets that. And te selig could have stopped it in the 90’s but choose to turn a blind eye for his benefit.

        • Ryan 1 year ago

          The Major League Baseball Players Association is just as guilty of keeping steroids in the game since it would have taken the MLBPA and MLB working together to try and eliminate them which obviously didn’t happen right away

          • Master Bison 1 year ago

            Owners, players, press, managers… it was a conspiracy on all sides. But only the players seem to be paying the price.

          • Ryan 1 year ago

            It does because the price the players pay is more visible than any price the teams may pay

          • Master Bison 1 year ago

            No one seemed interested in keeping Tony LaRussa out of the Hall of Fame.

      • I suppose NOBODY was watching Cal Ripken’s record chase before the roid war in 1998, right?

        • docmilo5 1 year ago

          I don’t remember people tuning in every night to see if Cal played. It was a given he was playing every night. news was when he stopped.

        • Master Bison 1 year ago

          Not nearly as many people as were watching the chase for 61.

    • mstrchef13 1 year ago

      What I really want to hear now is for current players to speak up in favor of the decision and call for even stronger penalties for “cheating”, however you might define that.

      • Ryan 1 year ago

        Some players did speak up when the suspensions for the other players were officially announced and I wouldn’t be shocked if the penalties do get tougher in the near future

    • escapingNihilism 1 year ago

      people on the inside gambling on the games has the ability to hurt the integrity of competition 100x more than PED use.

    • NickinIthaca 1 year ago

      Amphetamines have been used for far longer, and are just as much a performance enhancer…. Lets ban anyone who has use greenies!

      • $3513744 1 year ago

        that’s why all those guys were shattering homerun records by the handful.

      • Ferrariman 1 year ago

        Its not even close to the same enhancement. Its completely different drugs.

    • Master Bison 1 year ago

      Betting on the game is *MUCH* worse than using PEDs. Don’t even try to elevate gambler’s to A-Rod’s level.

  4. RIYankeeGuy 1 year ago

    Why not include the assumed insurance and pension costs stated in the article? If 151 is really 162, why make the reader forage for reality?

    • It’s not set in stone. 162 isn’t reality. It could be worded a bit better, that’s where they stand now.

  5. Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

    Arod is suspended a full season and will still be making headlines during spring training

  6. GrilledCheese39 1 year ago

    Now it’s a game of cat and mouse. Yankees want A-Rod to retire and give up the money, while A-Rod wants them to cut him so he still gets all the money.

  7. DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

    Alex Rodriguez deserves to attend Spring Training and be there with his teammates.
    He also does not deserves the 162 Game Suspension. Need to see further evidence.
    Even if it meant not getting Tanaka, the Yankees shouldn’t escape this contract. Fair.

    • livestrong77nyyankz 1 year ago

      I agree that 162 games is ridiculous given the lack of evidence provided, but while A-Rod can attend spring training he should not for the sake of his teammates.

      • DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

        For the sake of his teammates, he does make the Yankees a better team when on the field. It’s the media’s choice to make him and this entire situation into a circus spectacle — see Tim Tebow situation.

        • livestrong77nyyankz 1 year ago

          Right, but he can not be on the field and would only bring unwanted attention when his teammates are trying their best to prepare for the upcoming season.

          • LazerTown 1 year ago

            But is also good if he can put substantial time in ST. Since he still has several years left, it is best if he can keep in shape.

          • livestrong77nyyankz 1 year ago

            True, however I doubt the Yankees would put him in any spring training games other than possibly intra-squad games.

        • johnsilver 1 year ago

          I take it from your post you ar not a jets fan, yet are a NYY fan since Rodriquez has been a bad boy for over 10 years?

          • DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

            Alex Rodriguez never failed a drug test as “bad” as he may be, I’d like to see proof that warrants a 162 game suspension. For steroid usage he had been suspended a total of 0 times. The only evidence I see in this is that it helps the Yankees escape an albatross contract they handed out to begin with. Unless we have detailed evidence revealed, I’m siding with Arod because from what I know the MLB has paid known criminals to access under the table information. Also, I’m a New York Giants fan.

