Diamondbacks Shopping Gerardo Parra

The Diamondbacks are shopping outfielder Gerardo Parra, an MLB executive tells ESPN.com’s Jerry Crasnick (via Twitter). The 27-year-old is earning $4.85MM in his penultimate season of arbitration eligibility.

Parra, who bats from the left side, was said to be an unlikely trade candidate, but it appears that Arizona’s stance has changed. Parra has struggled this year with a .256/.301/.358 line, while defensive metrics have soured on his work in the outfield. After posting 5.5 rWAR and 4.5 fWAR last year, he has been at or below replacement level in 2014.

Nevertheless, Parra could be attractive to teams given his ability to play center and track record of success. And while he will not be cheap next year, Parra should remain affordable in a market that handed eight-figure, two-year guarantees to players like Nate McLouth, Rajai Davis, and David Murphy.

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  1. Gator4444 1 year ago

    Typical KT selling when a player’s value is at it’s lowest.

    • ken avenetti 1 year ago

      As a Dback fan I hope he stays but if you take G then you also need to take Trumbo..

  2. Nathan Boley 1 year ago

    Parra is one of those players that make me question defensive metrics. How can there be such a substantial change from one year to the next? Is it more about defensive positioning than athleticism? Is the dropoff noticeable to the naked eye?

    • RooneyTunes 1 year ago

      Oh yeah, looking year to year most defensive metrics are unreliable. But for a several season period they’re pretty reliable. I think there’s a lot more that goes into defense than the public and analysis sites are able to quantify yet. Hopefully MLBAM’s new data is going to start helping with this next season and in the future.

    • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

      I don’t know much about defensive metrics but it does seem like base runners are taking less chances when he fields the ball. His OF assists are way down (17 last year, 8 so far this year) so I’m sure that has a factor in it. Of course, that is almost a good sign. That means he saves runs simply by his presence. I doubt that is the full reason but it’s probably part of it. I haven’t noticed anything that would indicate that Parra has any change in his fielding abilities. He’s been pretty solid in RF. He also played significantly more innings in CF last year. Not sure if that effects things because it is considered a more difficult position

    • Seamaholic 1 year ago

      Possibly because his pitchers stink this year. Good fielders help pitchers, no doubt, but it works the other way too. Good pitchers hit their spots, which means defensive positioning is effective, which means outfielders get to more balls, which means better defensive metrics.

    • Travis2014 1 year ago

      Questioning them is good because they are pretty controversial.

      But Carlos Gomez is the same way. Every year is different…some years Gomez gets 8 wall scrapper balls to pull back over the fence. Then this year they are either short or too far. Then just the fact some years those crazy plays happen more often.

    • Don Hansen 1 year ago

      I see a drop off in defensive production, even though “G” is one of my favorites. He seems to have lost a step or two. Personally I feel it’s because (as a corner outfielder) G has increased his strength because the D-Backs have stressed a need for more power production. A slight increase in bulk has cost him that extra speed that allowed him to reach balls that he can’t get to this year. Unfortunately, it has not produced the desired power production either. So G has become an average defensive performer, albeit with a superior arm, who will never be a 30 home run right fielder. Nor does he have the foot speed to become anymore than a less than average center fielder. Sad commentary, but what happens when AJ Pollock returns? Who takes a seat? Parra? Peralta? Inciarte? And that doesn’t even include Cody Ross. Trumbo has my vote to sit, but there are still only three outfield positions available. Management is probably thinking that G has the greatest trade value and they would rather not have him sitting on the bench when they maybe able to unload another $5 million in salary.

      • Elaine Cummings 1 year ago

        The weight gain requested of Parra is just one of the many things that players have been “ordered” to do that has put this team where they are today. The ones that need to leave are Gibson and Towers.

  3. Vandals Took The Handles 1 year ago

    He has been a remarkable all-around player.

    I hope he gets squared away. He is so much fun to watch, and can turn the momentum of games at bat, in the field and on the bases.

  4. mlbaustin 1 year ago

    Not hating, just some serious feedback: Why use penultimate when you could just use [EDIT: second to] last? That’s overkill.

    • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

      Seriously. I had no clue what that meant. I honestly thought it was referring to a particular season where players see a significant increase in salary or something

    • BarneyRubbleTrouble 1 year ago

      Potentially because penultimate means “second to last.” 2015 will be his last year of arbitration eligibility.

      • mlbaustin 1 year ago

        Great point! Thanks :)

        Then I would have used second to last. My point is that sometimes being “efficient” in writing is often times inefficient since you have to explain what you’re trying to say. This being one of those cases, as I’ve proven.

        • Infield Fly 1 year ago

          Everybody has their own style and it’s not like Jeff Todd posted an article chock full of arcane language that nobody could ever hope to decipher. And hey, we all get to learn a new word while we wait for some Deadline deals to go down. One word smarter works for me! :)

  5. tigersfan33 1 year ago

    I wonder if the Tigers will make run at him. Left handed bat, good defense, not to expensive, and could play right field when Torii leaves this offseason.

  6. James Attwood 1 year ago

    Gerardo Parra should have been the one dealt last offseason rather than Adam Eaton. Eaton was a better fit for the future and Parra’s value was never going to be higher. Now Eaton is performing well (when healthy) for the White Sox, Parra’s value has tanked, and the Diamondbacks have nothing of substantial value left to show for it.

  7. Linda Lovelace 12 months ago


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