Jeong Choi Aims To Play In MLB Next Year

Jeong Choi, the top third baseman in Korea and a former Korean Series MVP, is looking to make the leap to Major League Baseball next season, agent Melvin Roman tells Jon Heyman of  The athletic 27-year-old is considered a five-tool player and enjoyed the best season of his career in 2013.

Choi has hit .300 and posted an OPS over .900 each of the past four seasons playing for SK Wyverns while averaging more than 23 home runs.  Last season, he slashed .316/.429/.551 and belted 28 home runs, putting him amongst the offensive elite in the KBO.  Choi also demonstrated his speed, swiping 24 bases.

Last winter’s third base free agent market was rather thin, but 2015’s figures to have several big names as Chase Headley, Aramis Ramirez, and Pablo Sandoval could hit the open market.  The addition of Choi could add even more depth and Heyman cites the Diamondbacks, White Sox, Red Sox, and possibly the Giants and Padres depending on what happens with Sandoval and Headley, that could be shopping at that position.

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  1. Kevin 1 year ago

    I think it’s supposed to say “aims to play in the MLB next year”

  2. burnboll 1 year ago

    “Jeong Choi Aims To Play In Korea Next Year”
    A bit of a non story, don’t you think?
    It would be more relevant if he was planning to play in the MLB.

  3. Sage 1 year ago

    This is interesting. I’d like to see the Brewers throw their hat into the ring on this guy. That is, of course, assuming we don’t bring back Aramis, which I feel like we won’t do. But who knows, maybe we will? We don’t exactly have a near-ready third baseman in the minors, unless you count Taylor Green (which I’m not, because I think his ceiling is a good bench player). I think Choi would be a good investment. Guy entering his prime, would add to our offensive core of Braun, Gomez, Davis. I’d like to see him in a Brewers uniform. But, again, the offseason is a ways away yet, and we might still bring back Aramis. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see where this guy ends up if he decides to make the jump.

    • oh Hal 1 year ago

      I think he sounds like a great fit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aramis back if he has a healthy season but it is either or. I don’t think Taylor Green will make it in MLB. I think Jason Rogers has a chance eventually.

      • Sage 1 year ago

        I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Aramis back, like you said, if he has a healthy season. Green could make it on the bench, maybe, but that’s about it. Rogers, I think, could start at third pretty soon, if there aren’t other options (Aramis/Choi). The other guy you have to think about is Nick Delmonico, but he’s probably a good couple years from being ready yet.

  4. rpoabr 1 year ago

    Angels should be in on this. Nothing on the horizon in the minors and definitely a need.

  5. Joe Orsatti 1 year ago

    What’s his projected cost

  6. fred flinstone 1 year ago

    C’mon Dipoto!! Freese is a bust. Please get this guy.

  7. Michael Kenny Jr. 1 year ago

    White Sox? What about Matt Davidson?

  8. Justin Timberpond 1 year ago

    Brewers with Aramis leaving? Or re-sign Aramis?

  9. Justin Timberpond 1 year ago

    Brewers with Aramis leaving? Or re-sign Aramis?

  10. JordanMantor 1 year ago

    C’mon Dodgers. Make it happen.

  11. JordanMantor 1 year ago

    C’mon Dodgers. Make it happen.

  12. StevenP2204 1 year ago

    I wonder what the price tag will be… If he has good plate discipline, I wouldn’t mind the Sox taking a look at him. We do have Gillaspie (who was hitting the ball hard before he got hurt), Semien who can play anywhere, and Davidson in the minors, but I’d happily take a look at a potential improvement in his prime. Choi could be a great fit across the diamond from Abreu for years to come.

    • Kadoc 1 year ago

      I don’t know what he and his agent plan, but right now he earns about $650,000 a year. Any MLB level contract would be a good payraise for him.
      He seems ro have gained some pop in the last 2 years, but power may not translate terribly well as some Korean ballparks are smaller than US ones.
      He’s in the same situation as Ryu, no one really knows how his number will translate as he’d be the first one to make the jump from KBO. Choi is arguably one of the two best Korean hitters in the KBO, but the overall level of pitching is clearly much lower than MLB. Will be pretty interesting to see what happens.

      • blcartwright 1 year ago

        The ballparks are smaller, and the overall level of pitching (as measured by walks & K’s) is very similar to Triple-A. The Oliver projections rate Choi’s MLE wOBA as consistent 330-350 over the past 5 years. My quick estimate is 5y/$30-35m

  13. NatsTown 1 year ago


  14. GoldenBoy 1 year ago

    Would love to see the Padres acquire this guy. The Padres haven’t made a high profile free agency signing in years. This could be a very nice fit.

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