Tigers Acquire Joakim Soria

10:25pm: The Tigers have announced the deal, making it official.

9:23pm: The Tigers have agreed to acquire reliever Joakim Soria from the Rangers in exchange for right-handed pitching prospects Jake Thompson and Corey Knebel, Kyle Bogenschutz of Scout.com was first to report on Twitter. Jon Morosi of FOX Sports confirmed that an agreement is in place (via Twitter).

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers

With the acquisition of Soria, the Tigers now possess both of the Rangers’ most recent closers (having signed Joe Nathan as a free agent over the offseason). It appears that Nathan will retain the closer’s mantle for the time being, but regardless the team will now have an additional premium arm to throw into high-leverage situations. At the moment, the team owns the fifth-worst relief ERA in baseball.

Soria, a 30-year-old righty, owns a 2.70 ERA with a spectacular strikeout to walk ratio of 11.3 K/9 against only 1.1 BB/9. Indeed, his FIP stands at a miserly 1.07, which handily leads all pitchers who have thrown at least 30 innings. Other ERA estimators (2.25 xFIP; 1.84 SIERA) concur in Soria’s excellence to date in 2014.

He is playing out the back end of the two-year, $8MM deal he signed to join the Rangers after Tommy John surgery led to the end of his tenure with the Royals. But Soria also comes with a seemingly reasonable $7MM club option. (That option would increase to $8MM if he finishes 55 games; he is sitting on 32 at present. The contract also includes performance bonuses.)

The return would appear to be substantial. Both Thompson and Knebel rated among Detroit’s ten best prospects coming into the year, per Baseball America, with the former landing at fourth and the latter at sixth on BA’s list. If anything, their stock has risen since that time.

Thompson, a 20-year-old starter, just earned a promotion to Double-A after posting a 3.14 ERA over 83 innings with 8.6 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9 at the High-A level. Baseball America says he has mid-rotation upside. He has a low-to-mid 90s fastball and promising slider, but profiles as a mid-rotation arm if he can develop a consistent third pitch from amongst his other offerings (curve and circle change).

The 22-year-old Knebel, meanwhile, has already made his big league debut after being selected 39th overall in last year’s draft. Though he surrendered six earned runs in 8 2/3 MLB frames, he also notched 11 strikeouts against just three walks and has dominated minor league hitters. He profiles as a potential future closer, says BA, though Detroit had weighed the possibility of trying him as a starter.

With Soria and Huston Street now taken, the relief market now lacks somewhat for obviously available closers. Jonathan Papelbon is surely available, but of course comes with a still-sizable contract. The Padres will presumably listen on Joaquin Benoit, but may want a large return to part with him after dealing Street. And it remains to be seen whether names like Koji Uehara and Steve Cishek could be had.

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  1. JerryTheScholar 1 year ago

    My God… when you thought the Fister trade was the worst trade Dombrowski would make this year, here comes this.

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      Thompson is a prospect. I understand his high ceiling but we needed another arm.

      • JerryTheScholar 1 year ago

        You don’t further ruin and already bare farm system for a RP. That’s my problem with it. I’m fine if it’s more than Soria, not alright if it’s just him.

        • cgriffith 1 year ago

          And how do you propose the bullpen get better than?

          • JerryTheScholar 1 year ago

            Finding cheaper options. I’m sure they could have traded for Bastardo for cheaper than this.

          • I would hope so, Bastardo isn’t even very good.

          • cgriffith 1 year ago

            Possibly but Soria is postseason tested, more reliable and his numbers are superb

          • Postseason tested???

          • JerryTheScholar 1 year ago

            Especially when we need more than just one arm.

          • Butcher 1 year ago

            Benoit or another reliever should have been brought in during the offseason.

            I would have rather brought Knebel back up then to give him away.

          • JerryTheScholar 1 year ago


          • Jason 1 year ago

            Getting Soria is giving him away? Really? You realize that Knebel won’t be able to close games out this year right?

          • Make a counter-offer that doesn’t put arguably your top prospect in a trade for a relief pitcher. Oh and don’t include your best RP prospect on top of that. Horrible value.

          • TheBigNice 1 year ago

            It doesn’t matter where he ranks in the Tigers system, only where he stands among all prospects in the game. Texas could care less where he ranks among Tigers prospects.

