Yankees Have Not Acquired Marlon Byrd

12:57pm: Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that nothing is close, via Twitter.

12: 51pm: The Yankees have agreed to acquire Marlon Byrd from the Phillies, tweets Jim Bowden of ESPN.com.

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  1. DingLayGorFe 1 year ago

    got older by the day ends.

    • Steve Sampson 1 year ago

      he’s replacing Ichiro so technically, got younger.

    • MB923 1 year ago

      Yeah but it’s still an upgrade. Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera were their oldest players last year. I think they had pretty good seasons. And the Mets are asking a lot for the oldest SP in baseball in Colon. I’d also say there’s no argument that the oldest DH and oldest active closer (teammates) are 2 of the best in baseball still as well.

      • JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

        Age is completely irrelevant outside of multi-year/long contracts imo. Production outways it every time. Byrd’s option only vests with 600 or more PA in 2015, so that’d mean he was healthy all year. Not bad .

    • Michael Lynch 1 year ago

      actually in right field they just got younger

  2. MB923 1 year ago


  3. AZDbacksfan1 1 year ago

    How old can the Yanks get?

  4. YanksFan4EverNamed_Nick 1 year ago


  5. LittleOtterPaws 1 year ago

    lol go for it

  6. JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

    According to WFAN they didn’t have to give up much at all. Apparently a lowly rated infielder. Not Ref.

  7. vtadave 1 year ago

    Ruben is awake!

    • Baseball Legend 1 year ago

      Not sure about that..Cashman walked into his kitchen and took Byrd and stuffed a $twenty in the cookie jar…Ruben will notice it in the morning. August 1st.

  8. driftcat28 1 year ago

    only good part about this deal is no impact prospects are going to philly

  9. Baseball Legend 1 year ago

    Hey, at least they’re trying to improve, whereas the Red Sox lost about 4 wins today..

  10. jjs91 1 year ago

    Is this real bowden may have gotten it from fake sherman

    • MB923 1 year ago

      There was a fake Sherman too? I knew about the fake Rosenthal.

      • vtadave 1 year ago

        Maybe there’s a fake Bowden too? That would explain most of his articles.

  11. DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

    .270 Avg 20 HRs 60 RBI 2 WAR
    I’ll take that! He’s an upgrade in RF

    The Yankees need to make 1 more move, a Starting Pitcher.

  12. Huff's dog 1 year ago

    Jim Bowden is wrong 99.99 percent of time. This trade won’t happen. Huff’s dog had it first!

  13. The last time Byrd was in the AL East worked out marvelously. The youth movement should work out great for the Yanks.

  14. unclejesse40 1 year ago

    Thank goodness, now the Royals can’t make this move!

  15. Guest 1 year ago

    Yeah this was from a fake Sherman ha

  16. cyberboo 1 year ago

    Amaro has been telling teams all day that he wants their top three prospects in exchange for Byrd or any other player on his roster. If the Yankees got him for basically nothing, I smell collusion and something doesn’t appear right.

    • raltongo 1 year ago

      I think the top 3 discussions were only on hamels, the only guy with any real prospective trade value

    • DieHardMsFan 1 year ago

      Yankees promised Amaro a job after he gets canned in the offseason….that would be my guess haha

  17. tcrash247
    tcrash247 1 year ago

    Pretty sure that was based on a fake tweet…

  18. MB923 1 year ago

    Fake trade

  19. Justin 1 year ago

    No other insider has reported it. Not sure i believe this.

  20. Phillyfan425 1 year ago

    Sherman just reported the Yankees aren’t close.

  21. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    Dam, I was hoping Seattle would overpay for Byrd.

    • MB923 1 year ago

      No trade. I’m sure this post will get removed soon

  22. kyle_schmendrick 1 year ago

    Ruben gets fleeced again!!!

  23. kyle_schmendrick 1 year ago

    He’s got to go

  24. hiflyer000 1 year ago

    Fake Twitter account strikes again!!!!

  25. Robbieb7 1 year ago

    Hopefully Ruben is included in the trade to New York

  26. DavidDomzalski 1 year ago

    It’s a hoax I’m hearing.

  27. TRAPstar 1 year ago

    Byrd is a great guy in the clubhouse. NYY will love him. Also solid player

  28. Robbieb7 1 year ago

    just when you thought the phillies did something

  29. cyberboo 1 year ago

    I have a strong feeling it is a hoax, because if Philly traded him for next to nothing, Philly need a new GM, because the current one doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He has told other teams like Seattle that it would take Walker, plus for Byrd and the Yankees grabbing him for a no name filler doesn’t make sense.

  30. I wouldn’t give up much of anything for Byrd.

    • MB923 1 year ago

      What they Rumored to give up wasn’t much of anything to begin with. Unfortunately all fake.

  31. vtadave 1 year ago

    lol….gotta love Bowden basically retweeting the deal because he got it from fake Joel Sherman.

  32. kyle_schmendrick 1 year ago

    Great hoax– I love it!!

  33. Warner Wolfey 1 year ago

    Brue Back is reporting Zack Wheeler for Asdrubal Cabrera

  34. ShaneDigleo 1 year ago

    so they didn’t get him>?

  35. Sky14 1 year ago

    Jim Bowden stealing a scoop from a fake Twitter account then trying to cover it up might be the story of the day.

  36. MB923 1 year ago

    Um, why not just day RODJA CLEMMONS?

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