NL East Links: Stanton, Harvey, MASN

While there have been indications that the Marlins won’t trade Giancarlo Stanton, many writers continue to speculate and discuss the possibility with league sources, and ESPN’s Buster Olney is the latest to talk Stanton with executives from around baseball (ESPN Insider required). Olney spoke to many executives about the potential NL MVP, with one telling him, “No team is going to give up the kind of prospects that is going to be required without knowing they’re going to be able to keep him.” The “kind of prospects” to which that official refers, according to Olney, is a Top 5 type of prospect that can serve as the anchor for the deal in front of many other well-regarded prospects. One executive half-joked that the Dodgers, for example, should open negotiations by simply offering all three of Corey Seager, Joc Pederson and Julio Urias, as the price will be astronomical. (Olney notes that Miami would ask for two of the three at the very least.) Olney names several teams that have the necessary prospects, including the Cubs (Kris Bryant), Cardinals (Oscar Taveras, presumably, as he doesn’t specify) and Astros (Carlos Correa, presumably) among others. And Stanton’s price tag on Stanton’s next major contract? Execs polled by Olney pegged him for a deal in the $250-300MM range, though it seems possible for that expectation to rise if he hits free agency after two more elite and healthy seasons.

Here’s more from the NL East…

  • Stanton is the focus of the latest from Grantland’s Jonah Keri, who looks at the historic company with which Stanton has aligned himself early in his career. Keri’s excellent piece points out that Stanton is just the 11th player in history to have 150+ homers through his age-24 season. Additionally, when looking at players who have signed contracts for $180MM+, only two had amassed a higher WAR total than Stanton’s 20.9 (Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols). Keri and researcher Michael Bonzagni “scoured” history books to find a player with the same level of skill, youth and success that was traded at this juncture of his career, and the only comparison they could find came back in 1919 — a man by the name of George Herman Ruth.
  • Rehabbing Mets starter Matt Harvey will throw a few more bullpen sessions and then be shut down until the spring, reports Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News. He will reach the point of using all his pitches and throwing in a simulated inning setting, but will not face batters until ramping back up. Needless to say, Harvey’s recovery is a critical piece of the club’s plans both in the immediate and long term.
  • James Wagner of the Washington Post reports that the legal battle between the Orioles and Nationals over the latter’s television rights with the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) will drag on for at least three more months. The O’s have until Sept. 23 to file an amended petition to the New York Supreme Court, and the Nationals and MLB have until Oct. 20 to file a cross petition to dispute the other side’s claims. All parties involved will meet before a judge for a Dec. 15 hearing, Wagner adds.

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  1. Jasonzx3 10 months ago

    I wonder if the Cubs would even think of a trade if the starting piece is Bryant. Depending on what else is asked it would be an interesting match up.

    • Tko11 10 months ago

      If I was a Cubs fan Id hope not. Building up through the farm is the way to go for them, if the prospects pan out you get a few years of cheap production. Spend money on SP in free agency instead of giving away prospects and then locking up the majority of your payroll into one player.

      • Jasonzx3 10 months ago

        Oh I very much agree with you; while turning down a deal for Stanton would be hard. I think the cubs are on the right path. I just thought it would be an interesting discussion of a trade. Plus if anything the cubs are going to trade Castro for pitching.

        • BrandonK27 10 months ago

          I don’t see them trading Castro. He is a 3 time all-star in 4 years. Has a reasonable contract that has him locked up until 2019 with a team option for 2020.

          • Jasonzx3 10 months ago

            That’s exactly why I think they trade him. His value is huge and he should be able to net a very good pitching prospect and maybe a few more. With Baez entrenched at 2nd. Russel knocking at the door for short; His glove is much better than Castros and while he might not hit for the same average he has a lot more power. Bryant will be given every chance to stick at third and left field seemingly is reserved for schwarber if he can’t stick behind the plate.

            . Now I know these are all prospects and they might not pan out. But the luxury the cubs have is having a lot of top position player prospects and virtually no pitching prospects. Which they sorely need. Now I believe they will spend in free agency on pitching. But they have a luxury of having Castro who has a ton of value that could net them a wheeler, or Julio type pitching prospect. Yes it’s great he is a 3 time alto star and young. But that means nothing. If it benefits the team more to trade him then to keep him they do it. All star games or not.

          • BrandonK27 10 months ago

            The Cubs are not in a position to trade one of only two (Rizzo) really proven MLB players. If they sign Arrieta long term like expected. Plus sign either Scherzer, Lester or both they will be a lot closer to competing than most people realize. I think Ultimately Bryant ends up in the outfield with Russell at 3rd. Again all speculation but I would really hate to see them trade Castro. Might they consider moving Castro to 2nd and letting Baez stay at SS if he performs well this last month of the season at short?

  2. BrandonK27 10 months ago

    If you are the Cubs I would think Bryant is untouchable at this point. They might entertain Addison Russell. But that is just my opinion.

    • Jasonzx3 10 months ago

      I don’t think they trade away the shark(hate that nick name but can’t spell his name properly on mobile) and hammel just to trade him away.