          • Jim Johnson 1 year ago

            How much less?

        • jb226 1 year ago

          At what point (if any) does it not matter anymore? Having one good prospect doesn’t seem like much of an advantage over having zero, at least not if that prospect isn’t named Mike Trout.

          The Tigers are at the point where they are going to need a tear-down to truly rebuild. They have little on the farm, and while they have a handful of good major league players and an exceptionally strong payroll, free agency only holds a few answers in any given year. They’re choosing to use what they have right now to extend and enhance their contention window before that tear-down.

          If you’re arguing that they didn’t get enough for him, that’s fine. But if you’re arguing they should have kept himbecause otherwise the farm is extra bare I’m not sure it’s a problem.

          • Andrew m 1 year ago

            This seems very similar to what happened to my team in Philly. Hopefully Detroit doesn’t try to hang on too long like rube when things eventually fall apart.

          • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

            Actually this situation is completely different. Philly kept signing older guys and making questionable decisions. A lot of the Tigers roster is actually relatively young, especially when yu compare them to the Phillies in recent years.

          • JerryTheScholar 1 year ago

            I’m arguing for both sides. No way is Soria enough for both of them and it further kills the farm system.

            And that’s all without going into detail about how they still need another RP.

        • BlueMich 1 year ago

          DD’s record trading “prospects” speaks for itself. Jurjjens, Miller, Maybin, Gorkys Hernandez, Turner. Can we really say any of these guys lived up to their hype?

          • cgriffith 1 year ago

            And Maybin was just suspended. Turner and Maybin resulted us in Miguel Cabrera equalling a GREAT TRADE

          • Heliosphan 1 year ago

            It was Andrew Miller and Maybin (plus De La Cruz, Rabelo, Badenhop, and Trahern) for Miggy. Turner (with Rob Brantly and Brian Flynn) netted us Anibal and Infante.

        • RyanWKrol 1 year ago

          The Tigers are trying to get to the next level. They’ve hit a wall in the playoffs and this is the kind of move that can help them achieve that. And if they can’t extend Scherzer then they’ll have money to go out and fortify their bullpen in the offseason. Just because a team has a thin farm system doesn’t mean they can’t plug potential holes that might be vacant later on from dealing young players. They have the money to bypass that.

      • As a Ranger fan can you guys enlighten me about the two prospects y’all gave us for Soria? Did this trade even come close to evening out the Kinsler/Fielder trade?

        • Daniel Franklin 1 year ago

          1) The Kinsler/Fielder trade is lopsided for 2014, but it will take multiple years (outside of some unexpected career ending injury) to see who really won that trade.
          2) Corey Knebel was selected in LAST YEAR’s draft and has already seen MLB action, and owns a 3.52 ERA outside of his Major League debut (facing the Rangers, when they were still competitive).
          3) Jake Thompson is a Rockwall native that just earned a promotion to AA, and just tweeted that he’s “coming home”. Provided the Rangers assign him to AA Frisco, his commute to the park will be all of 32 miles. He owns a 2.96 ERA in the minors and was selected in the 2nd round of 2012’s draft. He was the arbitrary winner of the Futures game and will be teammates with the Futures game MVP.

          There’s a lot of potential in these 2 guys, and it may very well balance out the Kinsler/Fielder trade, or if Fielder bounces back like I expect, make it really lopsided exclusive of 2014.

          • Alexander Childress 1 year ago

            I don’t like this trade, and obviously its a big “if”, but if the Tigers actually do win the WS and Soria contributes…no one will care. I despise bad trades, but I know as much as anybody that this year is the window (whether we like it or not). Considering how much Street went for, this isn’t a world ending scenario.

    • IZZONE 1 year ago

      It’s not that bad, look at the Street trade.

      • JerryTheScholar 1 year ago

        Thompson and Knebel >>>>> whatever the Angels gave up..

        • Pawsdeep 1 year ago

          Wrong. Lindsey, Alvarez, Morris, and Rondon was an infinitely better haul. Not that knebel isn’t going to be an excellent bullpen arm going forward, but that’s it. He’s a RP. Thompson will probably never reach his MLB potential, anyways so I’m not seeing how a fringe SP and a bullpen arm is a steeper price than a SP, RP, and two SS prospect, one of which be a top 100 prospect

      • Robbieb7 1 year ago


        • IZZONE 1 year ago

          Look at the Peripheral stats and you will think otherwise.

