Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers Seen As Major Players For Rusney Castillo

FRIDAY, 8:22pm: One factor in Castillo’s possible impact on the current season is his visa situation, Sherman notes (Twitter links). He has yet to obtain a work visa, which he will need by the end of the month in order to achieve postseason eligibility.

3:50pm: Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Castillo and his reps at Roc Nation began looking over offers today. He points out that interested contenders will be urgent to sign him in order to get him on a pro roster in advance of Aug. 31 (players acquired after that date are ineligible for the postseason). However, Sherman notes that several non-contenders are interested in Castillo as well due to his status as a 27-year-old that won’t require draft pick compensation. Sherman lists the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers as “major players” for Castillo (all links to Twitter).

7:59am: A source with knowledge of the situation told George A. King III of the New York Post earlier this week that Castillo has already received offers from some clubs and will sift through all of his offers this weekend, with a goal of making a decision next week. As King notes, if Castillo is to play in the Majors this season, he will need to sign quickly, as he’ll likely require at least a brief tour through the minors before joining a Major League club.

WEDNESDAY: 7:41pm: The Red Sox are “expected to be aggressive” on Castillo, tweets Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald, who also hears that Castillo will begin narrowing the field to the highest bidders in the coming days.

5:00pm: Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo is said to be wrapping up his one-on-one workouts with interested teams and will narrow the field of interested teams in the coming days, reports MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez (on Twitter). Not surprisingly, Sanchez notes that the field will be narrowed to the highest bidders.

Castillo, 27, held a showcase last month that drew scouts from 28 of the 30 Major League teams, and attendees left with generally favorable impressions. Reports from the showcase explained that Castillo showed surprising power, speed that was perceived as anywhere from “very good” to “outstanding” (depending on the scout) and an average throwing arm that some felt was his worst tool.

The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Mariners, Orioles and Cubs were all said to have private workouts scheduled for Castillo, and the Astros were said to be trying to schedule one as well. Sanchez tweets that the Tigers have shown interest as well, though it’s not certain to what degree Detroit is interested. The White Sox, Giants, Blue Jays and Braves have all been listed as potential suitors since Castillo’s showcase as well, while the Twins are said to find his price tag too high. At this time, Sanchez tweets that there’s no favorite, as the field is “wide open,” but that will likely change in the days ahead as Castillo and his representatives at Roc Nation Sports weigh their offers. (Speaking of Roc Nation, fans interested in Castillo can check out a new highlight video of his showcase that was produced by Roc Nation and set to music by — who else? — Jay-Z.)

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  1. GD 11 months ago

    Come on Seattle nab him!!!

    • Tony Matias 11 months ago

      If it turns into a bidding war, I don’t think the FO is going to be open to it.

      • Karkat 11 months ago

        It’s a shame for Seattle, because that’d be a really helpful move if his power is legit

        • GD 11 months ago

          That would be HUGE for Seattle without giving up prospects either! Better than Denorfia in RF, and with Saunders return it would push Denorfia and Chavez to the bench to strengthen it.

          I was pushing and hoping Seattle would have signed Cespedes and Puig and Abreu before they all signed. These players were a steal…a risk…but a steal! To see them sign elsewhere it hurts.

          His speed and bat alone is worth the money Puig got. Seattle gets Castillo, which provides just a ‘little’ bit of offense with that Top Pitching Staff and Top Defense and Seattle will be outright scary in the playoffs. Their overall ‘team’ ERA is less than 3!!! And their bullpen is the best in MLB according to Fangraphs.

          • Taylor Hope 11 months ago

            Would be a great add, but I’m not getting my hopes up… I also wonder if the FO will look at this current 9-1 streak and think the tides have turned with the Austin Jackson acquisition and knowing Saunders is close to returning, as well. Of course that would be blasphemous but I do think the M’s can still make the playoffs with this team; Castillo could make the M’s legit contenders though.

  2. Wooltron 11 months ago

    The Giants need to jump on this guy, but he isn’t already on their team so there is no way they give him a contract.

    • ssf1234 11 months ago

      Foreal.. the Giants farm is weak, they have money to spend if ownership would bump up the payroll a bit more, and theyre going to need a LF anyways with Morse becoming a FA. Probably could fill in for CF as well since Pagan’s getting older with some injury history.

      • Wooltron 11 months ago

        They will probably just build another vegetable garden or put in some solar panels instead of trying to make the team better.

