Derrick Turnbow Rumors

Mets Discussing Turnbow

TUESDAY: David Lennon adds that the Mets would only be willing to offer Turnbow a minor league deal.  Meanwhile, Gordon Edes hasn’t heard anything about the Red Sox pursuing him.

MONDAY: According to John Delcos of The Journal News, the Mets are "discussing whether to sign Derrick Turnbow" (hat tip to MetsBlog).  Turnbow seems like a reasonable gamble for the Mets.  Most teams could stand to add relief depth.

Turnbow was designated on Friday; Ken Rosenthal recently suggested that four teams are interested.  The Brewers would have to do something about his $3.2MM salary if they are to strike a deal.

The Brewers are having their own bullpen problems despite a pricey offseason makeover.  Eric Gagne and David Riske, making a combined $14MM this year, have disappointed so far.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Hudson, Turnbow, Laird, Kershaw

Rumorland Ambassador Ken Rosenthal has posted yet another Full Count video.  Let’s get sifting:

  • Rosenthal thinks Orlando Hudson could be shown the money this offseason if he opts to explore free agency.  Hudson most likely won’t be offered market value by the Dbacks.  Rosenthal posits the Orioles, Cards, Dodgers, and Mariners as potential buyers.
  • 4 unnamed teams are interested in Derrick Turnbow, who is making $3.2MM this year.  According to KR, the Brewers would need to throw money in a deal or get a comparable salary in return – as the saying goes, you trade contracts, not players.  Turnbow needs a fresh start and middle relief is always in demand; however, a lot of teams have better internal options and could see Turnbow as a project for better or worse.
  • Gerald Laird update: Reds, Yankees, and Brewers all passed.  But Rosenthal still expects Laird to end up somewhere and notes that whoever gets him has him through 2010.
  • The Dodgers are planning on "integrating" Clayton Kershaw soon to throw a limit of 150 IP; however this doesn’t (yet) make Esteban Loaiza expendable as they would alternate the two in the rotation, Kershaw starting twice, and then Loaiza twice, and so on.  I say "(yet)" because Rosenthal doesn’t mention that the rotation will get crowded if/when Jason Schmidt returns in early June.  I would expect they’ll explore options, but be content using Loaiza out of the bullpen.  By the way, Kershaw has a 1.40 ERA with 31 K in 25.2 IP for Double-A Jacksonville.

By Nat Boyle

Rangers Not Interested In Turnbow

Deep within this Dallas Morning News piece, Evan Grant writes that the Texas Rangers are not very interested in acquiring Derrick Turnbow, the reliever who was DFAed yesterday by the Milwaukee Brewers.

Texas GM Jon Daniels said that the team would "do some due diligence" but it doesn’t appear that they plan on pursuing the righty reliever.

Aside from the anomaly that was 2005, Turnbow’s problem has always been his inability to find the plate. His terrible start in 2008 was compounded by the fact that the strikeouts, which has been Turnbow’s calling card throughout his career, became infrequent.

Posted by Paul Moro

Turnbow Designated

FRIDAY, 9:34am: It’s official – Turnbow has been designated for assignment.

FRIDAY, 8:53am: Adam McCalvy says the Brewers will call up outfielder Joe Dillon today, leading to speculation that Turnbow will be designated.

THURSDAY: Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wonders whether the Brewers will decide to eat Derrick Turnbow‘s $3.2MM salary and release him.

Not only is Turnbow unhappy, but he’s been rocked in eight appearances this year.  He probably needs a fresh start.  I am not a fan of the "relief ERA" metric, but the Red Sox, Mariners, and Rangers fare poorly by it.  In reality, there are probably a dozen teams that would like to try to straighten Turnbow out.  Control, of course, is his main issue.

Turnbow Unhappy

According to Tom Haudricourt, reliever Derrick Turnbow had his agent contact Brewers GM Doug Melvin about his current mop-up role.  Turnbow has been marginalized following this winter’s acquisitions of Eric Gagne, David Riske, and Salomon Torres.  He’s not requesting a trade, but he’s not happy.

