Ranking Agencies By 2013 WAR

Which agency's players have the most MLB talent?  One way of answering that question is to rank the agencies by 2013 wins above replacement (from FanGraphs).  Here are the results for total 2013 WAR.  Please note that players with negative WAR were omitted, and cutoffs of 50 plate appearances for hitters and 20 innings for pitchers were used to remove smaller sample cases.

  1. Boras Corporation: 132.9
  2. Relativity Baseball: 107.4
  3. Excel Sports Management: 72.0
  4. CAA Sports: 70.8
  5. ACES: 68.9
  6. Wasserman Media Group: 62.6
  7. Octagon: 44.8
  8. The Legacy Agency: 43.6
  9. MVP Sports Group: 41.8
  10. Jet Sports Management: 25.5
  11. Beverly Hills Sports Council: 23.5
  12. Frontline: 22.8
  13. TWC Sports: 21.2
  14. LSW Baseball: 20.3
  15. Kinzer Management Group: 19.7

Let's take a look at WAR per big league player, filtering to agencies with at least ten players.  WAR per player:

  1. Boras Corporation: 2.42
  2. Excel Sports Management: 2.18
  3. Relativity Baseball: 2.03
  4. Wasserman Media Group: 2.02
  5. Jet Sports Management: 1.96
  6. Frontline: 1.90
  7. Kinzer Management Group: 1.79
  8. MVP Sports Group: 1.74
  9. Octagon: 1.72
  10. LSW Baseball: 1.69
  11. CAA Sports: 1.54
  12. ACES: 1.47
  13. The Legacy Agency: 1.36
  14. All Bases Covered: 1.28
  15. Beverly Hills Sports Council: 1.12

In some cases WAR per player is deceiving, because a large agency like Boras gets dinged for having small 2013 contributions from players like Xander Bogaerts or Jake Arrieta.  So, here's a listing of the number of four-win players by agency:

  1. Boras Corporation: 11 (Carlos Gomez, Chris Davis, Max Scherzer, Matt Harvey, Jacoby Ellsbury, Shin-Soo Choo, Adrian Beltre, Carlos Gonzalez, Jayson Werth, Matt Holliday, Jose Fernandez)
  2. Relativity Baseball: 5 (Miguel Cabrera, Paul Goldschmidt, Justin Verlander, Andrelton Simmons, Gerardo Parra)
  3. ACES, Excel Sports Management, Wasserman Media Group: tied at 4

MVP Sports Group and Octagon had three each.

A look at three-win players by agency:

  1. Boras Corporation: 20
  2. Relativity Baseball: 14
  3. Excel Sports Management: 11
  4. Wasserman Media Group: 8
  5. CAA Sports: 7
  6. ACES: 6
  7. Octagon: 5
  8. Jet Sports Management, Kinzer Management Group, MVP Sports Group: tied at 3

Comparing these numbers to 2012, the Boras Corporation increased its total WAR by over 27% and came out on top in every category.  The agency continues to represent the most and best MLB talent.  The top ten from last year remains mostly the same, though Relativity (formerly SFX) is on the rise with star power and depth.  Jet Sports Management is a new entrant in the top ten, led by Chris Sale, new addition Mike Minor, Kyle Seager, and Brian McCann.

MLBTR's agency database was used for this post; please email me at mlbtrdatabase@gmail.com with any corrections or omissions.  Also, feel free to drop me a line if you'd just like to see your agency's entire list of players used for this post.

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