NL West Notes: Rockies, Giants, D’backs, Pads’ GM

With Michael Cuddyer and Troy Tulowitzki both now stuck on the DL through the trade deadline, it would appear that neither has much chance of being dealt at this point by the Rockies. Of course, it is conceivable that Cuddyer could be moved in the revocable waiver period, as Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post reports that a mid-August return is possible. But Cuddyer would probably not generate much of a return given his long layoff, and the Rockies have given signals that they do not intend to deal him.

Here’s more out of Colorado and the rest of the NL West:

  • The Rockies are approaching a breaking point with their decisionmaking structure, opines Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, who reports that senior VP of major league operations Bill Geivett and manager Walt Weiss have not been on the same page in terms of the roster. Geivett operates alongside GM Dan O’Dowd to jointly perform the roles normally assigned to one person, and his “major league operations” role includes keeping an office in the clubhouse.
  • The Giants are “intensifying” their efforts to add a starter, reports Andrew Baggarly of With Matt Cain‘s elbow issues creating significant uncertainty, it appears that San Francisco could have a real need to add depth. While complicating factors make the Giants a tough buyer to line up, Baggarly says that Jake Peavy of the Red Sox appears to make a good deal of sense on paper. Meanwhile, San Francisco continues to look at right-handed hitting corner outfield and second base options, with Chris Denorfia (Padres) and Emilio Bonifacio (Cubs) seeming possibilities.
  • For the Diamondbacks, a measured sell-off appears to be the club’s preferred tack, reports Jon Heyman of Even after the more obvious keepers, the club seems inclined to hold onto veterans like Brad Ziegler and Martin Prado who come with significant future control. Of course, the remaining trade options tend to be players who would be expected to draw less back in return. Heyman notes that Arizona “would listen” on closer Addison Reed and may prefer to wait until the offseason to shop Didi Gregorius.
  • The Padres have prioritized international scouting in their search for a new GM, tweets Peter Gammons of That is one factor that has led some to suggest that Rangers assistant GM A.J. Preller could be in the lead for the position.

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  1. disadvantage 12 months ago

    I thought the Rockies decision making structure was just “win lots of games in September and October.” It got them to the World Series! It also got them to copyright Rocktober, but we won’t talk about that.

    • SwingtimeInTheRockies 12 months ago

      No, the strategy is now “Try to at least win one more game so we can all remember what it feels like.”

  2. Link182 12 months ago

    Give Walt the okay, whatever Geivett’s done the past 4 years hasn’t worked.

  3. Steve 12 months ago

    I’d be really happy if the Giants went and got Zobrist, Milone, and a bullpen piece. That, in my opinion, would be ideal both for this season and next.

    • Glenn O'Brien 12 months ago

      I’d take Zobrist but at what cost? Rays ain’t sellers yet last I heard.

      • Steve 12 months ago

        I wouldn’t give up anything too significant for Zobrist. A decent prospect or two.

        Again, though, this is just an ideal scenario. Zobrist can play second, short, and can fill in at the corner outfield spots. That would give us a ton of depth, upgrade our offense, and the Giants can keep him around for next year as well.

        • Glenn O'Brien 12 months ago

          The Giants need a good SP also. Zobrist would help but he won’t come cheap at all.

          • Steve 12 months ago

            That’s why I said Zobrist and Milone.

            Zobrist is 33 and has posted sub-.800 OPS in back-to-back years. While he’d be a huge upgrade for the Giants given their horrid production at second, I can’t imagine how the Rays would expect to get a major haul for him.

            Milone is a much better option than Peavy or Colon. He’s under team control, won’t be expensive, and has put up better numbers this year (albeit in a pitcher friendly park.) Not sure what kind of package it would take to get him, though.

            As for Peavy and Colon, Peavy would be a rental and Colon will be expensive next year. If they get Colon, they’re basically replacing Vogelsong for him next year. Which means they’re getting older and more expensive at that 5th spot in the rotation.

            And, if Cain comes back healthy this year, then Peavy or Colon become redundant in the playoffs, should the Giants get there. If Cain doesn’t come back healthy, I don’t see either as a significant enough upgrade over Vogelsong to justify giving anything up for them.

  4. Glenn O'Brien 12 months ago

    Out of curiosity what would it take to get a guy like Peavy to the Giants?

    • Joe 12 months ago

      Probably a small time prospect like Juan Perez or Gary Brown, because the Red Sox have said they want outfielders and Peavy won’t cost that much. Add in someone like Nick Noonan and they might kick in some cash for his salary.

  5. jfretless 12 months ago

    I would take Denorfia and Bonifacio over Blanco and Arias any day! …Kinda sad really.

    • Joe 12 months ago

      I’m with you on that one. Arias has been awful this year, so has Hector Sanchez, Ehire Adrianza (for the most part), and Blanco (for the most part). The only good bench player this season has been Colvin, who hasn’t even been that good. I like having Duvall off the bench, he can hit much better than the others and provides a good power threat.

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