NL East Notes: Phillies, Amaro, Hamels, Murphy, Medlen

Newly-anointed interim Phillies president Pat Gillick spoke with reporters today, including’s Jim Salisbury. Gillick said there has been “no thought whatsoever” to firing GM Ruben Amaro Jr. or manager Ryne Sandberg, saying that his protege Amaro “didn’t get dumb overnight” after playing an important role in the construction of the team’s latest run of success. But Gillick will be focused on baseball operations, and says that he would have final say if there were any disagreements on personnel issues (while emphasizing that he and Amaro are generally on the same page). As a general matter, Gillick said that he would both function as an “interim caretaker” and an agent of change for the organization. The complete interview is well worth a full read.

Here’s more from the NL East:

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  1. chicothekid 10 months ago

    Murphy as a super-utility guy? I don’t get it. Sure he could cover 1st and 3rd when Duda and Wright needed a day off, but his defense at those positions will be subpar because he has put everything into learning 2b. Campbell can cover 1st and 3rd from the bench and should be just fine in that capacity.

    I don’t see how you move an All star from 2b, and gain MORE value. We’ve already seen Murphy in the OF. That’s not an option.

    • rct 10 months ago

      Not to mention that this theory is based on a few recent good games from Flores and a few games overall from Herrera. Why the Mets should hop a consistent performer all around the diamond in order to make room for two complete unknowns is beyond me. Plus, if you really want to maximize Murphy’s value while not starting him at 2b, you trade him. He’s worth more as a trade chip than as a utility player.

      • rkellerm 10 months ago

        Because Herrera or Flores will be the Future… Murphy will either be traded at the deadline(ala Byrd) or held on to until the end of the year and foolishly not resigned(ala Jose Reyes) when a team like the Yankees, Braves, Dodgers, etc sign him to a 6 year 100 million dollar contract… Herrera should get starts.. The Mets won’t win it all this year, but they could next year or 2016…

    • Joe Valenti 10 months ago

      I was about to say this. The difference between Murph and Zobrist is that Zobrist can actually play multiple positions. Wright is at 3rd and Duda is really one of the better hitters on the team so I’m not sure where you are going to put Murph because he really won’t fit in the OF

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 10 months ago

    saying that his protege Amaro “didn’t get dumb overnight”
    That’s Gillick baby, Amaro was born this way! =P

    Look, I feel sorry for Monty because he might not be in the best of health, I get it.
    However, this is just a poorly run organization and Gillick you’re sugarcoating it.
    To me that is disappointing.

    • Jaysfan1994 10 months ago

      Well he was Gillick’s protegee, to say he’s a bad general manager would be reflective of how poorly Gillick taught him… Or more realistically, how poorly Ruben learned from a guy who did nothing but win.

      • KJ4realz 10 months ago

        I think that’s an unfair assessment. You only can teach someone so much. It’s up to them if they can adhere and perform. I train in my career and I’ve had people excel and people leave within the same amount of time.

        You can’t fix incompetence.

        • Jaysfan1994 10 months ago

          Well I’m just saying that’s what the perception is if Gillick goes out there and rips Amaro apart. Amaro likely had Gillick’s seal of approval when he inherited the job back in 2009 and he’s been nothing more than a joke in the league for a few years now.

    • What is Gillick supposed to say? He’s holding down the fort.

  3. chefazzy 10 months ago

    Gillick’s correct. Amaro didn’t get dumb overnight…he’s been clueless for a while now.

  4. Derpy 10 months ago

    “Amaro “didn’t get dumb overnight””

    No, it was a long process that has given many nonPhillies fans something to giggle at for the past few years.

  5. Douglas Rau 10 months ago

    “didn’t get dumb overnight”…..Are you sure you were watching EVERY night? Cuz he got there.

  6. MetsEventually 10 months ago

    Why would Murph be a utility guy? Wright & Duda. He can’t play OF. He can barely play second, why bother with SS

  7. JordanSwingman 10 months ago

    I know Mets fan love him, and his bat is usual solid, it’s time to move him. If the Mets want to have money to spare for a better OF/SS option, you have to trade him as he he will soon ask for the green stuff.

    • Joe Valenti 10 months ago

      Murphy will actually be pretty cheap. He doesn’t have outstanding tools (i.e.- speed or power) and he plays poor defense, so I really can’t see him being overpaid like guys who have more polish to their game

  8. Klaus D. 10 months ago

    Phillies likely aren’t going to trade Hamels. They’d only do it if they’re absolutely blown away, which has been the case all along. But I don’t see it happening. Kendrick is a free agent who likely won’t be resigned. Burnett’s return is questionable. Cliff Lee’s injury makes him an unknown at this point. So with all of that they’ll trade Hamels and build their rotation starting with the one guy who’s left – their #5 starter in Buchanan? Stop. Biddle and Nola won’t be ready by spring training to pitch a full season in the bigs.

