Padres Likely To Select New GM This Week

The Padres are likely to hire a new general manager this week, Scott Miller of Turner Sports and FOX Sports San Diego tweets. He notes that Yankees assistant GM Billy Eppler and Rangers assistant A.J. Preller are still in the mix.

Last week, the finalists for the job appeared to be Eppler, Preller, Red Sox assistant GM Mike Hazen, and MLB executive Kim Ng. All four have had second interviews with the team. Since the Padres fired Josh Byrnes in June, Omar Minaya, A.J. Hinch and Fred Uhlman Jr. have performed the Padres’ GM duties in an interim capacity, trading players like Chase Headley, Huston Street and Chris Denorfia while the organization searched for a permanent GM.

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  1. Sd_brain 12 months ago

    Hopefully tomorrow

    • Beersy 12 months ago

      With the Padres having an off day tomorrow, it would be a good time to make the announcement. If Preller is the guy, giving him the money to sign Rusney Castillo, if he thinks he is worth it, would be a great way to start the “new emphasis on international scouting” model the Padres are saying they are interested in. I am sure they mean more of the low cost internatiional signings, but this would be a huge statement by the “new ownership”.

      • GetToTheChoppa 12 months ago

        After how miserably Adys Portillo wound up being I don’t think chasing after a guy like Castillo would benefit them. They need to focus more on finding guys like Despaigne than chasing after flashy players. If they can get him for less than 25 mill I’d be happy. But I don’t think nor want them to go 30+ and try to outdo the heavy guns in Yankees, Red Sox, etc.

        • Beersy 12 months ago

          Comparing Portillo to Castillo is like comparing apples to oranges. Other than them both being international signings they could not be any more different. Portillo was 16 I believe when he signed and had an arm a team could dream on. Plus his $2M signing bonus wasn’t crazy for the time. Castillo is 27 years old and much closer to realizing his true potential. I personally do not think the Padres will or should sign Castillo, but it would show that the “new owners” are ready to put the financial commitment into the team.

          • GetToTheChoppa 12 months ago

            The comparison was in reference to their name affiliation. Portillo was a big fish when he was signed and 2 million back then was actually a big commitment to an international player. Think it set the record for highest commitment at the time but I’d have to double check. More to the point the padres don’t need to chase after big fish internationally. They need to find solid guys. Yankees Red Sox Phillies all interested. His price tag will be expensive. One signing won’t change their money issues. If they’re going to put a money commitment they’ll have to break the 110 mill mark to convince fans of that. But they’ll keep it in the 95-99 range at best. At worst we are in the 80-90 range hoping cost controlled pieces can win while they’re cheap.

        • briankoke 12 months ago

          Portillo’s biggest issue has been injuries, but he’s had flashes of brilliance. A move to the bullpen was likely from the beginning and he’s having a solid year in that role now. He’s still just 22 years old in AA, so he could still prove to be worth that investment.

      • briankoke 12 months ago

        Or Yasmani Tomas.

  2. Ray Ray 12 months ago

    They might want to stick with what they have now. They got a really good deal for Street and the other two deals weren’t bad either. Minaya has a bad history, but he didn’t do too bad this past month.

    • Sage 12 months ago

      I was just thinking that myself. Kinda funny how the two guys who orchestrated those pretty nice deals before the deadline are also the two guys who turned down the opportunity to interview for the job. Surprised me a bit.

  3. Steve Corbett 12 months ago

    Why would you need two interviews for this job? I would think that you stop by their office, they give you an application on a clipboard, you fill it out, they do a quick reference check and….shazam…you’re a Padres GM.

  4. tony 12 months ago

    do we still have adys portillo?

  5. Sam 12 months ago

    So glad Logan White isn’t a finalist. Was worried he’d leave the Dodgers as he is one of LA’s most important staff members.

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