Brewers Exercise Ron Roenicke’s Option

The Brewers announce that they have exercised their 2015 option on manager Ron Roenicke. They also added a 2016 option to his contract,'s Adam McCalvy tweets. Roenicke is heading into his fourth season as the Brewers' manager, compiling a 253-233 record in his first three seasons. He led the Brewers to a 96-66 record and a playoff berth in 2011, but the Brewers fell to 74-88 and fourth place in 2013.

Roenicke, 57, had an eight-year MLB playing career with the Dodgers, Mariners, Padres, Giants, Phillies and Reds. He has also served as a coach or manager in the Dodgers, Giants and Angels organizations.

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  1. Kyle Marinac 1 year ago

    Love this hes been great for the crew and stability allows him to coach his way without fearing someone over his shoulder

  2. oh Hal 1 year ago

    If he heads North with Lyle Overbay as his 1st baseman and Rickie Weeks starting at 2nd, he won’t make it to the trade deadline. He brings a lot of positives but his emotional attachment to players who are essentially retired like Mark Kotsay is crippling. Ideally there should be an organizational overhaul, but Melvin isn’t big on taking responsibility and I’m not sure what Attanasio will do.

    • So…exercise his option just to put him on the trading block at the trade deadline for roster moves that will largely be the responsibility of the higher ups in the organization?

      • oh Hal 1 year ago

        Managers aren’t traded, they’re fired. If the team is struggling and below .500 around midseason do you think anything will happen? Kotsay and Overbay may be largely the responsibility of Melvin or not. Roenicke claims to have significant input. He waxed endlessly on how awesome Mark Kotsay was and even played him in CF. I’d guess that if he wanted Francisco it would happen. Regardless, even if Melvin was more responsible, like I said, his M.O. is to use the stat department to come up with a spin on why Suppan or Hall or Yuni or Weeks or Bush are smart and successful moves.

        • Apparently my other post was deleted, but…

          I meant to say “…on the cutting block by the trade deadline…” based off of your original comment (Although they can technically be traded)

          Kotsay was on the roster as a capable pinch hitter/extra outfielder and veteran presence for a contending team (and did quite well). Overbay may still make the roster for his defensive prowess (since Francisco, Reynolds are pretty brutal), but the smart move for the Brewers would be to gamble on the potential of Francisco (vs rapid decline of Overbay).

          Not sure what your point of bringing up the rest of Melvin’s signings are when Yuni is the only one relevant to this situation (and even then he was hitting over .400 in ST and ended up carrying the team in the first month of 2013).

          • oh Hal 1 year ago

            The trade deadline is a time, one where teams are making decisions about their future. Melvin says they can’t have a slow start and has already planned out what prospects to trade. I ask again, if the team is out of it, do you think there will be any actions by ownership or management?

            Its a stretch to say that Kotsay was even mediocre. If the team wasted a roster spot for something like “veteran presence” the coaching staff and management are failures.

            Overbay isn’t good defensively any more. He’s really old. Condemning the others as brutal is hyperbole.

            I brought up Melvin’s method of using his stat department to come up with spin to defend obviously bad decisions. All those players are relevant. No matter how bad his decision turns out to be he will have a spin that says he is wise.

  3. First Bleed 1 year ago

    Good news. He is a very non-flashy, under the radar coach which fit well in Milwaukee. At the end of these 2 years Brewers will know if they need to go shopping again but I’m sure he will be there longer than that.

  4. Ian Gilmour 1 year ago

    Stupid move.
    No reason to do this at this point. All it does is limit their options.

    • oh Hal 1 year ago

      They can fire him at any time. It just seems like Melvin has a credit card to Attanasio’s millions and is having fun with it.

  5. oh Hal 1 year ago

    It really isn’t that hard to follow. Roenicke isn’t guaranteed a job if the team tanks… again. He’s setting himself up for failure by keeping washed up players who can no longer play.

    You’re exaggerating Francisco’s defense and I have other than reputation of his play a decade a go, there is nothing to support the idea that old Lyle Overbay is as good.

    You’re cherry picking stats to justify really bad signings. Weeks as awful at defense. He misplayed 3 balls in the game today. The tv guys are so worn out by it they don’t say much.

    There’s a difference between not ripping your own players and making things sound totally different than reality. He’s dishonest plain and simple. Most importantly he NEVER takes responsibility for his actions.

  6. Mil8Ball 1 year ago

    Rickie Weeks could easily be better than Gennett this year and in my opinion will be. Gennett isn’t a starter. Weeks can get on base and can be consistent….Gennett not so much.

  7. This so much! Gennett put up a much better line in MLB than he did at any level in the minors. His average dropped 10 points every level he moved up, and his OPS fared even worse. He offers little speed, pop, and an average glove at best. Yikes.

  8. oh Hal 1 year ago

    Weeks consistent? C’mon. Bianchi would be a better starter than Weeks. His defense was always bad and its gotten worse. The only reason people deprecate Gennett is because of the cult like worship of Weeks. I’d guess Melvin tried to get something for him and i doubt a team would pick up more than a million of his contract. He can’t play the field and his “consistency’ includes long, long stretches of brutally bad offense.

  9. oh Hal 1 year ago

    He’s somewhere between a plus and plus-plus defender. Weeks may be the worst defensive player in baseball. Walks aren’t superior to hits.

  10. While Scooter graded out as barely above average last year, the main knock against him has always been his lack of defensive prowess (and lack of superior offensive skill to carry his poor defense). And since his severe ankle injury, Weeks has been one of the worst defenders in baseball (but he actually has the offensive skills to make up for that).

    A walk can be just as good as a single – they both get a player on base. I notice you also didn’t touch the lack of power, so I’ll let you know that extra base hits are better than a bunch of singles. It’s quite obvious you don’t have a clue about sabermetrics or defensive metrics, so all of our discussion here is pointless. Good day.

  11. Mil8Ball 1 year ago


    Anyone who thinks Gennett is a plus plus defender needs to think again. His noodle arm is painful to watch and his range isn’t any to write home about. Also range is pretty pointless when your throw can’t make it to first.

    As far as thinking the Brewers tried to trade Weeks I highly doubt it @Oh Hal. Even the Brewers know Gennett is about to crash back down to earth hard. The fact he can’t hit lefties and can’t get on base tells me his OBP. will be lucky to get near .300.

    If you think a guy with average defense, no pop, can’t hit lefties, and can’t take a walk is starter material you like sub par players. If Gennett is out of the MLB in 3 years I wouldn’t even blink. He can only play 2nd and his only tool is contact…if that falls apart he is about as useful as Yuni B…maybe even less.

    And walks are very valuable. Let’s consider both players go in an awful 0-25 slump.Even when Weeks isn’t getting hits he is still getting on base creating runs…Gennett on the other hand might as well not even bat.

  12. orbrewer 1 year ago

    Bianchi a better starter than Weeks? As horrible as Weeks was last season, he still was better than Bianchi.

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