Joel Hanrahan On Signing With Tigers

More than 20 teams were on hand for Joel Hanrahan‘s April showcase and the former closer reportedly dazzled everyone in attendance.  Ostensibly, Hanrahan had a number of opportunities to pick from and earlier today he came to terms on a deal with the Tigers.  The 32-year-old came out strong and hit 93 mph on the gun, which is extremely impressive considering that he’s just under one year removed from Tommy John Surgery.  On today’s conference call I asked Hanrahan if he was surprised by his fast turnaround.

No, not really,” the confident veteran said.  “I put in the hard work while everyone else was playing this summer.  I was going to rehab five times a week at 8:00 in the morning.  That was my season. I’ve still got a bit of work to do here.  Hopefully when they put a hitter in the box and I get some adrenaline going, the velocity will be there. I’ve always been a velocity type guy with a bit of the breaking ball.

While Hanrahan is a very notable addition and one that could help fortify a Tigers bullpen that struggled in 2013, there is another notable name that the club has been linked to heavily over the past few months in Stephen Drew.  When asked if there could be addition room for another major league free agent this season, Dombrowski said such a move wasn’t in the works but didn’t exactly shut the door.

Our owner has always been generous but we’re not in a spot to do that necessarily.  We’ve made some moves with our club through trades, Andrew Romine has done a good job for us at shortstop, that was one area of need we had…” the GM said.  “The area we wanted to address most was our bullpen if we had the opportunity to.

As for Hanrahan, both the pitcher and Dombrowski emphasized that there will be no clear timetable for his Tigers major league debut.  Hanrahan wouldn’t guarantee that he’ll be on the mound for Detroit in the next 30 days and the GM said his minor league warmup will be “sort of a Spring Training,” so it sounds like there’s little, if any, pressure on the reliever to rush himself back.  Hanrahan is extremely eager to getting back to what he does best but won’t take any chances to expedite the process.

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  1. bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

    Nice work Zach. Congratulations on a comprehensive report!

  2. PittsburghPirates0022 1 year ago

    Good luck Joel. You were a great closer for the Buccos.

  3. Mike1L 1 year ago

    I’m rooting for the Tigers to sign Drew in June, after the draft, when there’s no loss of pick. Maybe to a nice two-thirds of a year contract at a heavily discounted rate. Drew gets a chance to show he can play, and he can spin the roulette wheel again after the season. And the rest of us don’t have to read about it anymore. I’d call it a win win win. Not sure Jon Heyman would be satisfied, since he’s back to beating the drum again for Drew and Morales, but it seems the rest of the baseball world could sleep peacefully.

    • It’s not really a win for Drew then if he’s taking a discount. Though he’ll be hard pressed to find a win at this point.

      • Mike1L 1 year ago

        It’s quite possible he could get a major deal, but the Tigers would then have to ship Iglesias out. They already have Kinsler. But Drew has to get back on the field. I can’t see him getting a large, multi-year contract in the winter if he’s sat out a year to prove a point for Boras

  4. Duane Sjoberg 1 year ago

    “I was going to rehab every day five times a week”
    This is why turned it around so fast…he is in the land of five day weeks!

  5. MrMetFan akaSell theTeamFred! 1 year ago

    MrMetFan akaSell theTeamFred! • a few seconds ago
    Anyone not surprised that Mets ownership can’t spend 1-4m to upgrade their dubious pen! Forgetaboutit!

    • alphabet_soup5 1 year ago

      Lannan, Valderde, Germen, and Familia are the keys to an elite bullpen!

    • Jack 1 year ago

      No surprise here. Why would you think they’d take a chance on him when they wouldn’t go after LaTroy Hawkins who pitched great for them last year and was cheaper?

    • Mr Pike 1 year ago

      It sounds like they tried to sign him, but didn’t realistically have a chance. In an earlier article in mlbtraderumors his agent said he wanted to go to a contender, and targeted the Tigers early on.
      Once the Mets start winning they won’t have any trouble competing for players they want.

  6. Joe Valenti 1 year ago

    I really hope he has a lot of success, if for nothing else than for the sake of advancement in Tommy John surgery. It wasn’t long ago that Tommy John was a hail mary procedure. Now, not only are players coming back, but they are coming back in less than a year’s time!

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