Quick Hits: Phillies, Jackson

The Phillies are pleased with the first part of their return for pitcher Roberto Hernandez, according to CSNPhilly.com’s Jim Salisbury. The club announced recently (MLBTR link) that they acquired Jesmuel Valentin as the first of two players to be named later. GM Ruben Amaro Jr. had plenty of things to say about Valentin. One line that stood out: “for the situation we’re in and the player we gave up, I think we did pretty well. Even if we had just this guy, we’d be happy.”

  • Salisbury also reports that the club may be close to choosing the second player to be named. Per Amaro, “We have a pretty good idea of who we want, but we’re waiting to make a decision right now. We’re checking on some medical stuff.”
  • Former prospect Brett Jackson was once frequently compared to greats like Jim Edmonds and Larry Walker. Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic spoke with several Diamondbacks insiders about the new acquisition. The prevailing hope is that a change in scenery could help Jackson tap into his former potential (and trim his 40 percent strikeout rate). He’s just 25 years old, so there is still time for the light to go on. However, his debut in the Arizona system was not a success – he went 0-for-5 with four strikeouts.

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  1. Phillyfan425 12 months ago

    I still (personally) think that the second guy the Phillies are getting is Victor Arano. I know he was rated as high as 10th in the Dodgers system coming into the year, but he seems to fit all the qualifications they’ve hinted at (lower level, pitcher, needs checking on some medical stuff – he’s on the DL right now with I think I saw an elbow injury). I’m sure there are others that fit the bill as well, but I’m just being hopeful with this (although, I do agree, Valentin by himself was probably a good enough return for 2 months of Bert).

    • FromDuke2Joc
      Sean Casey 12 months ago

      I’m begininng to think you might be dead on with Arano being the 2nd piece. It could also be Lindsey Caughel, he’s currently on the DL too. I can’t help but think the Dodgers got fleeced on this trade. As a Dodger fan I hope it’s Victor Arano included over Caughel.

  2. Timothy Bryce 12 months ago

    You know, all this talk about Reuben Amaro refusing to rebuild. Well, look at it from this angle, the moment he admits that “it’s over” he’s fired.

    • NotCanon 12 months ago

      His contract is up after the 2015 season anyway. Odds are high he doesn’t get fired.

  3. thomas plant 12 months ago

    Brett Jackson just turned 26, but when it comes to prospects, are you “only” 25/26 or are you “already” 25/26?

  4. Ralph Esposito 12 months ago

    Kudos to Jackson for making contact on that fifth at bat. Another overhyped Cub farmhand. What new?

    • bigbadjohnny 12 months ago

      What’s new you ask….
      CJ Edwards
      Jim Hendry is gone….it is now the Theo / Jed show.

      • Trock 12 months ago

        And you even missed Alcantara. Yea, Cubbies have nothing going on….lol

        • Ralph Esposito 12 months ago

          Forgot Pie, Kelton, Alt, McNutt, Griffin, Jackson, Vitters, Lake, Cline, Wood, Prior, Harkey, Kieschnick, Cunningham, Dickson, LaHair, Colvin and Barney. I know I’m forgetting a good half dozen. Its too early for .223 Alcantara or Mr. Strikeout Baez who is making Adam Dunn blush with K totals.

          • Trock 12 months ago

            Every team has busts but I don’t think any of those guys were as highly regarded as the current top prospects the cubs have. Yes I am a a believer that not all top prospects pan out (in fact more lower drafted picks turn out then top picks) but definitely doesn’t hurt to be excited in what some of these guys can potentially do

          • Trock 12 months ago

            Besides wood and prior of course. And if they weren’t injured (talent was there) they really shouldn’t be included in your list

          • Bary Tone 12 months ago

            You forgot Montanez…remember, the next A-Rod

  5. Dylan 12 months ago

    Comments from Ruben seem like they are just a shot at Dodgers after they said something about getting him before Phillies found out about Beckett.

    • Phillyfan425 12 months ago

      Personally, I thought Colletti’s comments were preemptive – to lessen the blow of what he was giving up.
      The other thing that plays a huge factor (and we still don’t know yet) is whether the Dodgers claimed Bert or whether he cleared waivers. It makes a significant difference. If they claimed him, there was a clock on how soon the deal had to be made (47.5 hours after the claim), so RAJ couldn’t “hold out” until the Beckett news came out. If he cleared, then there is some truth to Colletti’s statement.
      You also have to taken into account that Bert was scheduled to pitch the day he was traded – so RAJ may not have wanted to risk running him out there (and getting injured/having a poor performance) to lower his value.

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