An uncharacteristic bout of good control in 2005 allowed Turnbow to save 39 games and earn a three-year extension the following spring.  He’s paid $3.2MM this season, the last of the deal.  If my calculations are correct, he still won’t be a free agent until after the ’09 season.  Turnbow has whiffed a ton of hitters over the last two seasons, but he can’t find the plate.  The Tigers and Braves are a couple of possible suitors if Melvin decides to shop him.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Sexson, Dye

I feel bad for Ken Rosenthal’s family, as they won’t be seeing much of him until August 1st.  He’s got another update for us tonight.

  • The Mariners are hoping to unload Richie Sexson; can you blame them?  To trade for Sexson now would be insane, even with the Ms eating half of the $14MM he’s owed in 2008.  He has shown almost no signs of life this season.  Rosenthal suggests a Sexson for Matt Morris swap but I’d much rather have Morris.
  • The Brewers have considered the possibility of a Jermaine Dye trade.  Kenny Williams apparently wants Derrick Turnbow or Manny Parra, which actually sounds reasonable.
  • Rosenthal also has some info regarding role players Jeff Conine and Mark Loretta.  But even I have a hard time getting worked up over that.  I’d like to see a new, interesting name tossed into the rumor mill.  Like when Roy Oswalt came up a year ago.  How about Rafael Furcal or Jim Thome?  They’re free agents after the ’08 season, they should be semi-available.

Turnbow Staying Put?

Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal speculates that Derrick Turnbow could become "attractive trade material" if he can return to form this year.  As you know, relievers are in short supply.

So far this spring, Turnbow has walked four in 8.6 innings.  Not much can be said from that sample.  While his strikeout rate was a career high last year, Turnbow was lousy by every other metric.  The Brewers have him signed for $5.5MM for 2007-08.   

Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel pondered whether the Crew’s recent Elmer Dessens acquisition could open the door for a Turnbow trade.  While teams have scouted Turnbow (the Red Sox recently), GM Doug Melvin said he would not trade him.

With Francisco Cordero a candidate to leave as a free agent after this year, perhaps the Brewers are still holding out hope that Turnbow can be their ninth inning guy.

Red Sox Scouting Turnbow?

My apologies for the lack of posts today; I had an all-day fantasy draft.  Back to trade rumors: Adam McCalvy of had several Brewers ones in today’s article.

To begin with, 26 year-old righty starter Ben Hendrickson cleared waivers and was sent to Triple A.  He was angry about it, perhaps because he had a 2.45 ERA in five appearances this spring.  Apparently the Nationals and Padres are interested, and both the Brewers and Hendrickson look forward to a trade.  According to Baseball America, Hendrickson has a plus curve and an 88-91 fastball.  He may be a Quad-A type player; PECOTA sees a 5.00 ERA and 1.49 WHIP in 109 innings.

The Red Sox had a scout watching Derrick Turnbow on Friday, though Doug Melvin says he’s not shopping the reliever.  Maybe Sox pitching coach John Farrell can fix Turnbow’s walk problem, but it’s a long shot.  Turnbow has two years and $5.5MM left on his contract.  While that extension was ill-advised, it’s not nearly as bad as the Cubs giving Ryan Dempster three years and $15.5MM.  In both cases, fairly small samples of decent control were taken as permanent and rewarded.

McCalvy also mentioned a "lunchroom rumor" that had the Padres looking at Brady Clark. Melvin said he hasn’t heard from the club.  The Crew would love to shed Clark’s $3.8MM salary.      

Red Sox Interested In Turnbow?

Here’s a Boston closer option we hadn’t considered: Derrick Turnbow of Milwaukee.  The bottom fell out for Turnbow this season as his walk and home run rates doubled from his 39 save breakthrough.

Turnbow will be 29 next year; he’s owed $2.3MM in 2007 and $3.2MM in 2008.