      • BrandonK27 10 months ago

        I think you trade him for a piece like Stanton. He is just now in AA. Essentially if you make this trade you will have traded Shark and Hammel for Stanton. I don’t think any Cub fan would have objected to that if it had happened during the season.

  3. The 1 behind the 1 in 21-1 10 months ago

    I heard that George Herman Ruth fella went on to have a pretty good career after getting traded to New York.

  4. sickoe47 10 months ago

    Dodgers trade OF joc pederson,RHP zack lee,INF alex guerrero and LHP chris reed to the marlins for OF Giancarlo stanton.

  5. Derpy 10 months ago

    As GM of the Mets, I would offer: Syndergaard, Herrera, and Lagares as the main deal for Stanton, maybe adding a little more. That is a top 5 RHP and top 5 2b prospect plus an established, potential MVP calibre CF. All major league ready. Two of which are playing in the majors already. That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me. Potentially an ace and two all stars for Stanton.

    • Shane Newbanks 10 months ago

      And that is why you’re not the GM of the Mets. No team would ever take that deal. I like Syndergaard, but he isn’t proven yet. Neither is Herrera. And as for Lagares being a potential MVP. HAHA. In 2 season he is a career 262 hitter. Good luck getting an MVP award with those numbers.

      • Derpy 10 months ago

        Apparently you haven’t actually watched Lagares play. Syndergaard and Herrera are both top 50 prospects. Probably closer to top 20.

        • Daniel1216 10 months ago

          If he’s going to be MVP wouldn’t it make sense just to keep him?

        • yclept 10 months ago

          Overvaluing talent much? Herrera is a top 20 prospect? Based on what?

          • Derpy 10 months ago

            Kieth law places him as, at absolute bare minimum, top 50 talent. Considering he actually has MLB service time, and has only gone up in value since Kieth said that, then yeah I think it is safe to assume he has jumped since then. I think Keith was putting him in the low 40s, going to the 30s wouldn’t be a surprise. 20s is certainly doable as well. Syndergaard is absolutely a top 20 talent, consensus top 15, if not better.

          • paqza 10 months ago

            Hitting .340 in AA with strong peripherals as a 20 year-old while playing projectable GG defense up the middle gets you there. He’s the youngest player in the big leagues, last I checked.

    • Adam 10 months ago

      Yeah, that Lagares part is too much for me to even take the rest of what you said seriously.

      • Derpy 10 months ago

        Wait and see. Lagares is a five tool player and anyone who actually watches him play knows that. The numbers haven’t translated yet in game, but they will. Lagares absolutely has power, he has hit some serious bombs. He absolutely has the ability to steal bases, and in fact he is being forced to steal more right now.

        Take a guy who is one of the top five defensive outfielders in the past 50 years plus the ability to get 15+ HR, plus the ability to steal 30 bases plus the ability to bat .300, and you have yourself a potential MVP type player. You’re talking a guy with 7-9WAR potential. Pretty similar to Carlos Gomez, actually.

        If you don’t see potential in Lagares, you simply aren’t paying attention. Lagares has 5.6 WAR already this season and he hasn’t even played 2/3 of a full season. He is an extremely valuable player.

        • Adam 10 months ago

          This guy will be 26 next season and has all of 8 career home runs. His OPS is under .700 and his “career year” this season has it just over. His D is really good, but not even close to top 5 of last 50 years. He is barely the best defensive outfielder (by metrics) currently in the NL East. (Heyward is .4 WAR behind him). Maybe you are the one who isn’t exactly paying attention.

          • rich 10 months ago

            According to DRS, his defense this year is downright historic. I’ve been watching the game a long, long time, the only other CF I’ve seen as good as him are Devon White and Andruw Jones. He is a legit circus in CF, a game changing player IMHO.

          • $21621694 10 months ago

            And to think Terry Collins did not see this guy as an everyday player early in the year is baffling!

          • paqza 10 months ago

            “And to think Terry Collins did not see this guy as an everyday player early in the year is baffling!”

            This seems to be an incorrect thought shared by many; it just isn’t true though. Lagares started as the CF in the first game of Spring Training and has had that job all through, with the exception of regular rest, time to clear his head, and injuries.

          • Adam 10 months ago

            Derpy called him a top 5 outfielder, not cf, of the last 50 years. I won’t even try to make a list of OF defenders since 1964 he isn’t better than, but I’ll just say that Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones, Ichiro, Jim Edmonds, and Griffey Jr. would give him a run for his money in the last 20 years. Let alone the fact that the statement also includes Mays, Clemente, and Flood. I absolutely cannot stand over reliance on defensive metrics, there is more to evaluating a person effect on the game via defense.

