Austin Jackson Rumors

Cafardo On Lackey, Sheffield, Pavano

In his usual Sunday morning column for the Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo passes on some hot stove talk from around the majors. Let's check out the highlights….

  • The fate of John Lackey could potentially affect the offseason plans of each of the AL East powers. Both the Yankees and Red Sox have interest, and Cafardo suggests that landing Lackey would allow the Red Sox to turn around and move Clay Buchholz in a deal for a coveted bat, like Adrian Gonzalez.
  • Cafardo relays this quote from an AL GM: "The Red Sox could be the major player this offseason if certain things fall together for them. They still have enough chips in their farm system to make something big happen."
  • The Yankees, meanwhile, appear willing to part with Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain in the hunt for Roy Halladay, though they'd like to hang on to Austin Jackson.
  • Gary Sheffield will return in 2010 and has softened his stance on DHing since his Tigers days. He now says he'd accept a DH role, though he'd still like to play in the field occasionally. Cafardo names a handful of teams that could find a spot for Sheffield, noting that the 41-year-old would love to return to Atlanta or play in his hometown of Tampa Bay.
  • The Twins and Brewers are "very interested" in Carl Pavano.
  • The Brewers could also be players for John Smoltz, though the Cardinals would like to bring him back.

Rosenthal’s Full Count Video: Yankees, Dodgers, Pirates

The tireless Ken Rosenthal of has a new Full Count video up. Let's dive in…

  • Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Rosenthal that he was "very aggressive" going after pitching help, whether it be high-end starters, low-end starters, or relievers. "I was on all of it," Cashman said.
  • Cashman specifically targeted Jarrod Washburn, but the Mariners asked for top prospect Austin Jackson in return. The Yankees were also "one of several clubs" to inquire about Felix Hernandez.
  • Rosenthal says Heath Bell was their primary target among relievers, as the idea was to make him the primary setup man for Mariano Rivera, and possibly put Phil Hughes or Alfredo Aceves back into the rotation.
  • The Dodgers "never got close" in their attempted blockbuster for Adrian Gonzalez and Bell. The deal would have helped Los Angeles' rotation by shortening the game from the back end with another elite reliever.
  • They still have issues in the rotation however, as Jason Schmidt topped out at 87 last night. Only two National League clubs have gotten fewer innings out of their starters than the Dodgers.
  • We won't know the true result of the Pirates' firesale until 2011 or 2012, but the early returns on the Jason Bay trade are not good. Rosenthal says the Rays may have been willing to pay more for Bay at the time, possibly including the since-traded Jason Hammel and/or Edwin Jackson in a package.
  • Hitters and relievers will be in "ample supply" during the August waiver period, but quality starting pitchers … not so much. Doug Davis might be one of the best available starters, and the Diamondbacks will need to be realistic about a return since they are unlikely to offer him arbitration after the year.
  • There was "precious little action" on Davis in July. When Rosenthal mentioned to a club official that the offers for Davis might not be much better in August, the official responded "they can't be much worse."

Jarrod Washburn Rumors: Friday

The Mariners are eight games out, but we're still not sure whether they'll trade starter Jarrod Washburn within the next five hours.  He does project as a Type B free agent, so they could get something for him after the season.  Here's a look at yesterday's Washburn chatter, which involved the Yankees, Tigers, and Brewers.

Today Jon Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tell us the Tigers have spoken to Seattle about Washburn, but may not have the goods to pull off any big deal (especially in the position player department).  SI's Jon Heyman says the Ms asked for catcher Jesus Montero from the Yankees for Washburn and were rebuffed.  ESPN's Jayson Stark says Austin Jackson was another Mariners target.

Jarrod Washburn Rumors: Thursday

11:05pm: Executives from three teams that have spoken with the Mariners tell's Buster Olney that they get the sense the Mariners won't move Washburn. The Mariners made a request earlier today, without asking for Hughes or Chamberlain, but the two sides haven't spoken since.

10:33pm: Heyman says the Yankees and Mariners are now "talking Washburn." The Yankees won't part with Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson, Austin Romine or Jesus Montero, but with those exceptions, Heyman says the M's have their pick of Yankees prospects.

9:05pm: Brewers GM Doug Melvin told Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he expects the Mariners to hold onto Washburn.

