Craig Hansen Rumors

Olney: Red Sox Discussing Andruw Jones

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney:

"The Red Sox and the Braves have talked about a deal that would send Andruw Jones to Boston for Coco Crisp, Craig Hansen and a prospect. But according to an executive familiar with the discussions, the Braves made a counter offer, asking for Jon Lester to be the third player."

This may be the surprise blockbuster that’s been rumored; it’s a testament to Theo Epstein that there hasn’t been a whisper of this til now.  We’ve got just 2.5 hours to go.

If I’m John Schuerholz, I’d just try to get Lester involved and not worry about the rest.

UPDATE: Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe tells us that the Andruw Jones talks are dead, and that they didn’t really go anywhere.  He says the Sox may still be in on Soriano.  He also throws Chris Young of the Padres into the mix for the first time.

Craig Hansen A Starter?

A few more rumors out of Boston:

Is Craig Hansen developing a third pitch so that the Red Sox can use him in the rotation?  Could be, according to my source.  They’ll wait and see what comes of David Wells‘s rehab start first, however.  Given that Hansen suffered from a tired arm last year, the Red Sox will have to be extra careful if they try it.

My source also corrected my Dustin Pedroia speculation, saying that while the club is not happy with Pedroia as a shortstop, they will have no problem using him in place of Mark Loretta if need be.  Loretta has four hits in his last eight at-bats, so he may be coming around.