          • RyanWKrol 1 year ago

            They both off set each other with Street being better in some peripherals and Soria better in a few others. But what Street has on Soria is that he’s younger and overall is much better at preventing base runners.

          • Lethal423 1 year ago

            BTW Soria is a few months younger than Street and has more of a history of being a dominant closer

          • David Coonce 1 year ago

            Street’s peripherals were greatly helped by pitching in Petco the last two years while Soria pitched in a hitter’s park. Street always gets hurt. And Soria is younger. The haul for the two is probably equal – Padres got back a fringy 2B starter, a possible everyday shortstop and two midle relievers, while Detroit got back a possible starter and a probable back-end bullpen guy. Both were good returns for a closer, which is basically a fungible asset on any team and usually overrated.

      • RyanWKrol 1 year ago

        That trade wasn’t bad at all. None of the pieces the Angels gave up really had much of a future with the Halos. And they were most likely going to be role players at best. And don’t forget that it was a 4-for-2 deal. I find it interesting that one minute the Angels have no farm system, and then the next minute they overpaid for Street. This trade was no better or worse. Both teams got what they were in dire need of to get to the playoffs, and then go deep. Both clubs did exactly what they needed to do.

        • GetToTheChoppa 1 year ago

          The angels overpaid. You can think they didn’t but they did. The angels need young infield depth. They are reluctant to trade Cron cause he’s going to replace Pujols. But in the next 2-3 years they’ll need to have guys ready to take over for Freese, Kendrick, Aybar in AA even AAA. Aybar will be 33 in 3 years, Kendrick in 2. Rondon will be ready by that time. Lindsey could have taken over for Freese after this year. Definitely a cheaper option. They currently don’t and have nothing of value left to acquire that kind of help on the trade market. Teams don’t want Shuck, Navarro, Jimenez ESP not in 2/3 years to give up a quality infielder who’s younger.

          Far as Alvarez- you’ve got bullpen issues the past couple years. Short term solutions fix the problems short term. The free agent market next 2 years isn’t promising for relievers. So you’ll overpay for a veteran instead of a cheap in house guy in Alvarez.

          • letsgogiants 1 year ago

            As much as it is important to focus on the future, if you’re a winning ball club, you have to do everything to try and win now. The Angels right now are one of the best teams in the majors, and they needed a lights out reliever to help shore up what appears to be a resurgent bullpen.

            Having a very good bullpen come playoffs is crucial if you want to advance. Ex. look at the 2013 Tigers. Their starters did an excellent job in the ALCS. However their bullpen hurt them in giving up late inning runs in tight ball games. Had their bullpen been a bit better, then I could have definitely seen that series go seven games.

          • Karkat 1 year ago

            Or if the Sox pen had been worse, same thing. People undervalue the importance of ti all the time, but a good bullpen is always crucial in the playoffs because unlike the regular season, you can’t just fudge it if your started only lasts 4.1.

          • GetToTheChoppa 1 year ago

            I agree the angels mortgaged the future to win now. That not the debate. The debate was him saying the deal was fair not an overpay because what they have up didn’t have a future with the angels. Which is completely bogus. Lindsey and Rondon certainly had a future as being the heirs to Kendrick and Aybar. If they win a WS trade is justified. If they don’t win a WS in the next 2 years with street. Then the trade isn’t justified to match what they gave up.

          • A=MT2 1 year ago

            The Angels have Kaleb Cowart (#1 prospect on the Angels) at third. They still have depth at 2B. Alex Yarbrough! Personally, I like Yarbrough more than Lindsey. Having watched the twos, Yarbrough puts up better stats and at bats in the minors. His defense needs a little work but he’s known to be a hard worker. I like Rondon as a future starter but this trade was necessary! You have to give up talent to get talent – even if it is a little overpaid.

          • David Coonce 1 year ago

            No scouting report on Lindsey has suggested he could play third base. He has a fringy throwing arm, so I’m guessing it’s second base or nothing, since his bat won’t play in the outfield or first.

    • Jason 1 year ago

      Good trade. We aren’t going to get a closer for a crisp new five dollar bill.

