Extension Notes: Bailey, Masterson, Samardzija, Segura, Simmons, Sandoval, Belt

Homer Bailey and the Reds were said earlier today to be close to a new deal, but nothing had materialized as of this evening. In the latest update, MLB.com's Mark Sheldon reports that details are still being worked out. GM Walt Jocketty echoed his star hurler's comments, saying that progress had been made. "There are still some outstanding issues," said Jocketty. "Hopefully they get resolved in the next 24 hours or else people are going to have to suit it up and go east." Jocketty was referring, of course, to donning not baseball uniforms but rather the business attire necessary for an arbitration hearing. "It's a lot of little things," Jocketty continued. "The structure of the contract, how it's paid and things like that."

Here's a look at some other potential extension situations shaping up around baseball …

  • Though the threat of an arbitration hearing has been avoided between Justin Masterson and the Indians, those parties could be operating on something of a deadline of their own. Masterson, a comparable pitcher to Bailey in many ways, is also entering his final season of arb-eligibility before hitting the open market. Though Masterson has said he'd be willing to continue discussions into the season, club GM Chris Antonetti says that he would rather keep talks to the spring, tweets MLB.com's Jordan Bastian.
  • Another power pitcher, Jeff Samardzija of the Cubs, currently stands to qualify for free agency after 2015. As ESPNChicago.com's Jesse Rogers reported today, team president Theo Epstein still hopes a deal can be worked out. On the other hand, his comments echoed some of the sentiment recently expressed by Samardzija, who indicated that the sides had reached something of a stalemate in negotiations. "Sometimes there is going to be a natural gap where a player values himself for what he can do and the team has to factor in a little bit more what he has done," Epstein explained. "It doesn't mean we're tremendously far apart, but if you are apart you kind of table it for another day and we'll see what happens."
  • The Brewers previously explored extension talks with young shortstop Jean Segura, but those discussions did not lead anywhere. The club remains interested, but as MLB.com's Adam McCalvy reports, nothing has occurred in the interim. "We're always open to [extension talks]," said GM Doug Melvin. "We've locked up some, some we didn't. We didn't get Prince [Fielder]. We offered him a deal earlier on to buy into free agency, but it just depends what players want. Not a lot of them want long-term deals that will take away free agency, and we like to get deals that have at least a year of free agency if we can."
  • Another promising young shortstop, the Braves' Andrelton Simmons, has watched as three youthful teammates inked long-term deals in recent deays. As David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes (link behind paywall), Simmons is keeping his eye on the field but would be interested in a new contract. "I'm just focused on playing," said Simmons. "If it happens, great. I love Atlanta. So hopefully something gets done. But you never know." As O'Brien points out, uncertainty remains in Simmons' arbitration value. Not only does it remain unclear whether he will qualify as a Super Two (he has 1.125 years of service time), but his immense defensive value may not translate into commensurate arbitration earnings. Of course, another defense-first shortstop — Elvis Andrus of the Rangers — was able to ink a shorter-term, early-career deal (at three years of service) and then land another, much greater extension just a year later.
  • The Giants have at least two worthy extension candidates. The first and more pressing, third baseman Pablo Sandoval, is entering his final season before hitting the open market at age 28. But the sides are currently not engaged in talks, tweets Chris Cotillo of MLBDailyDish.com. Cotillo notes that today's physical could have a bearing on how things play out. Sandoval, who at times has seen his conditioning questioned, has made some waves by slimming down entering camp this year.
  • A different sort of urgency is shaping up with regard to Giants first baseman Brandon Belt, who is scheduled for an arbitration hearing bright and early tomorrow. As Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports, though discussions are presently focused on Belt's 2014 salary (the sides stand far apart at $3.6MM and $2.05MM), GM Brian Sabean says he remains interested in exploring a longer-term deal. "We like the player," said Sabean. "We think he's one of the up-and-coming players in the National League and we want to hold onto him. But first things first." What Sabean seems to mean is that Belt's future earning capacity through arbitration is very much tied to the divergent filing figures submitted by each side.
  • Indeed, Belt would stand at the same starting point as fellow Super Two first baseman Eric Hosmer (who agreed to a $3.6MM price with the Royals) if he wins his hearing. That would set both players on a potentially higher arbitration trajectory than that of another young first bagger, Atlanta's Freddie Freeman, who just inked a monster extension to avoid arbitration in his first of just three seasons of eligibility. Freeman had filed at $5.75MM, with the Braves countering at $4.5MM; both Belt and Hosmer could easily land in that realm with another big year. As I recently explained in discussing the impact of the Freeman deal, Belt and Hosmer could potentially look to Freeman's eight-year, $135MM contract as a target — though it remains to be seen, of course, whether their employers would go to that level.

