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Hideo Nomo Retires

Pitcher Hideo Nomo has retired, according to the AP (hat tip to NPB Tracker).

Nomo won 78 games in Japan in five seasons, and then exploited a loophole and retired from Japanese baseball.  He was a phenomenon in ’95, coming over as a free agent to win the ROY with the Dodgers as a 26 year-old.  He ended up winning 123 big league games. 

Odds And Ends: Thomas, Jays, Myers, Nomo

Expect another one of these today. There’s lots of little stuff, but not much in the way of substantive rumors.

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I’ve got a slew of links for you.

Royals Sign Hideo Nomo

Fun transaction today, as the Royals inked Hideo Nomo to a minor-league contract.  Nomo was the first Japanese player to make a major MLB impact, bursting on the scene in 1995 as a 26 year-old and winning Rookie of the Year.  He missed the ’07 season due to surgery, and hasn’t pitched in the bigs since ’05.

Over a year ago, I attempted to compile a list of all Japanese players who’d come to the Majors.  I also included a spreadsheet ranking their contributions.  It needs some updating, but check it out.