    • Pei Kang 1 year ago

      definitely a steep price for Soria…

  2. jury_rigger 1 year ago

    Is Soria under contract beyond this season?

  3. MB923 1 year ago

    Not so often a player gets traded in the middle of a rain delay.

    • RyanWKrol 1 year ago

      Gotta find something to do. Might as well make a trade while they’re waiting.

  4. ChrisV 1 year ago

    Trading Soria for the Tigers #3 and #5 prospects…I’ll take it. Thanks Dombrowski.

    • IZZONE 1 year ago

      Like most teams 8 and 12

      • ChrisV 1 year ago

        Maybe, but even still that is good for a RP whose contract ends this season unless the option is picked up.

        • cgriffith 1 year ago

          His option will be picked up it’s only 7.5 million

          • Ausome7 1 year ago

            That’s what we said about Veras…

          • Pawsdeep 1 year ago

            And obviously DD knew better.

            How’d he work out for the cubs again?

          • ChrisV 1 year ago

            After the season he’s had, it probably will be.

          • letsgogiants 1 year ago

            It’s 7 million according to Baseball Reference. 7 million is a lot to pay for a reliever who might not even close. Not a sure fire thing to get his option picked up unless he dominates from here on out.

      • asovermann 1 year ago

        Chances are a first round draft pick from last season and someone pitching as well as Thompson would be higher than 8 and 12 in most farms.

    • TheBigNice 1 year ago

      Forget where they rank in the Tigers system. Are these guys top 100 prospects in MLB? They’re not that highly touted. With Soria’s option it’s a fair trade for both teams. Tigers need a top quality arm in their pen badly and that’s the going rate. The Tigers do not stand to get better in the coming years. Win now.

  5. Ben Cerutti 1 year ago

    That links to Jake Thompson in the Rays’ org., not the one formerly in Detroit’s system.

  6. FOmeOLS 1 year ago

    Are these prospects any good, or did Daniels sell low again?

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      Both have high ceiling but there prospects

    • Chase Johnston 1 year ago

      Sell low? lol

    • ChrisV 1 year ago

      The prospects where rated #3 and #5 in the Tigers farm at the beginning of the season. Thompson project to be possible a #2 or #3 starter and Knebel projects to be a pretty good closer. They are just prospects, but a good haul by Daniels. At first glance, I love the trade. Also, both are from Texas.

      • SlyderZ 1 year ago

        Tiger Fans~ don’t get all caught up with “prospects” lost/traded for a winner, as Soria. Rangers FARM has been highly rated, since Daniels has been with the reformation of the Rangers. With MLB player injuries this 2014 season, we’ve thrown every prospect we’ve coveted up to the BigZ and we’re in last place. There are some keepers in field/on mound, but 2015 looks to be another long growing for honing young “high prospect skills”.

  7. IZZONE 1 year ago

    A bit of an overpay but Thompson might become a good 3/ okay 2 and Knebel is a good relief prospect. Tigers also have Mercedes and Smith for the future and a whole bunch of RP/SP prospects in West Michigan.

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      A agree a lot of panic over the name Thompson what about Moya, McCann, Ray, Suarez, Crawford, Hill, Fields do you want me to keep naming some?

      • IZZONE 1 year ago

        Travis, Maciel, Mercedes, And Smith.

        • cgriffith 1 year ago

          I could continue VerHagen, Rondon, Leyba, Perez, Ziomek

          • IZZONE 1 year ago

            Yeah and Greiner.

          • cgriffith 1 year ago

            Well it looks like we both pay attention to Baseball America and the Tigers farm system.

          • Houptie 1 year ago

            Fun fact for you. Verhagen and Thompson played in high school together. I know cause I was on the team lol

  8. Connor 1 year ago

    Good haul for Texas, and Detroit got their closer

    • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

      Will be interesting to see who is closer at this point!

    • dishnet34 1 year ago

      Sadly, Nathan will still be the closer. Ausmus isn’t budging on that.

  9. Bill Couch 1 year ago

    how well do the Tigers prospects do when traded? And I dont want to here 1987 John Smoltz.Tigers need to win now

    • It’s not 100% about how well they do when traded. This is about not trading your top prospect and another top-5 organizational prospect for one reliever.

