Shortstop Rumors: Tigers, Kozma, Gregorius, Mets

It's already been a busy day for shortstop news as we've heard that the Diamondbacks are looking to trade Didi Gregorius for pitching, the Cardinals are shopping Pete Kozma, and the Tigers have been asking teams about available shortstops, even scouting such options as Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney.  Here are some more shortstop-related rumors…

  • The Tigers aren't likely "to make a serious push" for Kozma, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports opines (Twitter link), because they have a similar player in Danny Worth.
  • There haven't been any reports linking the Tigers to the Mariners' Nick Franklin, CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports.  Franklin is perhaps better suited as a second baseman and may not have the glove to handle short, Heyman suggests.
  • One scout suggested that Adeiny Hechavarria might be the sort of defensive specialist that Detroit would want at short.  A Marlins source, however, tells Heyman that the Fish have yet to be contacted about Hechavarria.
  • Several executives around baseball believe that signing Drew would be the best solution to the Mets' shortstop problem, Heyman reports.  A multiyear deal for Drew would give the Mets an answer at short for 2015, when the team could look to contend once Matt Harvey is healthy.
  • The Mets would be interested in Drew on a one-year, $9MM contract or possibly a two-year, $20MM deal, Andy Martino of the New York Daily News reports.  There haven't been any signs that Scott Boras, Drew's agent, would settle for either price.
  • Also from Martino, the view on current Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada from opposing scouts is that he's "a solid player, who appears spooked by the pressures of playing in the New York market, and hearing criticism from his own front office."  One scout believes that Tejada “could be OK, but he needs to get out of New York. [He's] a classic change-of-scenery guy.”
  • A source not connected to either the Mets or Diamondbacks tells Adam Rubin of ESPN New York (Twitter link) that the rumor of Gregorius going to New York "has legs" and is a situation to watch.

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  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    Adeiny Hechavarria would be interesting and the Tigers and the Fish have done business before. However, the Marlins would ask for a lot and I am not certain if the Tigers really need to do it in order to compete for the divison.

  2. CrustyJuggler 1 year ago

    Soooo.. Heyman is reporting that there is nothing to report on a potential Franklin to Detroit trade? Hard hitting stuff there.

    • DagGummit 1 year ago

      Given the reports on Detroits wants in a SS, Franklin never made sense anyway. The want a glove guy and he’s much more a bat guy. From the beginning, they never seemed like much of a target for him.

  3. murph180 1 year ago

    Idc if it’s Drew or Gregorious that the Meta get, they just need to get one of them. I don’t think the 2011-2012 version of Tejada is ever coming back… In NY at least

    • Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

      Tejada has to go, but the only excitement Didi is going to bring to NY is his name. His bat will never hold up, and the Mets will be in the same position they are in now next season if they were to bring in Gregorius.

      • Koop87 1 year ago

        Eh, Didi has more upside and the better glove, which at shortstop I think carries more weight. If Ruben puts it all together, he’s his 2012 self. If Didi does, he’s an above average SS. I’d like to see what Arizona wants for him before I decide if he’s worth the trade.

  4. Will Schmitz 1 year ago

    Nobody has to make “a serious push” for Kozma. He’s worth a very slight nudge.

  5. Derpy 1 year ago

    The Mets are such a great organization that they throw their own players under the bus. Doesn’t matter if you’re David wright, matt Harvey, Lucas Duda, Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada, RA Dickey, or Carlos Beltran. If you play for the Mets, you can expect, with absolute certainty, that the front office, ownership, and coaches will all publicly shame you. Guaranteed. That’s just how the Mets operate.

    • Jack 1 year ago

      Can’t argue with that. Then they wonder why they have to pay more for free agents to come there. It doesn’t matter who plays SS. Mets are a 75 win team as of now. A good SS might get them up to 78. They need a lot more than just SS. None of the outfielders hit over .250 last year…neither SS hit over .225….neither catcher hit over .215….neither left handed first basemen hit over .225. That’s 6 positions under .250. Optimistically, if three positions improve to .260-275, that still leaves 3 positions with poor offensive output. Too much pressure for the pitchers to pitch against.

  6. RazorShines 1 year ago

    Mets just need to sign Drew for 2 yrs and end this nonsense. They nerd a lead off hitter and SS, makes too much sense, so they won’t do it

  7. rxbrgr 1 year ago

    How wild are the Marlins about Hechavarria? I know it’d be one of those rarer intra-division trades, but would either the Mets or Marlins say no to a straight up Hechavarria-for-Tejada swap? A kind of change-of-scenery, challenge trade? (Though I can’t argue it’d make either team any better…)

  8. bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

    Tigers want a solutions that lasts a few months, not years. Better to just go with in house options.

    Slick fielding SSs that can’t hit are a dime a dozen!

  9. SgtSchmidt11 1 year ago

    Diamondbacks: I need to trade pitching for a SS

    Next year it’s the reverse? I question Towers ability to make a decision.

  10. casey 1 year ago

    Send Kozma to the tigers or mets, or AAA. Hope he doesnt make the team for the Cards, with Descalso and Ellis available as back up SS to Peralta

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