Pirates Acquire Ike Davis From Mets

SATURDAY: The PTBNL in the deal is likely to be a 2013 draft pick, Heyman tweets. He also notes that that player, and not Thornton, is the "key piece." 2013 picks will not be eligible to be traded until the summer.

FRIDAY 6:22pm: The PTBNL is "fairly significant," tweets Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com. It is worth bearing in mind, as Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork.com points out on Twitter, that 2013 draft picks still cannot technically be included in a deal.

5:45pm: A long-awaited deal has finally been struck, as the Mets officially dealt first baseman Ike Davis to the Pirates in exchange for minor league righty Zack Thornton and a player to be named later. A deal involving the struggling Davis has long been rumored, with the Pirates long said to be a likely trade partner. 


For New York, the departure of Davis means that the club will move ahead with Lucas Duda as its regular first baseman, a role that he had taken on early in 2014. It also marks the end to an ultimately disappointing tenure in New York for the 27-year-old, left-handed hitting slugger. 

Meanwhile, the Pirates will take on the $3.14MM left on Davis's 2014 salary, and will control his rights via arbitration through 2016. Davis will presumably work in some form of platoon with the right-handed hitting Gaby Sanchez, who the club picked up after he too took steps backward after a promising early career.

Once a top-100 prospect, Davis raised expectations with a strong rookie campaign in 2010, in which he hit .264/.351/.440 with 19 home runs over 601 plate appearances at age 23. He was off to a hot start the next year, hitting .302/.383/.543, before he was sidelined with ankle issues. Before the 2012 season, Davis reportedly contracted valley fever, but nevertheless managed to hit 32 long balls in 584 trips to the dish. But his OBP dropped to .308 that year, and he has not returned to form since. Over 407 MLB plate appearances in 2013-14, Davis has just a .205/.329/.337 line with 10 home runs and a rising strikeout problem (he reached a career-high 26.8% K% last year.)

Thornton is a 25-year-old reliever who was working in Triple-A this season after reaching that level late last year for the first time. He did not appear on Baseball America's list of the Bucs' top prospects this year or last year. Pittsburgh acquired Thornton in exchange for Chris Resop in May of last year. According to Thornton's profile on PiratesProspects.com, he has been much more effective against same-handed hitters in his minor league career.

As the profile also notes, Thornton was left unprotected in this year's Rule 5 draft but was not selected even after a good showing in the Arizona Fall League. While he should provide depth to a struggling Mets pen, he seems a disappointing return for a player of Davis's former promise. It remains to be seen, of course, whether the PTBNL can bring additional value to the Mets.

Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com first tweeted that a deal was in the works. Chris Cotillo of MLBDailyDish.com (Twitter links) first reported that the deal was done, and that one or two prospects would head back to New York.

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  1. citizen 1 year ago

    finally this trade has happened.

  2. Dave Plavi 1 year ago

    Wondering what 25 man move will be made

    • murph180 1 year ago

      Chris Young being activated…

      • Tko11 1 year ago

        So basically an Ike Davis clone with less offensive upside and he plays the outfield…

  3. oleosmirf 1 year ago

    Hopefully, the Mets got something good.

  4. JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

    Now he’ll probably hit 30 hrs/yr, hit .275, and get traded to the Yankees in a few years and go back to being bad. It’s the circle of life.

    • Hurdled Again 1 year ago

      I’ll take that. Big payday for my client and then we laugh our way to the sunset.

    • Teufelshunde4 1 year ago

      Not likely with the pitching staffs of Reds and Cards in same division. Thanks Mets for putting another hole in. Bucs lineup.

      • JW 1 year ago

        Are those two pitching staffs really much deeper than the Nats and the Braves? I have my doubts.

  5. jjs91 1 year ago

    Passover truly is a time for freedom.

  6. UK Tiger 1 year ago

    Fresh start, change of scenery, potential winning ballclub, maybe this will be the catalyst that gets Davis back to the form he showed when he first hit the majors.

    He definately has enough talent to come back and rise again, most of it is mental with him i suspect.

