Twenty Teams Attend Showcase For Cuesta, Siverio

FRIDAY: Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tweets that 20 teams were in attendance for the showcase.

TUESDAY: Cuban first baseman Jozzen Cuesta and Cuban left-hander Misael Siverio will host a showcase for interested clubs on Friday in Jupiter, Fla., agent Eric Izen of the Legacy Agency tells MLBTR.

The last we heard on the 25-year-old Siverio came back in May when he was declared eligible for free agency. The 25-year-old Cuesta was, at the time, said to be awaiting clearance from Major League Baseball and the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control, but he has since been cleared by both entities and is now eligible to sign with any club. The 6’2″, 220-pound first baseman is said to possess some power and will present a younger alternative to the first basemen on the free agent market.

Reports on Siverio peg the lefty at 5’9″ tall, and while he’s not said to possess an overpowering fastball, he had drawn interest from 10 teams back in May. Siverio pitched in front of several clubs at a showcase in June, and the Yankees, Cubs and Astros were among the teams in attendance, MLBTR has learned.

Siverio posted a 3.24 ERA with 7.6 K/9 and 3.6 BB/9 over his career in Cuba’s Serie Nacional — a span of 153 games (75 starts). More recently, he pitched in Mexico this past winter, posting a 2.45 ERA and a 36-to-10 K/BB ratio. His full statistics and some video footage can be seen at

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  1. Melvin Mendoza, Jr. 11 months ago

    Cuesta means “costs” in Spanish…make of that what you will

  2. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    5’9″ as a Pitcher …..not going to make it….need to be over 6’2″ tall…….5’9″ player is okay as an infielder.

    • dylan 11 months ago

      What do you think MLB teams are doing, selling jeans? Don’t be foolish. It doesn’t matter how tall a guy is, if he can pitch he can pitch.

      • Melvin Mendoza, Jr. 11 months ago

        It’s like being a qb in the NFL…it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility, but it puts you at a disadvantage right out of the gate. You really have to be able to deal to make up for it.

      • slasher016 11 months ago

        Levi’s or Wrangler?

    • Patrick Beliveau 11 months ago

      thats not narrow minded at all…

    • dylan 11 months ago

      Bobby Shantz was 5’6″ went 119-99 with a 3.38 ERA and struck out 1,072, winning 8 gold gloves.

    • disadvantage 11 months ago

      Marcus Stroman would like to have a word with you.

    • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

      Quick someone call Whitey Ford, Fernando Valenzuela and Pedro Martinez and tell them they should switch positions.

    • slasher016 11 months ago

      Johnny Cueto is listed at 5’11” and is one of the better pitchers in baseball.

      • slasher016 11 months ago

        Keeping with the Reds theme, Mike Leake is listed at 5’10” and is a very solid pitcher as well.

    • meep 11 months ago

      that is not true because look at the rosters right now as i listed above dbacks have a 5’9 pitcher with a era under 3. to name another braves closer is 5’11. what your saying is not true at all

    • Mark Kelevara 11 months ago

      Pedro Martinez, Fernando Valenzuela & Tim Lincecum… What do they all have in common? All three pitchers are 5’11”

      Your statement is flawed, my friend.

    • DippityDoo 11 months ago

      lemme guess… every pitcher needs to throw a 95mph fastball or they are worthless as well.

    • $21621694 11 months ago

      For a righty maybe, but there are plenty of short lefties

  3. meep 11 months ago

    is cuba really that bad that players are leaving left and right

  4. meep 11 months ago

    dodgers got a future player in Álex Guerrero who only 5″10 that might be normal for a position player but still he only 5″10 and he a cuban born player

  5. meep 11 months ago

    Eury De La Rosa a dback listed at 5’9 who pitching very well i bet we can name many undersize players and that list could be a long one. to add one more Craig Kimbrel 5’11

  6. Jordan camacho 11 months ago

    Pedro Martinez is listed under 6 ft tall

  7. First Bleed 11 months ago

    Hope the Brewers do their homework on Jozzen. They could really use someone at 1B for the next few seasons – IF he is Major League ready.

  8. Sage 11 months ago

    Brewers better have been among the 20 teams at the showcase. We have every reason to look at Cuesta, namely that assuming we don’t bring back Lyle Overbay or Mark Reynolds after this season (though I think we should bring Reynolds back), we will have no first baseman. We badly need a first baseman for the future. Thought Hunter Morris was that guy, but I think we’re starting to see that he really isn’t. If Cuesta is even something close to ready for the majors, we need to sign him. This isn’t just something that would be nice, this is a need. We badly need a first baseman, because Reynolds is not that guy for the foreseeable future.

  9. meep 11 months ago

    it shouldnt matter the size what should matter is the talent you have. every sport has had their fair share of under size players.

  10. meep 11 months ago

    yup scouts look more for the normal looking player, but sometimes you do get those undersize players who make it.

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