Phillies Sign Jonathan Arauz

Here are today’s international signings, with the latest moves at the top of the post…

  • The Phillies have signed 16-year-old Panamanian shortstop Jonathan Arauz to a contract worth a $600K bonus,’s Jim Salisbury reports (Twitter link).  Arauz didn’t crack the top-30 international prospect rankings for either or Baseball America, though BA’s Ben Badler reports that some scouts considered Arauz to be Panama’s best young player.  The switch-hitting Arauz is “better from the left side with gap power,” Badler writes, and the teenager has the strong arm and smooth hands that could allow him to stick at shortstop.  Philadelphia has been active since the international market opened up on July 2nd, also inking notable Venezuelan youngsters Arquimedes Gamboa and Daniel Brito to a combined $1.55MM in bonuses.

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  1. tpirozzi 12 months ago

    With Crawford moving up in the system and the heir apparent at SS, I would guess they consider moving this guy around to see another fit. 2B possibly. But then again this is the Phillies and they never make much sense so who knows.

    • KJ4realz 12 months ago

      The kid is also 16 so we won’t see him for close to 5 years at least

      • tpirozzi 12 months ago

        I agree, but it couldn’t hurt moving him around a bit to get a feel for a new position if they think Crawford is the guy at SS. He’s young so its not a big deal but I would see if you can get a feel for a couple positions.

    • Ysomuchh8 12 months ago

      Too many X’s in that equation to start thinking that way.

  2. KW 12 months ago

    It makes sense to sign a large number of SS, because the position demands athleticism. That way if the bat sticks, you can then move them pretty much anywhere on the diamond and odds are they will be able to handle it defensively.

    • Ryan 12 months ago

      I have often thought this also. Because prospects are inherently wild cards, I think a solid draft strategy is to draft up the middle, including starting pitching with upside. If the bat works but the glove never develops, you can always move a SS/2B to a corner spot, same with a CF. When it comes to a pitchers, most relievers were drafted as starters who never developed a third pitch, or could not get through the order multiple times.

  3. philly_435 12 months ago

    Welcome future Cesar Hernandez and or Freddy Galvis

  4. kyle_schmendrick 12 months ago

    “he’s the best prospect Panama has to offer”— what does that mean? But if you’re a Phillies fan, you can’t complain about any signing. Please get Ruben out of there!

    • flyerzfan12
      flyerzfan12 12 months ago

      Carlos Ruiz worked out well, let’s hope his fellow Panamanian does too

  5. Dave Shearer 12 months ago

    Phils need some better coaches to develop this kid. The Phils GM and minor league system is part of the problem.

  6. Phillyfan425 12 months ago

    We got that Panamanian connection with Carlos “Stinky Pits” Ruiz.

    But seriously, never hurts to have a country’s “best young player”.

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