    • David Jaulus 11 months ago

      I agree with you that they need to do the best they can to grab him. I wouldn’t put it past the front office either. The Giants brass isn’t stupid despite all the criticism they take, some of it deserved. Sabes realizes the team needs depth and energy now and for the future. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Giants make a competitive offer. What happens then is entirely up to Castillo.

      • Wooltron 11 months ago

        They aren’t stupid, they’re just kind of cheap and scared when it comes to free agents who aren’t coming off a contract with the Giants. Just think, if they would have gone a little harder on Jose Abreu that guy could be playing 1B and Belt could be in left. I know they have lots of money already committed to future contracts but when beers are 12 bucks, hats are 40, and bleacher seats are 50 and every game is sold out the “we don’t have the money” excuse doesn’t really hold water with the fans.

  3. tmengd 11 months ago

    well you know my Houston Astros have no chance when even the post spells their name wrong :(

  4. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    Whatever happen to…..”I want to play for my favorite team” ?
    Now it is the “Highest Bidder” wins !

    • d-blaqueqq 11 months ago

      It’s the new age of Moneyball.

    • oleosmirf 11 months ago

      How many kids growing up in Cuba (or any of the latin countries) have a favorite ML team?

      Given that most of them grew up in poverty, they absolutely should care most about $$$$.

  5. YankeeFan™ 11 months ago

    Boston does have a advantage with having his countrymen Cespedes on the team. if the Yankees are really interested maybe they’ll have El Duque who’s working for the Yanks have a talk with him.

    • bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

      Cubs have Soler…..also a Cuban.

    • start_wearing_purple 11 months ago

      Actually from what I read no one is saying having Cespedes will be an asset for the Sox during negociations. They barely know each other.

      • Karkat 11 months ago

        I think there’s at least some notion that having another Cuban player on the team would be appealing to a guy about to make a life in a whole new country.

        • start_wearing_purple 11 months ago

          Possibly, but I think that luxury can be ignored for a couple of million dollars.

      • Elsalvaje 11 months ago

        They are playing together in the National Team since they were kids and even if they don’t know each other always having a countrymen in your team will help, Abreu didn’t know Viciedo or Alexei Ramirez and that make a big difference in his decision to go there (money first of course lol)

    • Jimmy Willy 11 months ago

      Every team probably has a cuban on the payroll. Not a big deal.

      • Taylor Hope 11 months ago

        Yeah, the Mariners have two off the top of my head- Morales and Elias

        • my5tika1cll 11 months ago

          Cubs…. Castro, Baez, Alcantara, Valbeuna…. Jorge Soler coming up, and Albert Almora… Not sure but it think a couple of those may be Cuban… Then again I have no clue

          • WrigleyTerror37 11 months ago

            Albert Almora is from America, dont let the last name fool you.

          • JacksTigers 11 months ago

            Starlin Castro- Dominican
            Javier Baez- Puerto Rican
            Arismendy Alcantara- Dominican
            Luis Valbuena- Venezuelan
            Jorge Soler- Cuban
            Albert Almora- Cuban-American (father is from Cuba)

      • TheRealRyan 11 months ago

        Yeah, this reason is really overblown. Last I heard there was 24 or 25 current Cuban MLB players.

  6. Red_Line_9 11 months ago

    Oh the suspense! John Jacob or Mary Astor? Really, how could he go wrong going Gilded Age or golden age Hollywood.

  7. $2509879 11 months ago

    I thought the Red Sox had the next Ted Williams and Jim Rice in MOOKIE BETTS and JACKIE BRADLEY, JR., lol!

    • Tko11 11 months ago

      Betts was rushed into the majors as he tore up the minors. Now hes back tearing up the minors…still 21 years old. I also doubt that any Red Sox fan thought of Bradley as the next Ted Williams. It was well known that his bat was going to be average at best. His defense was always his best asset and the only reason he is still in the majors. Lets be rational here not rash.

      • nhsoxfan 11 months ago

        showcased, as well as give the kid a taste of the big leagues, but send him back to AAA with more confidence. We believe in you type of thing.

  8. Dave Shearer 11 months ago

    Grab him Phillies!

    • Jeff Miller 11 months ago

      Quickest way for them to rebuild is to play the big league ready international FA market. Would much rather have Castillo in CF than Revere.

  9. bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

    Lynn Henning (Detroit News) reported early this morning that the Tigers are very aggressive, even to the point of having a personal workout. Henning suggests that they want him in CF before Sept. 1st.

    However, I am not buying it. A Granderson for Nathan Trade would make a lot more sense for them as it is doubtful that Castillo can “move the needle” for the Tigers this year.