          • rich 10 months ago

            I said Jones was as good…Ichiro was fantastic in RF, but that’s RF. Edmonds was a Sportscenter created joke. “OMG, he dove! What a catch!” A solid defensive CF with a dirty uniform and nothing more. I watched Edmonds a lot, he can’t sniff Lagares. Some of the best plays Lagares has made this season you didn’t see on any highlight shows because he made them look easy. Then you realize the route he took and where he caught the ball and say, “good lord…” He is indeed a fast runner but his routes are nothing short of otherworldly. And he plays shallow as well, he doesn’t cheat and play deep like so many other CF. Jones was the same way. And as if he needed even more to his game Lagares (a converted SS) is also incredible at charging ground balls and throwing runners out. Then again, nobody runs on him any more lol. He’s an automatic stop sign now.

          • rich 10 months ago

            UPDATE: Somebody tried to run on him tonight lol. Frazier hit what would have been a double with any other CF on the planet, into the LCF gap. Lagares goes deep in the gap to his right, cuts it off, spun, and threw a seed right over the second base bag to get Frazier by five feet. It was an incredible play, and again, he made it look like nothing. He is a freak, and every metric that says he is a freak is 100% on the money.

        • paqza 10 months ago

          I love Lagares but calling him a 5-tool player is inaccurate. He’s not a threat on the bases, his power is limited to 10-15 per year, and his arm, though accurate, isn’t very strong. He’s something like a 2 or 2.5 tool player at best but despite that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts up 4 or 5 WAR seasons regularly. I think he’s good but calling him a 5-tool player isn’t fair.

          • Adam 10 months ago

            This is exactly the reason why calling him an MVP-type player is incorrect. Thanks, paqza.

    • SCarton12 10 months ago

      Did you read the part where it said’ no team is going give up the kind of prospects that is going to be required without knowing they are going to be able to keep him’ and ‘250-300 million range’? why waste your time with trade scenarios?

  6. $21621694 10 months ago

    Right, because the dodgers need to add Stanton to their team of 6 outfielders

  7. Derpy 10 months ago

    You sound like someone who hasn’t even seen him play a single inning. Seriously, it is mind blowing to even suggest he is anything less than the best center fielder in baseball. It isn’t even close. Nobody comes remotely close to him. His range, his jumps, his arm. He is drop dead amazing. He is making a mockery of defensive statistics and really rewriting the way people evaluate defensive prowess. He is *that* good.

  8. yclept 10 months ago

    If he is so great, then why trade him? Potential MVP CF don’t grow on trees. Let me ask you this: if the Mets put him on the market right now, what do they get for Lagares? I will give you the honest answer: not nearly as much as you think. He is good enough to be a starting CF on a team with good offense at the corners, because of his defensive capabilities. That’s it.

  9. Derpy 10 months ago

    The trade I proposed is very similar to the Johan Santana trade, except better. Syndergaard is better than Phil Humber, Herrera is better than Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey combined, and Carlos Gomez and Juan Lagares are very similar players. You could add candy to the deal as well if you had to. With this trade you know that, at bare minimum, Lagares is a borderline all star, Herrera has huge upside, and Syndergaard projects as a top of the rotation piece. All can be slipped onto a major league roster today. Lagares fits the bill for the type of player the Marlins want and love. Highly athletic, plusplusplusplus defense, young, cost controlled, projectable offense. Herrera projects as a good offensive second basemen, and Syndergaard shows he can be a 1 or 2 starter. Especially behind a guy like Fernandez. This is some serious value we’re talking about.

  10. $21621694 10 months ago

    While I agree with you that Lagares is the best defensive CF in baseball (and by far). His offensive numbers are nowhere near MVP caliber. Simply put, he does not have power, and will not develop power. I have watched him play

  11. paqza 10 months ago

    He’s definitely the best fielding CF in the game but he’s not the best offensive CF and he’s not the best CF on the basepaths. He’s really, really good at one specific facet of the game and is valuable for it but unless he hits 30 dingers or steals 40 bases while batting .300, he’s not going to be in the MVP conversation.

  12. rich 10 months ago

    Watch him in BP, he has power. He’ll never develop big time, in-game power, but he could easily end up at 10-15 HR per year.

  13. $21621694 10 months ago

    I agree he might develop 10-15 HR power. But even then, in the last 13 years there have been only 2 MVP with a slugging percentage under .500. Pedroia and Suzuki. To think Lagares could have a slugging near .500 is a stretch

  14. paqza 10 months ago

    10-15 homers per year, which is completely reasonable, isn’t MVP-caliber. If he hits 15 dingers while batting .300 though, that’s still a 7+ WAR player.

  15. paqza 10 months ago

    Sure, but Santana isn’t a good comparison to Stanton and the Twins don’t play in the same division as the Mets. Making a team you play 18 times a year stronger isn’t good policy and changes possible outcomes in a trade.

  16. SCarton12 10 months ago

    Did they sign Santana to a long term contract as part of the deal? yes. Will they be able to sign Stanton as part of any deal? NO, case closed.

  17. Derpy 10 months ago

    I didn’t say he would WIN the MVP, I said he would be MVP calibre. Carlos Gomez came 9th in MVP voting, for instance. They are very similar players. Lagares has better defense, Gomez has better power and speed. Overall, pretty similar.

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