    If the Metsies got something good back it could be a good move all around.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 1 year ago

      Agreed. In fact, I read some comments where the Pirates coaching staff thought they could get him back on track, and that PNC Park was better suited to left handed bats.

      There’s no guarantee though. He could just be the same old Ike Davis he’s been the last few years.

  7. SteveF 1 year ago

    Zach Thornton to Mets

  8. JM 1 year ago

    I hope the Mets just robbed the Pirates. Watch Davis breakout and hit 30 HR for the Bucs. Seems like every player that goes to Pitt that has had trouble being consistent, they fix. AJ Burnett 2 years ago, Liriano last year and Volquez in 2014. Ike will most likely platoon with Sanchez. IMHO, good deal for the Bucs.

    • $3513744 1 year ago

      and this would be robbing the pirates?

      • PileOfSandwich 1 year ago

        He said he hopes they robbed them.

        • $3513744 1 year ago

          yes he did. now feel free to read the rest of it and see how that fits in context.

          • Todd Smith 1 year ago

            He hopes the Mets got something really good for Davis, because he thinks Davis will break out with the Pirates. I’m confused by your confusion.

          • Bobo Johnstone 1 year ago

            Reading isn’t for everybody.

        • Hurdled Again 1 year ago

          And he’s going to be disappointed. Any deal involving my client is bound to hurt he who traded my client away. Watch: the Mets will slowly undergo curses leading to their imminent demise as a franchise because of this. And Ike will hit .400 with 74 homers and 197 RBI for the Pirates next season, with a Gold Glove. He is in the best shape of his life and ready to launch dingers over that Clemente Wall!

        • formerdraftpick 1 year ago

          The Mets do not support any illegal activity like robbery, just ask Madoff.

    • slasher016 1 year ago

      It’s worked for pitchers, but not hitters. Morneau and Ludwick to name a couple.

      • Pirates have a idifferent hitting coach. Ludwik was unhealthy here and morneau hit really well just not a lot of power.

      • Pirates have a idifferent hitting coach. Ludwik was unhealthy here and morneau hit really well just not a lot of power.

    • anon_coward 1 year ago

      didn’t the pirates tell their pitchers to pitch almost all sinkers to get ground balls and rely on their shifts to get the outs?

      looking at davis hit, i think he’s got a lot more problems than going to a new team can fix.

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      Jose Bautista was not fixed.

      • ColoredPaper 1 year ago

        Jose Bautista was also from a different regime.


        • ColoredPaper 1 year ago

          And before anyone else decides to refute that, I am aware that Huntington was about a year into his tenure in Pittsburgh, but the coaching staff was different.

  9. oleosmirf 1 year ago

    Have to think the PTBNL is someone promising. Can’t imagine a 26 year old fringe-prospect reliever is the best piece coming back.

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      I would hope so but for now this looks like a great deal for Pittsburgh.

      • calamityfrancis 1 year ago

        you all realize ike davis has been absolutely terrible for a couple years now, right? pittsburgh trading little to get him, but there’s a good reason for that.

        • Tko11 1 year ago

          Career .256/.357/.828 vs right handed pitching. Gaby Sanchez .300/.399/.900 vs left handed pitching. Quite the platoon. He was still valued highly by the Mets so they either gave in and gave him up for less than they wanted to or the Pirates actually gave someone of interest to the Mets (I doubt that guy is Thornton but who knows).

    • arthur3 1 year ago

      I have to hope so. The Mets could have obtained Thornton in December during the Rule 5 draft for nothing (except for the $50000 acquisition cost)

      • oleosmirf 1 year ago

        except they’d have to keep him on the 25 man roster all season in order to keep him when he probably needed more time in the minors.

    • AceRuby 1 year ago

      Apparently the PTBNL is a 2013 draft pick so it looks like it will be a solid prospect coming back to the Mets.

  10. DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

    If Ike Davis finds his power swing in Pittsburgh, watch out.
    Change of scenery move… excellent deal for the Pirates.

