Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Young, Gordon, Duda

On this date in 2006, Sean Casey grounded out to left field.   Yes, that’s right.  The unique 5-7-3 play was the result of the batter starting to head back to the dugout, believing he was robbed of a hit, when the ball actually glanced off White Sox third baseman Joe Crede‘s glove reaching left fielder Pablo Ozuna.  Ozuna’s throw to first base just beat the runner to the bag.  Here’s this week’s look around the baseball blogosphere.

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3 Comments on "Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Young, Gordon, Duda"

1 year 9 days ago

I’m a White Sox fan, and I was “watching” that game with my friend on Gameday. We were so confused when that play came up.

1 year 8 days ago

Did not know Alex Gordon was the top player in fWAR. He won’t win the MVP but certainly deserves more recognition for being a superb all around player. He has averaged a fWAR of 5.3+ over the past four years and that number has the potential to grow with a month left this session.

1 year 8 days ago

“Defends Duda”? Against who? The people who don’t know he is killing it this year and putting up huge numbers?