      • Doug Bare 1 year ago

        It is about how they do after the trade. Look at the yankees for all the years they have traded away best prospect after best prospect, and how many of those ever panned out. Look at Cliff Lee of the like 11 prospects in his trade 1 or 2 are average players. The Tigers needed bullpen help for a playoff run, not prospects for 2+ years down the line, the owner wants a world series asap.

        • You’re not fully reading my comment. I said it’s not ALL about how they do after the trade. A decent portion of a prospect’s value is his trade value. Overpaying for a guy who you’re not even going to use as your closer is a terrible move. Thompson’s a top-5 prospect in most organizations, and Knebel is an MLB-ready, 22 year old RP. They could both tank and the Tigers would still have overpaid.

          • Alexander Childress 1 year ago

            Kevin…yes and no. Value is also based on how important a piece is to a certain team. A very good bullpen arm may literally be life saving for the Tigers…had we had one last year we may have a WS to speak of. This year is the window, making a high end reliever very valuable.

  10. Phillyfan425 1 year ago

    Welp, now I’m depressed. Pap + cash to Detroit for Nathan + Thompson was the deal I was hoping for. Not sure where Pap fits in now.

    Also, brilliant job by Texas. As said by Dave Cameron – “Let Joe Nathan leave, watch him implode in Detroit, sell them a new closer to replace Joe Nathan.”

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      We still may get Pap you watch.

    • Jeff Miller 1 year ago

      Not sure there’s really another option right now unless someone goes down. Maybe the Orioles. The Dodgers could use a late inning reliever, but probably a set up guy.

      • Jbruns318 1 year ago

        O’s won’t do it because the Phillies want one of their top pitching prospects and that is never going to happen.

        • Jeff Miller 1 year ago

          Probably. Ruben needs to temper his expectations with trades.

        • Jim Johnson 1 year ago

          The Orioles would demand that Philly eat so much money to get Paps’ contract within their price range, I’d probably demand a top prospect too if I was Philly.

          • Jeff Miller 1 year ago

            I’d probably deal Papelbon, Burnett and pay 3/4 their guaranteed salary (about $15M or so) plus half their options to get Bundy or Harvey and Jon Keller.

          • Jim Johnson 1 year ago

            And the problem with that is the O’s would think that was too much to give up for Paps and Burnett (which I would agree).
            The Phillies and O’s just don’t make sense as trade partners. Baltimore can’t send the prospects it is comfortable with in the deal, because it can’t take on even half of the money owed on these contracts. And Philly isn’t going to eat the money without the prospects Baltimore isn’t comfortable giving up.

    • KINGMOJO 1 year ago

      Pap may go to Seattle or possibly a 2nd place divisional rival.

  11. Jon Becker 1 year ago

    Looks like the wrong Jake Thompson is linked, you have the Rays minor leaguer, not the Tigers.

  12. Travis2014 1 year ago

    And somewhere Doug Melvin(Brewers GM) is just chilling and eating popcorn as all the good relievers get traded.

    Then again if this is what it takes to get one no thanks.

    • Nathan Justice 1 year ago

      eh you guys are still in 1st

      • Travis2014 1 year ago

        Look at their schedule the rest of the year. It is brutal. Cardinals have a pretty easy schedule, but I also think they have way more problems. The Pirates schedule is way too tough for them in my opinion and I don’t consider the Reds much of a threat.

        They need some additions to make the postseason and to make noise once they are there.

        • Chris Koch 1 year ago

          13games vs. the Cubs is not Brutal with 60games remaining. I’d expect a 10-3 record vs. the Cubs at worst so there’s 67wins with 47 other games to just play .500 ball to get to 89/90wins

          • Travis2014 1 year ago

            They only play the Cubs 10 times, but they play multiple series vs. Reds, Dodgers, Giants, series vs. Blue Jays and the hot Rays.

            Just in September they will play 13 games vs. the Reds and Cardinals, two teams they always have trouble beating.(minus this last Reds series, but who knows if they can repeat that.)

            The Brewers don’t need a huge move, but getting a utility man that can hit and another RHP for the bullpen could do wonders. Brewers need to make another duo like they had in 2011 where if it got to the bullpen it was game over.

  13. KCBandit 1 year ago

    Texas did a good job on selling high with Soria to a team in real need of late inning relief. Both prospects should be in the Ranger’s plans for the future, of course though there is no guarantee for either to pan out, Soria wasn’t helping the team out in any pennant race right now.

