Ramirez, Dodgers Won’t Negotiate Until Season’s End

Team president Stan Kasten says the Dodgers will not be discussing a new contract with free-agent-to-be Hanley Ramirez until after the season, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports. Ramirez is currently on the disabled list with an oblique injury.

Both sides have agreed we’ll sit down and talk at the end of the season and decide,” says Kasten. “As difficult a season as he’s had physically, there is still lots of time for him to have an enormous impact for us.”

Ramirez and the Dodgers discussed an extension at the beginning of the season, and Ramirez has voiced his desire to be a “Dodger for life.” Ramirez’s injuries and defensive troubles will likely be issues, however — Shaikin cites one insider who says that Ramirez might not be able to get a contract of more than two years unless he’s willing to move from shortstop to a new position. (Obviously, his .277/.367/.455 line this year will play at any position.)

The consensus among those Shaikin polled suggested Ramirez would get two to three years at about $15MM per season, a total that seems surprisingly small, but reasonable, given the question of what position he’ll play and the likelihood that the Dodgers will extend a qualifying offer.

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  1. Christopher A. Otto 11 months ago

    There are no bats on the market this winter. Somebody will be glad to gamble at 4/64 with a possible fifth yera.

    • MilkMeMore 11 months ago

      if that is what it takes to get him im sure dodgers would of jumped but he is gonna end up asking for more.

    • guccci7383 11 months ago

      im pretty sure that team would be the yankees. they need a replacement for the captain and in 3 yrs he can slide over to the hot corner when a roid is gone

    • BlueSkyLA 11 months ago

      No NL team will offer him that many years, knowing that keeping him in the lineup means playing him at a position, something he can barely do now, let alone after another 2-3 years.

  2. JordanMantor 11 months ago

    As much as I like Hanley, as a Dodger fan I really hope we don’t overpay and resign him. At this point, he would serve better on an AL team.

  3. JasonGrabowski 11 months ago

    Bye Hanley. he’s going to the AL

  4. koufaxblue 11 months ago

    I would offer him a reasonable offer and let him walk if he doesn’t except.

  5. Sean Casey 11 months ago

    Heyman said mid season Hanley is asking for 130 mil, that’s a big gap from his market. The Dodgers have played this brilliantly, let Hanley explore a big money deal with an AL team. If the years remain low LA can resign him if it gets too high for LA they get a comp pick. No need to block Seager and make Uribe a back up unless Hanley comes fairly priced.

    • Gerard de Andrade 11 months ago

      That’s exactly what I wanted to say. Thank you for saving me time.. lol

    • Gerard de Andrade 11 months ago

      Many options up the middle for the Dodgers. Gordon at SS. Guerrero another option. Seager for a year or 2

    • BlueSkyLA 11 months ago

      The problem for the Dodgers as it would be with any NL team is less the dollars than the years. Hanley has “DH” tattooed on his forehead.

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