    • Mike 1 year ago

      He still had his power swing in NY. He is capable of hitting the ball 475 feet. He is not capable of consistently hitting major league offspeed pitching.

  11. Lee Foo Young 1 year ago

    Mets could’ve had Thornton in the Rule V draft. Surprise Wang was taken and Thornton wasn’t. Gotta wonder who that PTBNL is.

  12. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    From the looks of things, the Pirates didn’t give up all that much.
    Yet, the Mets wanted Rodriguez from the O’s for him.
    Hopefully, everyone got something and it works out for both teams.
    How’s that for straddling the fence? =P

    • Lee Foo Young 1 year ago

      well we don’t know who the PTBNL is, so, there’s that. Maybe it is someone on the 40 who needs to clear waivers, like Stolmy?

      • disgruntledreader 1 year ago

        Nobody needs to clear waivers for a trade until after July 31.

  13. JasonBoy 1 year ago

    pretty low return for Ike Davis especially considering it’s someone who the pirates didn’t even protect

  14. BeatEmBucs 1 year ago

    Thornton and….Irwin/Cumpton?

  15. DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

    This is good for the Mets since it opens up 1st Base for Duda, Satin, Flores, and Murphy which at the same time opens up 2nd Base for Eric Young Jr which adds flexibility to the Outfield so that Chris Young, Granderson, and Lagares can also play. I like that one move opens the door for so much. That’s a strong way to utilize depth.

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      Young+Granderson+Lagares will hit for a combined average of? ~.235?

      • Rob Lucci 1 year ago

        Where do you buy your crystal ball? Sears?

        • Tko11 1 year ago

          Nope, baseball reference actually.

          • davbee 1 year ago

            Yes, maybe if you added Young, Granderson and Lagares’ averages they might total .260.

          • Tko11 1 year ago

            Average their averages if they hit around their career averages.

          • I think you’re putting in a little too much faith in Lagares. He has a career BA of .251 and I don’t believe his hot start of .314 this year. Personally I don’t count on any real production from the bat of someone with an OBP below .300

      • murph180 1 year ago

        More like .260-.270 but yeah

  16. FOmeOLS 1 year ago

    I don’t know why the Orioles were so hot for this guy.
    And now I feel for Ishikawa, who is homeless again.

    • letsgogiants 1 year ago

      Even as a platoon partner, he still is below average. Growing up I watched him develop at the major league level. Honestly, his best role is being a good pinch hitter late in the game and late inning defensive replacement. I think he led the majors in 2010 with pinch hits. He can drive the count deep at times and is pretty solid defensively.

  17. xxlive9xx 1 year ago

    Typical Met’s move to trade for a guy they could of had in rule 5. Ugh…

    • brachialplexus 1 year ago

      This is the same team that got a very promising bullpen arm (Vic Black) and a highly regarded SS prospect (Dilson Herrera) for 2 months of Marlon Byrd and John Buck. Btw, Herrera was a PTBNL in that deal

      • Paulie Corleone 1 year ago

        Dilson Herrera has played exactly 4 career games at SS.

        “Highly regarded SS prospect” is a pretty big stretch

        • brachialplexus 1 year ago

          My fault: 2B prospect. Still highly regarded

      • Robb Birdman 1 year ago

        and black was the PTBNL

    • calamityfrancis 1 year ago

      except under more favourable terms

    • Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

      And somehow they see him as a better option than Mazzaro.

    • AceRuby 1 year ago

      The second player in the deal is rumored to be a 2013 draft pick from the Pirates so this deal could actually look good for the Mets if its a solid prospect.

  18. Mike Adamson 1 year ago

    I’m guessing the second guy is nothing special either. The Mets just wanted to wash their hands of Davis. The Pirates will release Ishikawa and that will be that.

  19. Larry Winer 1 year ago

    A salary dump- Duda- 500k. Ike 3.1M. Now our payroll is 6M less than last year- gotta love our owners

    • Destry 1 year ago

      Duda makes $1.9 Davis makes $3.5 and Duda has been the far superior player for a number of years now. Its not a salary dump, its a smart baseball move.