  14. rchambers711 1 year ago

    Its a gamble…..but ill takw it…..our windows slamming shut…..we will pick up extra picks if sherzer walks and/or v mart as well….n we have tons of arms

  15. Guest 1 year ago

    Your move, Mariners

    • ChrisSEA84 1 year ago

      What does this deal have to do with the Mariners?

  16. Hello it's Dick again 1 year ago

    I’m fine with the trade. It is basically Soria for Thompson. Knebel lacks command and appeared to throw a straight ball that got hammered.

  17. cgriffith 1 year ago

    To us Tiger fans just remember Game 2 ALCS up four runs in the 8th, David Ortiz up; that’s why we did this to WIN the World Series; not the division or pennant.

    • Michael 1 year ago

      Amen. Still scared about the two kids we gave up, they were highly thought of in the system and throughout baseball.

      • cgriffith 1 year ago

        I am also but this team’s window is closing and we need to WIN NOW!!!

    • MB923 1 year ago

      Up 4 runs….but who’s counting.

  18. Michael 1 year ago

    The Mexecutioner is finally a Tiger!! Tired of seeing him dominate us from the other end

    • Hello it's Dick again 1 year ago

      Be careful thats what we said about Nathan

  19. So, who takes over the closer role in Texas? Feliz or Cotts?

    • Robbieb7 1 year ago

      Likely Feliz

    • KCBandit 1 year ago

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Cotts ends up being traded soon, so most likely Feliz if he can even come close to how used to close for the Rangers.

  20. bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

    Tigers top prospects are like other team’s mid-level prospects.

    Still, I think the price was high.

    Happy that they did not have to give up Ray or anyone on their 40 man roster.

    With Smyly in the bullpen for the playoffs, they should have 3 good righties (Nathan, Soria and Chamberlain) plus Smyly as their top lefty. They don’t have to worry about Coke or Al Al finding it.

    • Hello it's Dick again 1 year ago

      I would have rather given up Ray then Thompson. Texas probably didn’t want him

      • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

        I suppose I trust Dombrowski. He really wanted Ray.

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      Not many over the years but some have had really good careers, even HOF careers possibly.. (Tigers prospects)

      • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

        Tigers have been competitive for the last 8+ years with a weak farm system. As long long as you have a reasonably large budget, it is possible to stay relevant without that many home grown players.

    • Troy 1 year ago

      Knebel was on the Big league roster. I think both will be top arms in the big leagues. Knebel will be a closer for sure.

      • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

        Thanks… did not know. You mean 40 man roster, right?

        … He is actually on the Major League Roster, isn’t he?

        • Troy 1 year ago

          yep. Good K/B numbers but he gave up some runs.
          6.23 ERA 11ks in 8.2 innings 3BB

          • EightMileCats 1 year ago

            Bad luck with BABIP. It’ll normalize. He was gonna contribute. Would’ve rather kept him (more so than Thompson) given the tigers are in a WS window noe

  21. Nobody special 1 year ago

    As a ranger fan lord knows we have no pitching!! But still, not sure I would’ve pulled the trigger on this trade. Deal rios, keep the closer and look to next year. We have a solid team with numerous injuries. Pitchers will come up, take Lester for instance… With all due respect to the Detroit fans, it’s not y’all, it’s ranger luck, nobody will know the names of either of these pitchers in a couple years!! It’s a bust!!

    • PatWilson 1 year ago

      Rangers local scouts picked up on these guys a while ago: Thompson’s from Rockwall and Knebel’s from Denton. They both have high ceilings. We aren’t going anywhere this year and would lose Soria after next. In return we get two young arms, one of whom has been a lights out reliever in the minors and the other who projects as a mid-rotation starter, that we’ll control for five or more years. That is more than a fair trade for the Rangers.
      Additionally, we have enough known quantities that we should be able to fill the closer role internally next year. It is way too early to write this off as a bust. Solid thinking from J.D., getting two potential building pieces for the next few years.

      • Nobody special 1 year ago

        Thanks for the info Pat! I feel a little better, I just hope everything works out in our favor. Been spoiled the last several seasons after years of heartache!!