8:05pm: Tyler Kepner of the New York Times reports that the Yankees are still talking to the Mariners about Washburn.

Talks with the Yankees are still in their early stages, according to Rosenthal and Morosi, and it's unclear whether the Mariners would actually move Washburn. The Tigers are interested and the Brewers could become involved again, according to FOX's sources.

3:26pm: ESPN's Buster Olney rejects the idea that the Ms asked for Chamberlain or Hughes.

2:19pm: SI's Jon Heyman says that in their initial conversation, the Mariners requested Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes for Washburn.  That pair and other top Yankees prospects figure to be off limits, but Heyman still sees New York as the favorite.  He notes that the Angels would have interest in bringing Washburn back, but the Mariners might balk at the same-division issue.

1:11pm: Ken Davidoff of Newsday says the Brewers are no longer in on Washburn.  And the Rangers are seen as a long shot, say Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi at FOX SportsAccording to La Velle E. Neal III of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, about ten teams have called the Mariners on Washburn.

12:30pm: Lefty Jarrod Washburn would be one of the better available starters, should the Mariners decide to sell.  Joel Sherman of the New York Post chatted with Ms GM Jack Zduriencik about the possibility.  Jack Z's quote:

"I am not giving this guy away.  He is a valuable piece to us.  He shouldn't come cheap if he is moved.  No one in the league is pitching better than (Washburn).  So if we move him, we need to get good pieces. Because if we keep him he is a very, very good piece for us."

Sherman says the Yanks have checked in on Washburn but have not exchanged names.  Unlike last year, the Yankees are reluctant to take on salary.

Gammons’ Latest: Duke, Halladay, Reds, Rays

ESPN's Peter Gammons has a new blog post up, writing about how teams are reluctant to part with their top young players, even if they are overvaluing them. He also mixes in a little rumory goodness, so let's take a peek…

  • The Pirates have indicated that it'll take "a gaggle of prospects" to move Zach Duke.
  • When inquiring about Roy Halladay, the Yankees were told the price was Phil Hughes plus prospects Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero.
  • One GM says "Cincinnati wants to move a few contracts, like either Bronson Arroyo or Aaron Harang, but we're not interested in giving players or taking on their money. Harang hasn't been the same guy since last May." Harang has a 4.99 ERA since a 63-pitch relief appearance on May 25th of last season.
  • Another GM said "We've looked at Doug Davis, Jon Garland, Kevin Correia, Ian Snell and the long list of available starting pitchers and do not see anyone we would give A- or B-list prospects to get."
  • Teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, and Dodgers are at an advantage because they can afford to restock their farm systems quickly by spending big in the draft or on the international market.
  • The Rays are likely "to see what they can get" for Carl Crawford after the season, and will hold onto prospects they consider keepers.

Odds & Ends: Grabow, Yankees, Orioles

One more roundup of links for the night…

  • George. A. King III of The New York Post mentions that the Pirates had two scouts watch the Yankees earlier this week, possibly in advance of a deal involving lefty reliever John Grabow.
  • He mentions that the Dodgers and Rockies had scouts on hand as well. The Yanks have already expressed interest in Huston Street earlier this season.
  • King also says that the Yanks refuse to talk about prospects Austin Jackson and Austin Romine in trade talks according to other organizations.
  • Peter Schmuck of The Baltimore Sun recaps the first half of the Orioles' season and says they're building towards something, he's just not quite sure what. He does however praise the performance of young players like Nolan Reimold.
  • On the day of his tragic and untimely death, let's not forget that Steve McNair was quite the baseball player as well, getting selected by the Mariners in the 35th round of the 1991 Draft. (hat tip: Jesse Spector of The NY Daily News)

Jake Peavy Rumors: Thursday

4:05pm: Ken Rosenthal has some of the names being offered by the Braves for Peavy. According to Rosenthal, the Braves are offering Yunel Escobar, either Jo-Jo Reyes or Charlie Morton and an unnamed player believed to be a top prospect. Rosenthal does not have any details on the Cubs’ package but notes that it is likely to be "fluid".

4:00pm: Chris De Luca has updated his earlier piece and now says Dempster is seeking five years, $70MM.