  20. Dave Harrison 1 year ago

    My guess is the PTBNL will be based on Davis’s production.

  21. Real_American78 1 year ago

    Thornton’s numbers are fairly ridiculous. he should immediately be named the Mets’ closer.

    • calamityfrancis 1 year ago

      his minor league stats are pretty damn good. whats the deal with this guy pitt fans?

      • Paulie Corleone 1 year ago

        acquired last May for Chris Resop…. hasn’t been in the organization very long

      • Todd Smith 1 year ago

        Was kind of a shock that he didn’t go in the Rule 5 draft, but no real room for him in the Pirates bullpen.

  22. Blackhawk 1 year ago

    Good luck, Ike. It’s got to be a load off your shoulders.

  23. oleosmirf 1 year ago

    Jon Heyman reporting PTBNL is a “fairly significant piece”

    • Matt Galvin 1 year ago

      Bell,Henson,Sanchez or so on?

      • oleosmirf 1 year ago

        probably so on. I would think a 10-20 prospect like Black or Herrera was, but who knows. Pirates do need that bat badly.

      • TheSharkTankisNasty 1 year ago

        I highly doubt Bell or Hanson will be traded. Sanchez maybe, but that would leave the Pirates with a hole at catcher until McGuire is ready.

      • monkeyking42 1 year ago

        Not that significant.

    • Federal League 1 year ago

      Do we know if the reason the player is a PTBNL is because they were drafted in 2013?

  24. letsgobucs 1 year ago

    LOL at Mets fans on Twitter speculating the PTBNL is Polanco.

    • Pei Kang 1 year ago

      It’s called sarcasm and JOKE….the whole lot of Mets fan know it’s not going to be someone like Polanco.

  25. Todd Smith 1 year ago

    Adam Rubin is pointing out that 2013 draft picks CAN be included in a deal, they would just need to be a PTBNL and moved after the year timeline is over..

  26. Remember92 1 year ago

    Do injured players need to be classified as a PTBNL? If that is the case, my gut is telling me it could be Clay Holmes. Rodriguez and Sampson emerging make Clay a little more expendable.

  27. Anon 1 year ago

    The PTBNL had *better* be significant or the Astros would have some serious explaining to do.

  28. I hope the PTBNL is a Mr. Met costume that someone left at PNC by accident.

  29. formerdraftpick 1 year ago

    I didn’t watch the beginning of the game, but is the PTBNL Mercer? I wasn’t sure why he was yanked from the game today.

    • monkeyking42 1 year ago

      Nope, he got a bit banged up on a takeout slide and was running a little funny on the bases after that.

  30. formerdraftpick 1 year ago

    I didn’t watch the beginning of the game, but is the PTBNL Mercer? I wasn’t sure why he was yanked from the game today.

  31. SeanE 1 year ago

    The PTBNL is “pretty significant” well then who?

    • Mike Adamson 1 year ago

      I will believe it when I see it. That sounds like Heyman talked to the GM of NY and he said who else you getting? I cant say but he is fairly significant!!! What else is he going to say? The other guy is a throw in? Some of the names being said are comical.

  32. murphys_ghost 1 year ago

    You can’t judge the trade until it’s finalized and you know who else is coming back but regardless this is a good move. Davis needed a change of scenery, the Mets needed to move on. I wish the player well and hope the Mets get another valuable piece to complete the deal.

  33. i'm me .. 1 year ago

    mets are not that dumb. maybe they will get a young Pitcher back as the player to be named …heredia? Clay Holmes maybe?

  34. Mil8Ball 1 year ago

    I’m guessing the early success of the Brewers 1st baseman’s killed Davis’ value quite a bit. Brewers were a big landing spot for Davis and them not being interested probably didn’t help.

    • davbee 1 year ago

      Mark Reynolds .702 OPS, Lyle Overbay .480 OPS. Early success of the Brewers, yes. Early success of the Brewers first basemen, not so much.