    • Jeff Miller 11 months ago

      Why would the Mets do that deal? Would prospects go along with Nathan?

      • Frittoman626 11 months ago

        Just what type of value do you think Granderson has? Have the Tigers pay the majority of the contract and some fringe prospects and the Mets would do that deal in an instant. Nathan I agree has no value.

        • Jeff Miller 11 months ago

          The Mets just signed him to a 4-year $60M deal and while I’m not a Mets fan, they are a team on the rise. Can’t see them dealing him in a salary dump, which this would be.

      • bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

        Money. Enough to sign Castillo if they want. Or go after Lester/Scherzer (for some of their contracts). Granderson is an average player who can no longer play centerfield. His contract is an a overpay. Not a huge overpay, but still an overpay.

        • Jeff Miller 11 months ago

          They could probably afford Castillo and Lester/Scherzer while keeping Granderson. They’ve got their lowest payroll since 2000 and appear ready to spend this off-season.

    • Chris 11 months ago

      As a Tiger fan who follows every tigers writer on Twitter, reads every tigers article, etc. That trade makes absolutely no sense for either team. Here’s why:
      Joe Nathan has little value to them. Joe Nathan would do worse at Citi than in Comerica, and the Mets don’t need an older player.
      We already have 5 outfielders Collins, Fields, Rajai, JD and Torii as well as Moya who’s been crazy good in Erie and a bunch of utility guys like DK. Other than the fact he’s a lefty and a fan favorite this trade makes no sense.
      Both Teams-
      Tigers need as many relievers as possible, no matter how good or bad they are, Mets don’t need old players, but most importantly, the money for both teams would be a concern. Tigers don’t need to overpay for a player for another 4 years and the Mets don’t need a 40 year old making 10 million keeping a roster spot from a young player.

  10. Scott Berlin 11 months ago


  11. Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

    Exactly how many outfielders do the Red Sox need? Bradley, Craig, Cespedes, Nava, Holt, Victorino and Betts in AAA. Okay so even if Victorino is on and off the DL next year, and you decide Bradley is a late inning replacement and not a starter, you’re still left with too many outfielders if you sign Castillo. If they do that there’s at least one maybe two moves still on the horizon.

    • start_wearing_purple 11 months ago

      If the Sox sign Castillo expect the Sox to shop Napoli in the offseason in order to move Craig to first. Holt will continue to be a super-ultility player and my guess is center will go to either Betts or Bradley.

      • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

        I wouldn’t necessarily be thrilled with that, although I wasn’t thrilled with trading for Craig in the first place. I though he was the post Napoli plan, but he’s been abysmal this year, and the foot thing hasn’t exactly shown signs of being fully healed. It would be tough to hand him first base until he’s proven he’s 100% back from the injury. And if it turns out he isn’t then you’d be stuck with him and have to keep Napoli. Sounds like they’re getting too smart for their own good again. I guess we’ll see how it shakes out.

    • nhsoxfan 11 months ago

      just like they had too much pitching to start the year…

      • Victoria Roberts 11 months ago

        The difference being you can never have too much pitching. you can however have too many outfielders. Just ask the Dodgers.

  12. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    Cubs cleared 40 man roster spot for Castillo.

    • Lloyd III 11 months ago

      The Cubs need to clear 38 more spots and start over, building around Rizzo.

  13. youngcy 11 months ago

    This guy was dropped from the 2013 Cuban team for the WBC, for Tomas Yasmani. That’s the kid I want the Sox to go after. He just defected, much more talented and younger too, at 23.
    Surprised he’s still available. Now your taking Power, younger Despaigne.

    • Destry 11 months ago

      I wouldn’t say he much more talented. They have a much different skill set. Tomas has more power. Castillo has more speed and defense.

    • driftcat28 11 months ago

      Yeah I agree, as a Yankee fan I’ve been hoping they make a run at him. Tomas sounds pretty good. I’m hoping even if they got Castillo they will still make a run at Tomas.

  14. nhsoxfan 11 months ago

    if the total deal is over $80 million I think the Sox can spend that better elsewhere.

    • Destry 11 months ago

      I read somewhere the bidding was expected to be in the $40mil range

      • nhsoxfan 11 months ago

        40 seems reasonable. The “Highest Bidder” talk and Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers make me think it will go over 50.

    • Lloyd III 11 months ago

      You will not see $80 million for a 27 year old. Especially his first contract.

