Montgomery Takes Leave From Phillies; Gillick To Assume Duties

The Phillies have announced major organizational news, as general owner, president, and CEO David Montgomery will take a leave of absence while continuing his cancer treatment. Montgomery has been in charge of the club since 1997, overseeing the franchise’s rise in the first decade of the new millennium.

Taking over his duties in the meantime will be Hall of Fame former general manager Pat Gillick. The longtime executive has served as a senior advisor to the club since leaving active duty. In a statement, the team said that it “looks forward to [Montgomery] returning to his roles … when he is fully recovered.”

The move comes at a difficult time for a Phillies organization that faces many important questions regarding its on-field product. Philadelphia enters the final month of the regular season in last place in the division, leading to questions about the long-term viability of GM Ruben Amaro Jr. — the former Gillick understudy and successor who was hired by Montgomery.

MLBTR joins those around the game who have offered their best wishes to Montgomery as he works his way back.

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  1. padarox 11 months ago

    Quick, fire everybody while you can.

  2. RhapsodyinBlue 11 months ago

    Please fire Ruben before Monty gets back, Pat.

    • NotCanon 11 months ago

      To what end? If you do that, you probably end up with Gillick or Wade as GM again. Not really what I’d want on a club that’s not close to contending.

      • RhapsodyinBlue 11 months ago

        Uh, you wouldn’t want the Hall of Fame GM as GM again? After he was the GM of the 2008 championship team?

        • NotCanon 11 months ago

          The Hall of Fame GM who got there by – for the entire second half of his career – only going to teams that were on the verge of winning already? The one who flatout said that was the reason he went to the teams he went to after the Blue Jays?

          • Quipex 11 months ago

            I’d say you are very wrong on this statement. Gillick built winners everywhere he went. I’d rather believe the Phils wouldn’t have gotten to the playoffs at all had it not been for Gillick. If RAJ is retained, Gillick is a great one to “re-teach” him how to do the job.

          • NotCanon 11 months ago

            Why, because you’d “Rather believe” that? Gillick flat-out said in a newspaper article that he came out of retirement to join the Orioles because they were close to winning. The Orioles did very well for his run, then spent 15 years under .500.

            The Mariners had built up a fanbase (and a new stadium) just before he arrived. He proceeded to preside over their best season in franchise history, then – as soon as he left – didn’t stick around for the 12-year playoff-free run.

            The 2008 Phillies were almost entirely drafted/signed before 2006 (Gillick’s first year with the team). Rollins, Victorino, Burrell, Howard, Utley, Ruiz, Hamels, Myers, Happ and Madson all predated Gillick. He made some nice complimentary moves, no argument, but he didn’t build the team.

          • Quipex 11 months ago

            LOL. If it helps you sleep at night…

  3. Gersh
    Gersh 11 months ago

    My wishes to Montgomery but I hope Gillick can do something while hes out.

  4. Klaus D. 11 months ago

    Hey Gillick, you have 3 days before the waiver deadline. Let’s shed some salary.

  5. Phillyfan425 11 months ago

    I’m not sure why people are thinking that Gillick will do something outlandishly different. He’s a placeholder for the figurehead in Montgomery (who I do hope gets better). That isn’t really the type of position you would expect a person (in any industry) to impose their own personal agenda on the company.
    Plus, why do people think Gillick will fire RAJ? If anything, Gillick is closer to RAJ than Montgomery is.

    • NotCanon 11 months ago

      Because lots of frustrated Phillies fans imagine that most folks in the organization feel differently about their personnel than the guys at the helm. Why they think that, I’ve no idea, but it seems to be the case. My best guess is projection.

      Remember the John S. Middleton conspiracy?

  6. TheBadgerine 11 months ago

    Montgomery should retire and enjoy the rest of his life. He owns a little bit of the team, and has done pretty well for himself. Hang out with the grandkids man, all you’re going to do when you get back is continue to take a beating from the fans and the media. Pack it in and enjoy the spoils of a successful life.

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