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  1. kungfucampby 1 year ago

    Everyone. Everyone is getting an extension. There will be no Free Agency!

    • MJ 1 year ago

      So wait…you mean big market clubs would actually have to scout and develop their own talent from now on? The horrors of it all!!!!

      • johnsilver 1 year ago

        If you look over a few, like St. Louis and Boston? You will find that not only do they have a fair share of home grown talent on the roster, but a good stable of top prospects near ready to step up and contribute within 1-2 years also.

        Not all teams use check book diplomacy, rather than scouting and development, then grow old at the same time like a couple of other teams do.

        • Shin_Soo_Choo 1 year ago

          Except Boston gets to keep their homegrown talent whereas small market teams lose theirs to Boston.

        • MJ 1 year ago

          St. Louis was 10th in payroll last year. I wouldn’t call them large market. Boston is really the only exception here. LAA, LAD, NYY, PHI, DET…….garbage scouting and development for the most part. In b4 you tell me all about Mike Trout. That’s 1 guy for LAA.

    • Brandon 1 year ago

      Oprah is GMing every team now.

  2. CubsFan5 1 year ago

    RIP Free Agency.

    • MJ 1 year ago

      Don’t worry…there’s still that trade deadline where the Cubs will sell like always.

      • ctothed 1 year ago

        You mean like they did in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011? I TOTALLY remember that.. by that, I mean. It didn’t happen. While The Cubs are in a rebuild, yes.. they sell. It’s what you are supposed to do.

        • MJ 1 year ago

          Mad Cubs fan is mad. It was a joke. Deal with it.

  3. I think now’s the time to extend Sandoval. He’s stated in the past that he’d wait to condition seriously until he was essentially forced to due to age and impending free agency. He’s in the best shape ever in his MLB career and that has plenty to do with his motivation to buckle down and make some big bucks. Not that there’s a direct correlation between weight and productivity, I believe Sandoval will go on a year this season and has a better chance to stay healthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s going to be paid tens of millions more if he waits, so if a deal can be hammered out now I would be glad. Plus, it’s not like the Giants have a great 3B prospect being groomed to take over

  4. raymondrobertkoenig 1 year ago

    Interesting that Epstein wants to pay Samardzija for what he has done but when talking about free agents he doesn’t want to pay for past performance, rather for future production.

  5. Zak Arn 1 year ago

    How do you compare Andrus and Simmons? Andrus has… 18 HRs for his career, Simmons had 17 last year. Andrus averages 33 SBs a year, Simmons stole 6 last year. Not sure that that is the best comparable for any extension talks. He looks more like a mix of Escobar & Cabrera.

    • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

      Funny how he has the incredible range to be a GG at SS, but can’t steal a base to save his life.

  6. Mil8Ball 1 year ago

    I’m kind of surprised Segura won’t sign an extension after the second half of last year. If he suddenly can’t hit 10 homers or hit better than .270 this year his value will plummet. He must really believe he can be the AS he was in the first half.

    He looked pretty tired towards the end of the season so maybe fall league and/or winter ball was starting to get to him….I Dont think he had much of a break last off season. All I can say is good luck hope it doesn’t backfire on him.

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