Orioles Links: Duquette, Saunders, Hardy

Here's the latest from the Orioles' camp…

  • The Orioles' inactivity for much of the offseason made executive VP of baseball operations Dan Duquette a target of criticism, but Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun notes that Duquette ended up with the last laugh by signing Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz at relative bargain prices.  While Duquette praised his operations staff for doing their homework to prepare for player acquisitions, he admitted that he wasn't planning on qualifying-offer free agents like Jimenez and Cruz lasting this long.  "This is the first full year of the [qualifying offer] implementation, and I'm not sure people understood how the market was going to play out. I can't tell you we envisioned that the market would get to this point," Duquette said.
  • Extension talks between the Orioles and J.J. Hardy are still in the very preliminary stages, though one thing Hardy would like to get settled quickly is his future position.  "Obviously, that'll be a question that will be answered before all the contract stuff gets figured out and I'd like to know,'' Hardy told Peter Schmuck. "If I'm going to be doing that in a year or two, it would have an impact of some sort."  Though Hardy has played every game of his Major League career as a shortstop and Manny Machado was a defensive ace at third last season, it has been presumed that the O's would eventually like to move Machado back to his natural position at short.
  • Some more moves could yet be on the way for Baltimore, MLB.com's Brittany Ghiroli opines.  The team is still looking for pitching and Joe Saunders makes sense, though Ghiroli notes that "nothing is imminent" between the two sides.  The O's were talking to Saunders earlier this month and Ghiroli suspects that Saunders would insist on a Major League contract.  Saunders had a short stint with the Orioles in 2012, pitching well in seven starts after being acquired in a late-August trade.

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  1. Mr. Met 1 year ago

    “No, seriously, guys. I really had no idea. Totally lucked out.”


  2. kungfucampby 1 year ago

    Might as well sign Ervin Santana, too.

    • craig 1 year ago

      i think that will happen if he drops his price

      • kungfucampby 1 year ago

        Even at his current price he is a steal. You lose like a 3rd round pick and get a good pitcher for 4/$50MM which considering what starters are going for is now quite a bargain.

  3. jay 1 year ago

    i say if we cant get santana then definately get saunders for that 5th spot.better than norris.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    I still would like to get Drew and put him at second base rather then signing Santana
    Although, that notion is losing a lot of steam with me.
    Plus, the fact the O’s haven’t even been remotely linked to him.
    As for Santana, what is wrong with this guy? Why doesn’t he try to work out a deal with the Royals. The Royals need another starting pitcher, unless one of their kids (minors) is ready to rock n’ roll.
    Saunders did an admirable job for us late in 2012. I just don’t see how he fits with us.
    Plus, I would rather see Britton get the 5th spot. If the O’s trade him, it would be disappointing because I really think he is going to bloom and if he’s going to bloom, it should be with us!

    • mstrchef13 1 year ago

      Number of games Drew has played at 2B in his 8 year major league career: 0

  5. bryan 1 year ago

    I read they had a scout at the other Santana’s workout. If we sign Johan to a minor league deal I think that would be the best bet and cheapest. That way we can use the savings on a Hardy extension and it doesn’t force the O’s to have to get rid of Britton necessarily. I just dont see Pete being ok with a payroll of over 130mil which is what it would probably be if we sign Ervin and extend Hardy.

  6. Christian 1 year ago

    What do you all think would be a fair contract for Hardy at this point in his career? I’m thinking something in the neighborhood of 5 years $60 million.
    We would then have him locked up till his age 36 season at $12 mil per…I’d like to see that contract finalized.

  7. FOmeOLS 1 year ago

    If he signed Saunders, wouldn’t he be basically getting another Bud Norris, whom they are now considering trading?

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