    • EightMileCats 1 year ago

      Thompson is still a couple years off, so it’s possible he could bust. I don’t think so, he looks like a legit arm.
      Knebel won’t disappoint. He ought to be setting up for Feliz next year. Solid power fb and a nasty curve. It’s definitely his out pitch. Some shades of Kerry Wood in that breaker

  22. agureghian 1 year ago

    Justin Verlander, who did you all make this trade for?

  23. Austin Quinones 1 year ago

    I’m kinda upset that we traded Knebel. Soria’s a great addition, but I hope he’s not a rental.

    • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

      Option in 2015 will be exercised. If it is a rental, it is for another year.

      • Which isn’t too bad considering the success of the Tigers this and next year.

        • Austin Quinones 1 year ago

          I should have read up on his contract. I hope he brings the relief needed, and with those stats it shouldn’t be a problem. Other words: still waiting on that investment from Joel Hanrahan. Maybe Soria was DD’s answer to Joel.

  24. Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

    Pretty good deal for the Rangers I think. Dont really expect a whole lot for a RP and then they get what they get, that’s pretty good

  25. i'm me .. 1 year ago

    Now the Astros know the value of Qualls. WOW.

    • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

      Do you think the Qualls value will match Soria’s?

      Dombrowski really seemed to want Soria as his target… otherwise he would have waited for the “best deal” among a half dozen potential offers.

      Overpaid? Yes. But he got the guy he thought was best.

      • i'm me .. 1 year ago

        lots to pay for arm troubles.

        • MadmanTX 1 year ago

          If you’ve seen Soria’s stuff since he’s worked for the Rangers, you wouldn’t be so worried that his arm isn’t healed.

  26. Fat, Ugly Inner-City Sweathog 1 year ago

    Well, they at least seem to understand the fact that a weak bullpen has kept them from a ring in recent years

  27. Je Fa 1 year ago

    Thompson is a big get.

  28. Pegasus 1 year ago

    The Tigers havent had a good closer in seems like forever.

  29. Jack Miller 1 year ago

    Who would believe me if I told you after the 2012 season that Soria would get a better return than Headley.

    • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

      … Or JD Martinez’s OPS would be higher than Big Papi’s?

      • Jack Miller 1 year ago

        Or that Brock Holt would become one of baseball’s most productive leadoff men who I’d argue has been better than any position player on your team besides Miggy and Kinsler.

        • JacksTigers 1 year ago

          JD and Victor Martinez would like a word with you.

          • Jack Miller 1 year ago

            V-Mart is awesome at the plate but has no defensive or baserunning value. Holt plays every position and has been a superior baserunner while J.D. plays solid defense but only in the outfield corners.

          • JacksTigers 1 year ago

            Victor has same WAR as Holt and JD is 0.3 behind. Holt has been very good, but he’s hardly a dominant player on a first place team. Versatility is nice, but when he’s only averaged about 34 innings (less than 4 games) at 5 of those 7 positions, you may be overvaluing it.

          • Jack Miller 1 year ago

            If you are going by Fangraphs Holt is .1 better. Holt only has under 30 innings at 3 of the 7 not 5. He has 251 at 3rd, 173 in right, 61 at 1st, and 59 in left.

          • JacksTigers 1 year ago

            You didn’t read what I said…

          • Jack Miller 1 year ago

            What did I missinterpret

  30. Troy 1 year ago

    The Tigers where relief pitches come to die.

  31. I wonder what the Rangers could get for Beltre?

    • Pegasus 1 year ago

      I dont remember hearing much rumblings other than the Yankees but they have Headley now so thats dead, I wonder if Andrus is on the move? Rios will probably be gone too

    • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

      Castellanos enough?

      • Baloo 1 year ago

        Castellanos has only had one season in the bigs, and he’s cheap and can play 3rd. Has pop. Can hit somewhat at a major league level. For all we know he could be next year what Todd Frazier was this year. I can’t see the Tigers trading him for the ancient Beltre, who sooner or later is going to not live up to his contract. Doesn’t make sense in the long-term.

    • Jeff Snedden 1 year ago

      I would think the return for Beltre would be very significant. Although I sincerely doubt the Rangers would want to trade a future HOF 3B who is still one of the premier position players in the league. I would expect no less than 3 top prospects, a young high upside prospect, and a MLB ready SP for Beltre.