3:03pm: Peter Abraham says that Kevin Towers has told Peavy that he will be traded and that negotiations have been narrowed to three teams. The Yankees are not in the mix as all three clubs are in the NL. Abraham speculates that in addition to the Cubs and Braves, the third team could be the Astros or Cardinals.

11:27am: Chris De Luca says the Cubs are in heavy pursuit of Peavy, partially because of steep contract demands from Ryan Dempster.  He’s heard Dempster wants five years, $75MM.

No deal is imminent, but De Luca wonders if pitchers Sean Marshall, Rich Harden, or Jeff Samardzija could be involved.  Samardzija has a no-trade clause.

10:02am: ESPN’s Buster Olney says the Padres have interest in Braves prospect Jeff LockeDavid O’Brien says the Padres want Tommy Hanson, but are willing to settle for Yunel Escobar and a few lesser prospects.

9:21am: Ken Davidoff is not buying the Feinsand/Yankees rumor.  Joel Sherman agrees.

8:55am: Let’s kick off a new Jake Peavy post.  Last we heard, Ken Rosenthal was suggesting the Cubs moved ahead of the Braves as the frontrunner.

Today, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News says the Yankees’ chances for Peavy are improving as Kevin Towers struggles to find a match with an NL team on the pitcher’s list.  Feinsand says Towers wants two pitchers and an outfielder for Peavy.  He believes the Yanks could build a deal around Phil Hughes or Austin Jackson, though they might need to include Ian Kennedy as well.  Brian Cashman seems a bit more open to trading Hughes than he was a year ago.  The Padres aren’t interested in Robinson Cano.

Yankees Still In Talks For Washburn

Updating a rumor that seems to have died down in the last few days, the Yankees and Mariners are still having serious discussions about Jarrod Washburn, reports Dan Graziano.

Up until a few days ago, the Yankees wanted to include Kei Igawa and Melky Cabrera in the deal but the Mariner’s didn’t particularly appear interested in neither player.

The Mariners asked about Austin Jackson, but were turned down, and now two other prospects have been thrown into the hat: Brett Gardner and Justin Christian.

Washburn has a no-trade clause, but Graziano thinks he would waive it for a shot at a pennant race.

Alejandro A. Leal writes for Comments? Rumors? alexo05 [at] umpbump [daught] com. 

Johan Santana Rumors

UPDATE, 12-3-07 at 12:02am: Not only will Johan veto any midseason deal, he’ll veto any deal to a team other than the Yankees or Red Sox.

UPDATE, 12-2-07 at 8:30pm: Hank weighs in, reiterating the deadline.  He says the third player actually isn’t the sticking point.  Thanks Hank!

UPDATE, 12-2-07 at 7:30pm: The Yanks’ deadline on their offer, which no one is taking seriously, is for end of day Monday.  Brian Cashman has given Bill Smith a list of possibilities for the third player in the deal.

UPDATE, 12-2-07 at 6:15pm: Ken Rosenthal says Santana told the Twins he won’t waive his no-trade clause during the season.  It’s now or never.  The packages the Yankees and Red Sox are offering are definitely better than two draft picks, especially since there’s no guarantee one of them will be a first-round pick.  I’d be surprised if he’s not moved this week.

UPDATE, 12-2-07 at 1:30pm: Buster Olney is reporting that the Sox will include Ellsbury in their offer, but pull Lester out of it.  Basically the Twins can have one or the other.  Olney doesn’t say whether Buchholz/Ellsbury is possible, but I imagine it’s not.  The Twins are expected to choose an offer from Boston or New York soon.

FROM 12-2-07 at 8:45am:

When we left off last night, the Twins and Yankees were still haggling over the third player in a Johan Santana trade.  The Twins wanted Alan Horne or Austin Jackson, according to Jon Heyman.  Now comes word from Tyler Kepner that those two are considered untouchable in the deal by the Yanks.  Dellin Betances, Ian Kennedy, and Jose Tabata round out the five that they will not include as the third player.

It’s said that the Yankees will turn to Dan Haren if they don’t reach an agreement with the Twins today or tomorrow.  The Twins still like Jacoby Ellsbury more than Phil Hughes, so they’re trying to get the Red Sox to replace Coco Crisp with him in their offer.