    • Victoria Roberts 10 months ago

      That is why it is called a rebuild. The Phillies issues cannot be solved with free agency. They need to infuse some cost controlled young talent. A Hamels trade would instantly provide 3 or 4 young players that could contribute for years in the future. The state of the rotation is incidental. They won’t be competitive for years either way. You may as well start the rebuild now.

      • Klaus D. 10 months ago

        What are the odds that any of those 3 or 4 young players are of Hamels’ caliber though? I’m not saying I totally disagree, but there are also two sides to the argument. Big time prospects are traded all the time and very few pan out. The Phillies traded 4 “big prospects” for Pence and so far none of those players have really shown anything (contrary to people still griping about Singleton – his stats speak for themselves). Likewise for the guys they traded to the Indians for Lee. Ditto for the guys traded for Oswalt. And as for the Halladay trade, d’Arnaud is MAYBE the only guy who has shown any promise though he hasn’t hit as well as people expected that he would (I had read at one point he could potentially hit like Johnny Bench!! LOL), and he’s been one of the worst defensive catchers so far in the league (look it up if you don’t believe me). So…I don’t know. It’s easy to say trade him, but they’d definitely be taking a chance of which odds wouldn’t be in their favor of getting a great return. I don’t know that I trust the Phils scouts enough.

        • Victoria Roberts 10 months ago

          If you don’t trade Hamels in four years you’ll be exactly where you are now. At least trading him gives you a chance that one or two guys out of the three or four they get for him will amount to something. You don’t have a winning team and you don’t have a farm system. You need to have a farm if you’re ever going to have a winning team, even if you only use it as parts to assemble together to trade for other players. If you attempt to rebuild without trading players, then you have to do it the old fashioned way. 5 or 6 losing seasons in a row ought to get the job done. Would you rather do that than take the chance in trading Hamels? You’ll lose either way, but at least if you trade Hamels you’ll save a little money and potentially get something young and cost controlled in return. if you do nothing, then you’ll have to take the long way and wait out some bad contracts before you have the flexibility to improve via free agency. If you move Hamels you may cut a few years off the process. if you don’t you still have him and you’re not competitive.

          • petrie000 10 months ago

            you forgot to mention that keeping Hamels to be a great pitcher on a losing team is effectively paying him 25 million a year just to hurt your draft standings, which is the only other way to get young controllable talent if you’re not trading for prospects, then having him be up for free agency just when you actually need him.

            Hamels should be the last guy they want to trade, sure… but unfortunately he’s also pretty much the only guy that’ll bring any real return on that entire line-up.

          • Victoria Roberts 10 months ago

            Good point.

  9. I don’t think it’s fair to completely devalue Amaro’s role in the post Gillick years, but it’s not like he did anything that any other GM could do with those resources.

    He got lucky that Lee loved Philly. He paid market value (at the time) for Halladay and Oswalt. He did good with the deal for Pence, but not the one that sent him away. And beyond all that, he presided over the events that lead them to where they are now.

    • Christopher Wilson 10 months ago

      I’m not sure how anyone could think he did well in the deal obtaining Pence… Singleton, Cosart, Santana, Zeid.
      Bent. Over. 3 of those guys would be on the big club.

      • Pence played well for Philly. None of those players are doing particularly well. I wouldn’t lose sleep over trading away Jon Singleton. Bunch of AAAA talent.

      • Klaus D. 10 months ago

        I can’t believe people are still sour about that trade. Over almost a half of a season, Singleton is hitting .176 while striking out in 35% of his plate appearances. Cosart has had some brief success since being traded to the Marlins, but I see him coming back down to earth at some point based on his career numbers so far. Overall his WHIP has been too high and he doesn’t strikeout enough guys to sustain success in the bigs. A #3 starter at the VERY best. More likely a #4/#5. Santana struck out 14 times in his first 17 AB’s without a hit. Granted it’s a very small sample size, but that’s not a promising start in the least. And Zeid’s ERA is around 7. So Cosart would likely be the only one on the big club with the Phils over Buchanan. I haven’t lost any sleep over the trade. Like RevMurph said, it’s when they traded Pence away is what hurt more.

        • Alberta Pagano-MacDonald 10 months ago

          Singleton turns 23 this month, Cosart is 24 and Santana is only 22. Give them a chance first. Let’s see in 3-4 years when they’re all in their prime how much it’s hurting the Phillies.

          • Klaus D. 10 months ago

            Well they can’t get any worse, so I would expect some sort of advancement. But such high strikeout rates even for rookies is a cause for concern. Usually it’s the case that the league figures out a rookie once they’ve seen them for a bit. The league has already discovered these two guys’ weaknesses and very quickly I may add. So yes, they can certainly adjust and improve, but history is already against them. Personally, I don’t see any of them becoming all that great players. But that’s just my opinion. If 3-4 years from now I end up being wrong, I’ll certainly eat my words and I invite you to come back here to rub it in my face.

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