NL East Notes: Nationals, Mets, Payrolls, Gonzalez

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post examines the coming payroll crunch that will soon face the Nationals. While the division-rival Braves have locked up their young core on multi-year extensions that have delayed their free agency, only Ryan Zimmerman is in that situation in Washington. As Kilgore notes, Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Desmond, Doug Fister and Ross Detwiler are all free agents after the 2015 season, and extending any of those players becomes more difficult in light of the fact that they approach free agency at the same time that Bryce Harper, Wilson Ramos and Stephen Strasburg become more expensive via arbitration. Kilgore wonders if recent talk of a Mike Trout extension could lead to optimism about a Harper extension as well, but also notes the difference between agents; Craig Landis is likely more open to a long-term deal for Trout than Scott Boras would be for Harper. Here's more regarding the Nats and the NL East…

  • In a piece for the Washington Times, Mark Zuckerman looks at the Nationals' options for their No. 5 starter in Spring Training. While Ross Detwiler, Taylor Jordan and Tanner Roark all have their merits, Zuckerman notes the strengths of each at adapting to different roles. He writes that the easiest decision is Detwiler in the rotation, Roark in the bullpen and Jordan at Triple-A, but stresses that GM Mike Rizzo and manager Matt Williams need to make the decision with the team's long-term interests in mind.
  • MLBPA executive director Tony Clark wouldn't bite when asked if the Mets' payroll was drawing attention from the union, writes Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. Clark said that the MLBPA pays attention to payrolls "in general" and called the Mets a "marquee franchise" but wouldn't elaborate. Clark said he isn't aware of any payroll constraints on the Mets, who will have a roughly $87MM payroll that represents a slight decline from last year's mark.
  • Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia News writes that while Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez's Spring Training debut didn't go particularly well this weekend, Phillies coaches and executives took away some positives from the outing. Gonzalez allowed a run on two hits and four walks with two strikeouts in 1 2/3 innings and is fighting with Roberto Hernandez for the fifth rotation spot. Pitching coach Bob McClure and GM Ruben Amaro Jr. offered some praise, especially since Gonzalez has scarcely pitched over the past two years due to injury and suspension. Lawrence writes that Roberto Hernandez is still the favorite for the fifth starter role.

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  1. blob 1 year ago

    After everyone spent the offseason showering Doug Fister with (deserved) praise, I can’t help but wonder why people seem to write off Medlen so quickly. He’s not that dissimilar of a pitcher. He may not have quite as many innings under his belt, but he’s pretty clearly a great arm to have around. With one of the best changeups in baseball and a developing curve, does anyone think Medlen will be seen as on par with Fister after this season? Is he already? Just wondering why he doesn’t get more love.

    • erm016 1 year ago

      He doesnt come up big when it matters, ie: playoffs. He’s also had a lot of luck on his side, especially during his stretch of wins.

      He’s good, but def not worthy of a contract like Bailey

      • blob 1 year ago

        Really only struggled in one of his two starts and he had a catcher playing LF, so nothing meaningful there. None of his FIP, xFIP, or other peripherals indicate he’s pitched above his head. Don’t think luck’s had anything to do with it.

        Definitely wasn’t saying he was worth $100 mill, though. Just don’t get the lack of love.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      The difference was that Medlen wasn’t traded for a bag of balls, so-to-speak.

  2. Natsfan89 1 year ago

    Gotta lock up Desi. Great shortstops are hard to come by.

    • GoFish 1 year ago

      Yep, that Desi Relaford is quite the athlete. :)

  3. rct 1 year ago

    Why would the Mets’ payroll draw attention from the union? The just gave Granderson $45MM, 40 year old Bartolo Colon $20MM, and Chris Young $7MM. What more would they want, for the Mets’ to overspend on Stephen Drew?

    Plus, the big money on Wright’s deal starts this year and, if any of their multitude of young players starts or continues to perform, they’ll have major extensions to look forward to (I’m thinking Harvey/Wheeler/Syndergaard/D’Arnaud at the ends of 2015/6.

    • NL_East_Rivalry 1 year ago

      I think that’s exactly it. I could see boras complaining about his client not being signed to the MLBPA.

      On a more serious note, I do dislike how the Mets and Cubs payroll isn’t what it used to be, but with the money going to stadium work and to trying to pay off bad investments, I can understand why it’s not as high.

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