          • LazerTown 1 year ago

            He reportedly failed a 2003 drug test, but all of the players were promised anonymity before taking it, so theoretically that evidence could get thrown out in a court of law

          • mstrchef13 1 year ago

            1) Information is information regardless of the source. 2) Rodriguez reportedly tried to buy the same evidence solely so that MLB could not have it, therefore it must have been good evidence. 3) From all reports, had this been an actual police investigation, Rodriguez would have been arrested, charged, tried, and convicted for obstruction of justice. 4) You will never see proof because it is not your right to see it. This was essentially a private employment matter subject to negotiated evidence rules between employer and employee. The best thing for everyone (fans, Yankees, MLB) would be for ARod’s ego to actually go to a legitimate court of law to try and get the suspension overturned. Then, everyone would get to see, under oath and penalty of perjury, what a lying fraud ARod is and even if by some legal technicality he might win something, his reputation that he values so highly would be ruined. THAT would be the best thing that has happened to baseball in quite some time.

          • Ryan 1 year ago

            A-Rod already said he plans to take this to a Federal Court so we may see the evidence

          • ironnat 1 year ago

            I say we should compromise – A-Rod will be suspended for 162 games and the Yankees will have it counted against their cap. Win-win

          • Kev D7 1 year ago

            Ridiculous ideas aren’t exactly win-win friendly.

          • Ryan 1 year ago

            What was A-Rod doing associating with known criminals when he has access to the best trainers, doctors, and nutritionists to help him

          • $3513744 1 year ago

            the argument that he never failed a test is pretty weak. a lot of guys never failed a test. doesn’t mean they were clean. that’s why they went to such great lengths to conceal it.

      • Ryan 1 year ago

        The evidence is clearly there if an independent arbitrator determined 162 was appropriate. We may never see the evidence due to confidentiality agreements unless it ends up in Federal Court

    • Mike from Connecticut 1 year ago

      Evidence wasn’t released to the public per player’s union and MLB contract. So how can we say there was or wasn’t enough evidence?

    • Ryan 1 year ago

      We probably won’t see the evidence unless A-Rod can get a Federal Court to hear his case which seems unlikely since they don’t like to infringe on things that have been collectively bargained like the Arbitration Process that upheld a majority of A-Rod’s suspension

  8. Is the long national nightmare over? Can this turbo-charge the Tanaka bidness now?

  9. greggofboken 1 year ago

    The Spring Training talk is nothing but defiant noise. What goal does Rodriguez’s attendance at spring training fulfill unless his suspension is overturned? The training period is for roster makeup for the 2014 season, prepping the ML staff to open and to slate minor leaguers for their destinations. None of this activity pertains to Rodriguez. It’s just grandstanding on his part.

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      Is better if he can get some ab this season, than sitting out the entire season, and then trying to comeback.

      • WazBazbo 1 year ago

        If the suspension holds, one ST session’s worth of at bats followed by sitting out an entire season won’t give him one single iota of advantage when 2015 rolls around…

    • mstrchef13 1 year ago

      Just because he shows up at spring training doesn’t mean the Yankees have to allow him to take part in team activities.

    • HobokenMetsFan 1 year ago

      I’m sure it’s just for more publicity, which unfortunately is not needed by MLB. This whole thing is a shame for the sport at large and it’s not going to go away for a long time. Not really the best way to reach out to the younger generation who’s swayed by NFL and nba.

  10. Larry DePaoli 1 year ago

    It seems that 162 is MLB’s payback for Balco

  11. AF is gonna sign him to a one year deal when he comes back lol

  12. Sportsbozo1 1 year ago

    I’m not a fan of Arod’s. I am a fan of fair labor practices and this just isn’t one of those cases. On the one hand a deceitful manipulative Ryan Braun is given a 65 game suspension for his second offense, while Arod though he has admitted using steroids, when he did so MLB chose not to suspend him, then when they are trying to help the Yankees shed payroll, they hit him with a ridiculous suspension and to you Mr.Horowitz shame on you! Sorry as much as I think Arod is not a good guy, I also understand fair labor practices and MLB is full of beans on this case.

    • slashieboy . 1 year ago

      How is it crazy?? MLB still treats cheats with kid-gloves. WADA has a four year ban for doping! If you cheat in ANY sport you are banned multiple years.

      • goorru 1 year ago

        Melky creates fake website get 50 games, Arod “cover up” 162 games?

      • sf55forlife 1 year ago

        You do realize the Olympics only occur every 4 years right?

        You get a 4 game, yes game, suspension in football. That’s 1/4 of the season. 50 games is roughly 1/3 of the entire season. So who has the weaker rules in reality?

        • Cam Hodgson-Dwyer 1 year ago

          WADA rules aren’t designed just around the Olympics. Athletes do compete outside of the Olympics you know? Everything from Diamond Leagues to World Championships and in between.

