Yankees Designate Cesar Cabral For Assignment

The Yankees designated reliever Cesar Cabral for assignment after tonight's game, reports Marly Rivera of ESPN Deportes (via Twitter). Cabral, 25, had a rough outing, giving up three earned runs and failing to record an out before he was ejected for hitting his third batter of the inning.

Cabral only has 4 2/3 innings of MLB experience over the last two seasons. Across the minors in 2013, he posted a 5.40 ERA in 36 2/3 innings. Prior to that, he had spent his career in the Red Sox organization. In his best season as a reliever, 2011, he worked to a 2.95 ERA in 55 innings at the High-A and Double-A level.

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  1. jjs91 1 year ago

    Blue jays like quickness.

  2. Matt Mccarron 1 year ago

    Curious to see if he was ejected for being too wild, or throwing at batters with intent to hurt them.

  3. East Coast Bias 1 year ago

    Horrible game tonight.

    • pastlives 1 year ago

      ehh it happens, couldnt be worse than what i had to sit through as a jays fan yesterday

      • Eric 1 year ago

        I feel ya dude. Rough game. Santos almost blew it again tonight! GO JAYS!

      • MB923 1 year ago

        “I haven’t seen an inning this bad since my son Eric was in Little League” – Twins broadcaster

      • East Coast Bias 1 year ago

        You’re right, you win. That meltdown by Santos was epic! Good news is Jansen is almost back.

  4. Hills of Glenallen 1 year ago

    I’ll have to watch that game tonight, sounds hilarious. Ejected for being too bad.

  5. LazerTown 1 year ago

    3 hit batters in one inning was rough.

    The Yankees wasted absolutely no time with this move.

  6. Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

    This game was embarrassing/painful to watch. Apparently Matt Daley is being called up from AAA to take his spot

    • pft2 1 year ago

      Games was already lost when he came in, but he put it way out of reach

    • JoeSeadog 1 year ago

      Whether or not they do Daley, or just go short a pitcher one day they can activate Tex Sunday, then likely send Nuno down after his start on Sunday, (maybe Betances if Nuno does well) to activate Robertson Tuesday.Then eventually Brendan Ryan for Dean Anna. So far, knock on wood, the starters have been strong enough that carrying 11 pitchers can work.

      • MB923 1 year ago

        Unless he implodes his next outing like Cabral did tonight, there is no way the Yankees are sending down Betances.

        I’m guessing Dean Anna on Sunday when Tex gets back and Nuno on Tuesday when Robertson gets back. Though of course it could be Daley as well, or even Sizemore if he has an option left.

        • JoeSeadog 1 year ago

          Well if Daley is there, it will be him. If Nuno has a good start he’ll stick around.Betances needs consistency with his stuff. He needs to work on his command if he wants to be the 8th inning guy. Montgomery should get his shot at that role eventually too. Hard to believe we have too many pitchers roster-worthy and too many infielders roster-worthy. Aceves was lights out in his first AAA start and he’s a favorite of Girardi (the only manager that seems to be able to handle him), but that would mean clearing a spot on the 40 man meaning the end of Daley (over 30), Romine (can’t hit), or Anna.

          • MB923 1 year ago

            Who said Betances had to be the 8th inning guy? Once Robertson comes back, he’ll close, Kelly goes to the 8th, likely Warren goes to the 7th. And 6th inning? Who cares, could be anybody. Yes Betances walks a lot of guys (as of now 4 BB’s in 6.1 innings) but he strikes out a lot too (11 K)

            We shall see what happens.

  7. pft2 1 year ago

    His velocity down quite a bit this year so I suspect arm trouble, That would explain the command problem. Yankees wanted to get him off the 40 man roster before they have to DL him (assuming he clears waivers)

    • jjs91 1 year ago

      If veal clears waivers i think he will. If not they have other loogys.

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      He already passed through waivers last year, so he can and very well may elect free agency if he does pass.

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