  35. chicothekid 1 year ago

    My guess for the PTBNL is that they came in the 2013 draft, so here are the suspects:

    Reese McGuire C (1) Pirates #7, #100MLB, #6 C MLB
    Austin Meadows OF (1) Pirates #4, #43 MLB, #8 OF MLB
    Blake Taylor LHP (2) Pirates NR
    JaCoby Jones 2b/OF (3) Pirates #17
    Cody Dickson LHP (4) Pirates #19

    I’m shocked, stunned and amazed if it’s McGuire or Meadows, because I don’t think the Pirates give that up. I don’t think Taylor qualifies as REALLY interesting, so that leaves Jones and Dickson. The Mets are pretty thin on LHP, but need position players even more. If I had to guess, I’d say the PTBNL is Jones, but Dickson would not surprise me either.

    • D beyer 1 year ago

      Since Jones started today I’m guessing Dickson or Taylor

      • Derpy 1 year ago

        None of them can be traded until around July, so what happens today is irrelevant. That is why it is called player to be named later.

        • yclept 1 year ago

          I think his point is that the mets wouldn’t want Pittsburgh using the player they are getting in case of injury. But I assume there are contingencies on the trade, and it is very possible that the Mets have a list of players to choose from and may not have yet made their choice.

          • Derpy 1 year ago

            Why would injury matter? None of these players are reaching the majors for years, and the trade hasn’t happened yet so the Mets can just change their mind and take someone else.

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      No way they get McGuire or Meadows lol. That’d be a serious robbery by the Mets.

      • Jay Steyer 1 year ago

        Alderson has gotten Wheeler for a FA to be in Beltran, d’Arnaud AND Syndergaard for a 38 year old Dickey, Herrera and Black for a one hit wonder Byrd (and Buck). He has a very good history of wanting top dollar for his players and getting it. Would seriously not surprise me in the least if the PTBNL is Meadows. With McCutchen, Marte, and Polanco ready to man the Pirates OF for the next 10 years, where would Meadows fit in?

      • MetsEventually 1 year ago

        They’ve robbed before, wouldn’t put it past them again

    • AceRuby 1 year ago

      Jones I think would be the likely candidate possibly since they could use the help in the middle infield/OF so it would make sense. Meadows would be amazing to pry but I don’t think that is the case I’d surprised if that happen.

      • yclept 1 year ago

        Look at it this way: If the Pirates made it known around baseball that they would be willing to deal one of their top guns from last year’s draft, I doubt the best player they would be offered is Ike Davis.

    • steelparrot 1 year ago

      lol, just wait till they amend the trade to include ‘or cash’ for the ptbnl

    • JRLANDRY 1 year ago

      there’s no way Heyman uses the word “significant” if its the Pirates 17th or 19th rated prospect.

      • Remember92 1 year ago

        When the Pirates #17 or #19 is equal to a weaker teams farm system #10-12 because of their great depth. Then yes, that would be significant. The Pirates 10-20 are better than some teams 5-15.

  36. Matt Talbert 1 year ago

    Well my guess is that Thornton will be assigned to a maligned bullpen. They have made a claim that the PTBNL is a legit prospect so wait and see. Maybe Alan Hansen?

  37. JRLANDRY 1 year ago

    If it’s a PTBNL from the 2013 draft, don’t you think it would be one that isn’t playing so far. The younger HS draftees usually play short season ball after the draft and you wouldn’t want to pick a guy for a trade who continues to play for the Pirates and gets hurt

    • JRLANDRY 1 year ago

      Plus, I doubt Heyman would use the word “significant” if it was some 3rd round draftee or worse. The only one that fits the bill is Meadows !!

      • JP Brooks 1 year ago

        You’re on crack.

        • JRLANDRY 1 year ago

          Sorry Heyman used the words “pretty significant”, Jon wouldn’t use those words for some 3rd round pick EVER

          • steelerfreak1976 1 year ago

            The trade was for “Ike” Davis not Chris Davis. Amazing how most met fans were ready to give this guy away. Now they think they’re getting a top 10 draft pick in return for him.