      • The reason I would consider trading him is that his contract is up before I believe our next window to win a championship opens up. I believe that window opens up in 2017 when our new wave of prospects will have had time to arrive and get acclimated to the big leagues. I believe our offense is severly flawed as it is and that until we get that help from the minors we don’t have much of a chance. I would rather trade Beltre a year too early than a year too late. He has already slipped a bit defensively and power wise. As a current fan I would hate to see him go. As a long term fan I would love to see the influx of talent his trade would bring. Long term that talent could help us much more over the next 5-7 years than Beltre could in the next 2 years..

  32. RyanWKrol 1 year ago

    This move should give the Tigers a better chance to get to the next level. It’s also the kind of move that keeps you from looking back at the games on the schedule that your team should’ve won and kept them out of the playoffs.

  33. cgriffith 1 year ago

    Bullpen now:

    playoffs projected:

    Al Al, Krol (6th – 7th)
    Smyly, Chamberlain, Haranahan *** if healthy (7th – 8th)
    Soria, Nathan (8th – 9th)

    • bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

      Maybe Scherzer for an inning too!

      • cgriffith 1 year ago

        I forgot Haranahan if he works out

        • EightMileCats 1 year ago

          Latest reports say he isn’t likely to be ready this year

    • IZZONE 1 year ago

      That leaves 2 spots open. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bastardo since he hasn’t walked much people in a while. Maybe him for Feilds since they need OF? Then you have 3 lefties and you have one of Joel, Smith, Hardy or Coke get the last spot.

      • IZZONE 1 year ago

        Or Justin Miller. That’s who I would want with Joel H not making it.

      • cgriffith 1 year ago

        I think we do get another arm it may be Qualls or Bastardo

        • IZZONE 1 year ago

          I’m thinking Bastardo because he is a lefty.

          • cgriffith 1 year ago

            Likely and then a corresponding move where the Tigers DFA (LHP) Phil Coke

        • tigersfan33 1 year ago

          I wouldn’t mind Dale Thayer from San Diego

      • EightMileCats 1 year ago

        I’m partial to Oliver Perez, but I agree they still need 1 more arm

  34. Good package for the Rangers. Knebel could very well be the Rangers closer next year, and Thompson has been rising this year with good potential. Daniels did well here

  35. Taylor Phillips 1 year ago

    Hopefully, DD isn’t done yet.

  36. Matt Talbert 1 year ago

    Do not worry Tiger fans: you have Bastardo, Sipp, Russell, and some others that can be had cheaply. Maybe should have looked into Frasor…probably would have been cheap and been a solid addition for sure. Scan the dump piles sometimes you find a jewel hidden in the trash LOL.

  37. Overbrook 1 year ago

    This is why a team needs a closer….to peddle him in July to a team in panic and willing to overpay.

  38. MadmanTX 1 year ago

    Guessing the a Rangers expect to try Feliz again next season as closer or look for a FA/trade. I’m going to miss Soria, but a nice haul for the Rangers. I would love to see them deal Andrus more than Rios–unless the return on Rios is pretty good.

  39. Hoosierdaddy92 1 year ago

    Love this move for the Tigers. If Nathan continues to struggle, we finally have a legitimate reliable closer to fall back on. Those two prospects are a big loss, but there wasn’t a clear position where we could upgrade via trade besides the bullpen and the Tigers are in clear win-now mode, especially with Scherzer, VMart, and Hunter all free agents after this season.

  40. Houptie 1 year ago

    Good move for rangers. I know Thompson personally which makes this trade even sweeter. But we got a 20 year old with tons of upside. Not to mention knebel who has closer potential. Knebel could potentially close next year but most likely not. We still have lots of upside for next seasons bullpen. Scheppers most likely, roman Mendez, knebel, then there is feliz

  41. Phillyfan425 1 year ago

    I’ll actually enjoy our WS title won this millennium. Every team hits last place at some point. I’m just glad we got to taste victory for a short time.

  42. Jack Miller 1 year ago

    I wasn’t viewing it that way, I was just pointing out that pretty much every team has gotten a pleasant surprise.
    White Sox – Abreu
    Astros – Springer
    Reds – Hamilton
    Pirates – Polanco
    Braves – La Stella
    Diamondbacks – Owings
    The list goes on…

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