  15. Daniel Rajan 11 months ago

    The Angels really need to pick it up in their international department. These past few years it almost seems like their international department is nonexistent. Either that or they really don’t want to pay for international talent.

  16. Smrtbusnisman04 11 months ago

    How in the world is Detroit finding the money to pay for all these contracts?

    Did they discover a huge gold mine under the city or are they being loaned money from House Lannister?

    • bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

      Pizza Pizza.

      … Seriously, the math is not hard. They have sold more than 3,000,000 tickets year after year and have the #1 TV share-of-market ratings for ALL MLB teams.

      • tune-in for baseball 11 months ago

        The owner is not afraid to spend money if he sees it will help win a World Series. That is how he won multiple Stanley Cups as owner of the Detroit Red Wings. He and his family businesses and real estate make billions.

  17. bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

    Tigers may be a fit… but perhaps it is not really for this year. This is a way to counterpoise a weak farm system.

    Would rather they trade for Granderson.

    • JacksTigers 11 months ago

      Castillo is 27. The plan would be to have in MLB ASAP.

      As for Granderson, he has a horrendous contract. If he didn’t have ties back to Detroit, you’d have no interest. He’s a shell of the player he was in 2009.

      • bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

        Not sure that plan would work. He has not played in a full year.

        Granderson is an average left handed outfielder. He is owed $50MM for the next 3 years (plus the remainder of this year). If you consider that Nathan’s $13MM owed is sunk cost, then the effective price of Granderson would be a very reasonable $37MM for 3 years plus this year.

        • JacksTigers 11 months ago

          He would spend time in the minors until August 31. No different than a player on a rehab assignment.
          You don’t just get to subtract Nathan’s money from Granderson. You would be paying Granderson almost $16M for his age 34-36 seasons. He plays questionable defense at this point, has a bad arm, and has lost a step or two. You will be paying for his declining years. Curtis Granderson is a nice guy and I enjoyed him while he played for Detroit, but he is not the player you remember, and he will only get farther from it.

          • bobbleheadguru 11 months ago

            Sorry.. In a different post, I suggested that Granderson be traded for Nathan. Should have clarified that.

            Granderson is a full SIX years younger than Torii Hunter just to put it in perspective.

          • Chris 11 months ago

            Stephen Moya is like 15 years younger than Ichiro, doesn’t make him as good.

          • JacksTigers 11 months ago

            Mets would not even begin to consider trading for Joe Nathan. That very well could be the worst trade offer in the history of baseball.
            Torii Hunter was putting up better numbers when he was 33 than Granderson is. Granderson will not be a productive player in his late 30’s. That contract would be a huge burden. Like I’ve said, if Curtis Granderson was never a Tiger, you’d have no interest. You’re letting nostalgia fog up the reality surrounding Curtis Granderson.

  18. ed27 11 months ago

    The Yankees will spend big this off-season (which has started now as their slim post-season hopes fall victim to a terrible offense). There doesn’t seem to be a plan other than to spend on anything that moves.

  19. Douglas Rau 11 months ago

    I only see one of those 3 teams getting to the post season this year and that’s the Tigers.

    • Jimmy Willy 11 months ago

      I’ve got none of those teams making the playoffs, with the way the M’s are playing.

  20. Chris 11 months ago

    What are the chances that the Tigers get this guy? We have Dirks, Rajai, JD, Torii, Collins and Fields that are MLB ready. Also,some reports say he can’t sign till he gets his Visa, others say he has it, others say he can’t play until he has it, what’s up with that? Also, when is he expected to sign? Thanks!

    • Andrew 11 months ago

      Raja is horrible on defense and Dirks was suposed to be back after the All-star break. I would take this guy 365 days out of the year over an injury pron and health concern Dirks and horrible defense Raja. The two things Raja has going for him is speed and average offense.

      • Chris 11 months ago

        Rajai doesn’t have “horrible” defense, and he is I believe above average in the corners. As for Dirks, I’m thinking next year, giving him a 5 year deal we would have dirks back. Also, Rajai also has slightly above average offense, as last I looked he was hitting over 300 vs RHP, I’ve been to two games in the last 2 weeks and both games he made a huge catch in Center and got at least a double, run and stolen base.
        Next year before Castillo signing:
        Dirks/Davis in LF
        Davis/Fields in CF
        JD/Collins in RF.
        Add in Castillo means we can move Fields up to AAA and or use him as a trade piece, which means we would have
        Dirks/Davis, Castillo, Collins/JD. Only one problem with this, is see LA Dodgers.

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