Jason Jennings Rumors

Rangers Rumors: Guardado, Cameron, Hamilton

MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan has all the latest hot stove buzz around the Rangers.

  • The Rangers are nearing a deal with Eddie Guardado.  Everyday Eddie might be a dark horse to close, if he can flash his late season form again.  The Reds decided in October that he was not worth $3.5MM, and declined his option.  Guardado is 37.
  • The Rangers hope to add some kind of veteran starter.  Bartolo Colon and Jason Jennings are still options, but Mark Prior and Freddy Garcia pretty much are not.  Sullivan names Mike Maroth, Mark Hendrickson, and Josh Towers as pitchers of interest.
  • Mike Cameron could be an option for center field if he’ll take a one-year deal.  A multiyear demand would also take the Rangers out of the running for Corey Patterson.
  • Sullivan notes that the Reds want Edinson Volzquez for Josh Hamilton, a possibility he first mentioned three weeks agoJamey Newberg doesn’t think Volquez would cut it.  Other trade options could include Andre Ethier, Coco Crisp, and Juan Pierre.
  • The Rangers will pass on a Kevin Mench reunion.

Astros Looking At Rusch, Jennings

UPDATE, 12-17-07 at 7:50pm: Rusch’s agency verified to my via email that he became a Padre as of Friday.

FROM 12-17-07 at 3:39pm:

The Houston Chronicle’s Brian McTaggart notes the Astros’ interest in starters Glendon Rusch and Jason Jennings.

  • Wait a minute, you’re saying, didn’t Tim Brown report on Friday that Rusch signed a minor-league deal with San Diego?  Indeed he did.  However, Tag says he hasn’t signed yet and Houston still has an offer on the table.
  • The Astros would like to get Jennings back on a one-year, incentivized deal.  Jennings wants two years, despite his lost ’07.  Not sure if anyone will be open to that.  Maybe one year with a club option.
  • It’s been reported previously that the Astros were one of the teams contacting free agent Mark Prior.

Nats, Mets, Yanks Interested In Prior

UPDATE, 12-15-07 at 12:47pm: The Phillies are one team that does not have interest in Prior.

UPDATE, 12-15-07 at 8:48am: Ed Price adds that the Yankees and Mets have both shown preliminary interest in Prior.  Apparently he is throwing on flat ground and could be ready by May.  Translation: he may return by the second half. Price believes roughly a dozen clubs are interested in Prior.

FROM 12-14-07 at 11:53pm:

The Nationals are looking in the bargain bin for a veteran starting pitcher.  Two options they’re considering are Mark Prior and Jason Jennings, according to MLB.com’s Bill Ladson.  The Nats first touched base with Jennings’ agent around November 6th.  Prior is a new name for them though.

Jennings has the Royals, Rangers, Rockies, and Mets on his trail as well.  As for Prior, the Astros, Reds, Rangers, Phillies, and Padres may be the most interested clubs.

Braves Offer James For DeJesus?

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 4:21pm: Debunked!  David O’Brien says the Braves aren’t in talks about DeJesus, and the Royals have a negative opinion of James anyway.

FROM 12-4-07 at 2:09pm:

According to the KC Star’s Bob Dutton, the Jose Guillen signing puts the Royals in a better position to trade David DeJesus or Joey Gathright.  The Rangers and Braves are on DeJesus’ trail.  Dutton believes the Braves offered up lefty Chuck James for him.  It seems a little light, as I’m not sure James could be effective in the American League.  Royals GM Dayton Moore, of course, came from the Atlanta organization.

Dutton says not only is Hiroki Kuroda looking for four years, he may want $48MM.  The Royals could move on and spend the money on Andruw Jones instead, if he’ll take a one or two-year deal.  The money could also be diverted to Carlos Silva if he’ll take 4/40.  Otherwise the Royals will just chase rehab guys like Jason Jennings, Kris Benson, and Matt Clement.

Rangers Rumors: Bay, Gagne, Fukudome

T.R. Sullivan has the Rangers goods for us this evening.  Wow, did MLB.com send 30+ reporters out to Nashville?

  • The Rangers are still pursuing Eric Gagne to return as their closer (and then maybe they’d flip him again).  The interest is mutual
  • The team is also considering LaTroy Hawkins, Shawn Chacon, Luis Vizcaino, Trever Miller, and Octavio Dotel.  Basically, most of the relief market.  Problem is, the Rangers don’t want to give more than one year to any of these guys.
  • The Rangers are moving toward filling center field internally after exploring options.  Carlos Gomez, Felix Pie, and Carlos Gonzalez proved unavailable or too pricey (though if all the Mets wanted for Gomez was Gerald Laird, Daniels should’ve pounced).
  • Daniels has shifted gears to a corner outfielder.  Kosuke Fukudome remains on the radar.
  • The Rangers had a preliminary conversation with the Bucs about Jason Bay
  • The team isn’t focused on getting pitching for once, but Daniels is still perusing medical reports on Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, and Jason Jennings.   
  • Daniels said he’s not shopping Hank Blalock.

