MLB Trade Rumors is back!  It’s been a trying several days for our website, as our blogging platform was subject to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.  We tried in vain all day yesterday to get MLBTR back online.  Ultimately, we were able to simply move up a planned change in blogging platforms by one day.  So, MLBTR is now operational on WordPress, hosted by WP Engine.  We appreciate your patience.

DDoS attacks involve sending huge amounts of traffic to websites or groups of websites in hopes of crashing them.  It’s not an issue of hacking, as nothing was broken into, but our blogging platform was flooded and knocked offline.  It’s a serious attack though, and doesn’t have a quick fix.  In this case, the goal of crashing our former blogging platform, TypePad, was apparently to extort money from them.  This post from Sarah Perez of TechCrunch has further details.  TypePad has been working round-the-clock to restore their websites.

Launching on WordPress one day early means we still have a few minor issues on the site, mainly a gap in our archive from March 13th through April 20th.  We’ve filled in all of Monday, April 21st with new posts, however, and will be writing new ones today as usual.

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