          • JRLANDRY 1 year ago

            So you think Baltimore would trade Chris Davis for an 18 year old 1st round pick ? Never
            Would Pittsburgh trade an 18 year old 1st rd pick for a 27 year old guy who hit 30 homers 2 years ago? Yes

            50% of 1st round picks never make it to the majors, especially high schoolers.
            Pittsburgh is in “win now” form. Much like we learned from SF and Toronto, they will trade unproven talent for shots to get better at the major league level.

          • Federal League 1 year ago

            It’s not Meadows.


          • Eddie Edwards 1 year ago

            I wish the down votes still worked

          • Mike Adamson 1 year ago

            Wow are you going to be disappointed!!!

          • yclept 1 year ago

            He said “fairly significant” which is kinda faint praise. You are not getting one of the Pirates’ top picks from last year’s draft.

          • JP Brooks 1 year ago

            Maybe he used “significant” because it will be considered the main part of the trade.

          • calamityfrancis 1 year ago

            “fairly significant”, actually

      • Erik Masucci 1 year ago

        meadows is a future top 10 prospect. If this was for stanton then maybe. For Ike davis it’s cody dickson and let’s call it a day

    • Alex Henry 1 year ago

      Just please avoid discuss baseball if you are going to be that illogical.

  38. burrito jones 1 year ago

    almost every thing im reading is suggesting that its very possible that it could be meadows which would make alderson look like a genius. even if its not, the $3 mil they saved needs to go to Stephen Drew…. Ruben Tejada is at .178 (8/45) right now and is showing absolutely no improvement from last year.

  39. Christopher Hoffa 1 year ago

    I’d be ecstatic if we acquired Blake Taylor or Jacoby Jones. Our system lacks up the middle talent and LHP-SP prospects. Either of those would be a fantastic acquisition

  40. GrilledCheese39 1 year ago

    all of you mets fans who think you’ll get austin meadows-lol.

    • Christopher Hoffa 1 year ago

      Those are the fans who don’t actually understand how these things work

      • Derpy 1 year ago

        No, we have just lived long enough to see GMs make these kinds of trades before in the past. Let’s wait and see who it is before we say anything.

        • Christopher Hoffa 1 year ago

          Alderson trading Beltran for Wheeler and Dickey for d’Arnaud/Syndergaard are completely different situations. Davis holds almost no value and there were multiple other 1B of similar caliber that were on the market. Sorry, but it is delusional to think that Sandy could’ve gotten a consensus Top 100 prospect for a reclamation project

    • OriginalHitman 1 year ago

      I highly doubt it’s Meadows, but then again, Sandy Alderson somehow pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Thanks for Herrera BTW.

  41. JoshSyvertsen 1 year ago

    If the rumors are true and it is one of Pittsburghs 2013 picks it’s silly to think it would be Meadows (although it would be awesome if it were). JaCoby Jones seems like the most logical PTBNL and as a Mets fan, that’s a pretty good get for Davis

  42. Tko11 1 year ago

    Response was to me though…hence the davbee–>Tko11 6 minutes ago. Confused I am.

  43. davbee 1 year ago

    Response was to the thread.

  44. Tko11 1 year ago


  45. davbee 1 year ago

    Why would it be to you when you said they’d hit .235?

  46. Tko11 1 year ago

    That was my confusion as well but you hit the reply button on my name therefore the response was to me? I was always pretty sure that is how it worked? Anyways I think we can let this go now haha. We agree that they will hit for a low average.

  47. davbee 1 year ago

    Both offensively and defensively, by just about any statistical measure you want to use, Reynolds is in the bottom half of the league’s firstbasemen. That is masked by the Brewers great start, particularly their pitching.

  48. Mil8Ball 1 year ago

    He has made big defensive plays and big offensive plays. If he is making big plays he can hit .220 for all I care.

  49. davbee 1 year ago

    Actually, his offensive numbers have come up the last few days, but at this stage of his career Reynolds is what he is–a guy that can get on a hot streak, but one that can also flail away unproductively for even longer.

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