Nats Still Like Jason Jennings

It’s no secret that the Nationals like free agent starter Jason Jenningsthey touched base with his agent almost a month ago.  Today, MLB.com’s Jim Molony writes that the Nats are still targeting Jennings on a one-year deal.

Jennings’ torn flexor tendon is believed to be an injury he came make a full recovery from by Spring Training.  If so, many other teams will seek Jennings as a possible bargain.  So the Nats aren’t going to slip under the radar and get him for $3MM or something.  There will be plenty of competition from teams like the Rockies, Rangers, Royals, and Mets.

Odds and Ends: Colon, Clark, Gagne

Random rumors, let’s round ’em up.

Rangers Rumors: Dunn, Hamilton, Kemp

MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan has some interesting hot stove banter surrounding the Rangers.

  • A three-year deal for Kosuke Fukudome or a two-year pact for Mike Cameron might be the most sensible options to fill the Rangers’ center field void.  Aaron Rowand is probably too expensive.
  • While the Rangers have a touch of interest in Adam Dunn and Coco Crisp, they prefer the idea of acquiring a young bat.  Names they like: Fernando Martinez, Carlos Gomez, Carlos Gonzalez, and Matt Kemp.  Sullivan notes that the Rangers have talked to the Reds about Josh Hamilton.
  • If the Rangers sign starting pitching it’s likely to be of the injury comeback variety – Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, Jason Jennings.
  • Eric Gagne is still under consideration to be signed for their vacant closer role.

Rockies Rumors: Atkins, Barrett, Fukumori

What are the Rockies up to as they plot to defend their NL pennant?  Tracy Ringolsby and Troy E. Renck have the latest.

  • Ringolsby says Garrett Atkins is staying put, which should help the third baseman relax a little bit.  This echoes Renck’s sentiments yesterday.  Renck also noted that the Rox won’t be offering Atkins a multiyear deal anytime soon.
  • Yesterday Renck said that after Yorvit Torrealba, the Rockies were considering Jose Molina, Paul Lo Duca, Jason Kendall, and Ramon Castro for catcher.  However Ringolsby says today that Michael Barrett and Kendall are the main targets.  Renck has come on board with that today, noting that Dan O’Dowd has contacted the agents for Barrett, Kendall, and Lo Duca.
  • Ringolsby adds that the Rockies are exploring the Japanese reliever market, namely Hitoki Iwase and Kazuo Fukumori.  Fukumori might appeal as the cheaper of the two.
  • Meanwhile the Indians, Brewers, Phillies, and Mets like Brian Fuentes.  We’ve also read about the Tigers’ interest.  The Rockies’ willingness to trade him may depend on the progress of 2007 top draft pick Casey Weathers.
  • Jason Jennings might be leaning toward signing with the Padres.  This echoes an obscure article we found back in July.
  • Renck says that if the Rockies don’t hear by Tuesday about their offers to Kaz Matsui, Matt Herges, LaTroy Hawkins, and Torrealba, they’ll start looking at other options. 
  • Renck adds that the Rockies have checked in with Ron Mahay‘s people.  He’s getting popular.
  • The Rockies are out on Jon Garland – they can’t fit his $12MM salary into the 2008 budget.  Matsui moving on would clear $3MM though.
  • The idea of locking up Troy Tulowitzki long-term is being entertained.  It probably wouldn’t happen until after the 2008 season though.

Royals Rumors: Cordero, Silva, Guillen

Some good info surfacing regarding the Royals, as usual courtesy of the KC Star’s Bob Dutton.

  • While Joakim Soria will remain in the pen, the Royals want to add more relief help.  They could re-sign David Riske, and even plan to contact Francisco Cordero‘s agent (Bean Stringfellow).  Bringing back Octavio Dotel is also being considered, though Soria would remain the closer.
  • Ron Mahay is on the radar.  It’s thought that he’ll require something close to a three-year, $12MM deal as one of the better southpaw relievers out there.  Riske wants a deal like that too.  Dayton, just take the draft pick.
  • I’ve yet to mention here Dayton Moore’s quotes.  Basically, steroid allegations won’t affect the team’s pursuit of any player, meaning they still like Jose Guillen.  It’s not surprising to see GMs moving in this direction.
  • Japan presents options such as Hitoki Iwase, Kazuo Fukumori, and Yashuhiko Yabuta.  New manager Trey Hillman observed Iwase up close this year.
  • What about more starting pitching?  The Royals like Carlos Silva, Hiroki Kuroda, Kris Benson, Matt Clement, and Jason Jennings.  Something useful could come out of that.
  • By the way, the Royals saw Glendon Rusch work out recently.  The swingman came up as a Royal before being traded to the Mets in ’99.