          • sf55forlife 1 year ago

            No didn’t realize, like most Americans I couldn’t care less about any of that.

    • John Kreese 1 year ago

      Great post. The punishment didn’t fit the crime in this case. Especially considering the Ryan Braun’s & Melky Cabrera’s of the world.

      • Ryan 1 year ago

        Ryan Braun may have gotten a longer suspension had he tried to fight it but realized it would be better to just take the 65 Games and be done with it instead. That is something we’ll never truly know since the evidence against Ryan Braun is sealed and the case is closed

    • Mike1L 1 year ago

      What we need to know is not available. If he did in fact use PEDS, then there’s a penalty for that, and likeable guy or not, that’s what he should have received. But the full palate of A-Rod’s offenses is not known–we only have rumors. I will say that I’m not thrilled with the idea of A-Rod buying up evidence. That really distorts the process, That lessens whatever sympathy I might otherwise have had.

    • Ryan 1 year ago

      Braun’s first offense didn’t count since it was overturned by an arbitrator. If baseball didn’t have any evidence against A-Rod then there wouldn’t be a suspension. The evidence against A-Rod is sealed due to confidentiality agreements between MLB and the MLBPA and it will stay that way unless Alex Rodriguez takes this to Federal Court which he has said that he will

  13. frogbogg 1 year ago

    I imagine Arod will be tending a lot of Red Sox games this season… just to tick off Levine.

  14. Jose Franco 1 year ago

    Arod, please go away!

  15. slashieboy . 1 year ago

    He has cheated HIS WHOLE CAREER. Kick him out of sports period.

  16. Macfan01 1 year ago

    What is shocking to me as a Yankee fan is seeing a payroll at 151.5 million dollars. ROFL, that should be bumped by the end of January to its more familiar numbers. :)

  17. Len Mullen 1 year ago

    All this does is get the Yankees out from under a year of a really bad contract. It’s just MLB taking care of its most powerful owner. They sign a PED-o-file to a back-loaded contract, ride him through his prime, then have him suspended for the bad years.

    • stl_cards16 1 year ago

      Sure it helps them save some cash this year. But do you really think the best thing for an already declining player is to go without playing baseball a full year?

      • Len Mullen 1 year ago

        I think next year the yankees settle with him and he retires.

    • es7128 1 year ago

      The contract was neither back loaded nor rode him through his prime…

  18. bjsguess 1 year ago

    So I wonder what the real number is …
    — This list is missing Wells and his $2M+ salary.
    — It doesn’t include arbitration which looks like it will be right around $18M.
    — Throw in another $5M or so for those that earn league minimum.

    That puts them right around $176M. Not low enough to sign Tanaka AND avoid the luxury tax but at least they won’t pay much since they will be barely be over.

    Losing A-Rod’s salary is a great thing for the club but they now have a gaping hole at 3rd. Kelly Johnson? No team that has a payroll nearing $200M should be using Kelly Johnson as their starting 3rd baseman.

    My advice – blow through the luxury tax. Sign Drew to play 3rd and add Tanaka to your rotation (or if you want to save $5-7M/year go for Jimenez/Santana). The draft picks are meaningless since you brought in Ellsbury and Beltran already. Drew can play 3rd this season and move over to short next when Jeter retires. A-Rod then can assume 3rd again or if he is done you can bring in someone else. You’ll be $20M or so over the threshold but that’s not too bad considering the past and the team will be significantly better.

    • Ryan 1 year ago

      You’ll probably be spending more if you sign Jimenez and Santana. Don’t forget the Yankees lose a Draft Pick for signing Brian McCann

  19. slider32 1 year ago

    It looks like A-Rod is done as a Yankee, next year they will try and sign free agents Ramirez and Headley to play short and third.

    • Mark Tabello 1 year ago

      Wishful thinking but Hanley is negotiating an extension with the Dodgers. I think getting Asdrubal Cabrera to fill the gap makes sense seeing that he could be available from Cleveland

  20. Eslva917 1 year ago

    All these PED users have skills too bad they decided to use PED’s when they don’t even need them. Try hitting a 95 mph fastball.

  21. sf55forlife 1 year ago

    Probably one of the shadiest moments in MLB’s history and I’m not even talking about Rodriguez himself. This whole situation, the investigation, the stolen documents, paying for said documents in cash, Bud Selig’s non appearance, all of it is just bizarre. I personally cannot wait until Selig is gone, he is a bigger fraud than any of the players involved with PEDs.

  22. Len Mullen 1 year ago

    No, but I have a calculator in my desk.

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