Miguel Cabrera Rumors

Indians Asked About Miguel Cabrera

Anthony Castrovince has a few notes about the Indians this evening.

  • For Miguel Cabrera, the Marlins asked for Asdrubal Cabrera, Adam Miller, and then some.  Obviously the Tribe said no thanks.
  • There’s not much going on with the Indians and Jason Bay.  And rumors of their interest in Alex Rios proved false.
  • Cliff Lee has been linked to the Mariners, Pirates, and Blue Jays.  However no one has given the Indians an actual offer for Lee.
  • Castrovince suggests the Indians may explore a long-term deal for Fausto Carmona this spring.

Reagins Clears Things Up

Angels GM Tony Reagins recently held court with the media to debunk most of the Angels rumors swirling about recently.

  • The Angels are not currently in the mix for Johan Santana.  Reagins spoke to Bill Smith last night, but not about Johan.
  • The Angels haven’t met with the Orioles, so there haven’t been discussions about Erik Bedard and Miguel Tejada at the Meetings.
  • Reagins wasn’t involved much with Miguel Cabrera before the Tigers snagged him.
  • On the less boring front, Reagins said "some interesting and exciting things have surfaced" with surprising new teams.  Get your speculating caps on.

Tigers Acquire Cabrera, Willis For Six Players

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 6:04pm: Jon Paul Morosi reveals the three remaining players, and they’re all pitchers: Burke Badenhop, Eulogio de la Cruz, and Dallas Trahern.  Based on Kevin Goldstein’s Tigers prospect list, the team surrendered its #1, 7, and 11th ranked prospects. Miller’s not on the list due to big league experience but he’d be third if he was. 

Morosi also notes that Marcus Thames, Brandon Inge, and Chad Durbin are now on the block.

Baseball Prospectus’ Nate Silver weighs in on the big trade here.

FROM 12-4-07 at 5:30pm:

ESPN’s Peter Gammons is reporting that the Tigers have acquired Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis for Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Mike Rabelo, and three minor leaguers.

This is what the hot stove league is all about, unexpected massive eight-player blockbusters.  All the talk was that the Tigers would have a quiet Winter Meetings.  Instead they traded for one of the best hitters in the game, adding an immediate 5-7 wins in the process.  Swapping out Willis for Miller will probably be a push in 2008 before things swing toward the Fish.

Maybin and Miller are both elite prospects; it seems packaging Cabrera with Willis was the only way they could get both.  Interestingly, it seems like Sports Review Magazine may have scooped this trade way back at 9:52am CST.  I am surprised this link didn’t get in my hands until now.

Tigers Getting Cabrera, White Sox After Andruw?

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 5:22pm: Joe Frisaro at MLB.com says Cabrera and Willis are on the verge of becoming Tigers.  And to think some people called the Winter Meetings boring.  The Marlins got some absolute studs here, though it’s surprising they couldn’t get more dealing the two separately.

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 5:15pm: Ozzie Guillen confirms Chicago’s interest in Andruw, despite his agent.

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 5:04pm: This is out of control!  Now Jim Molony is saying the Tigers are nearing a blockbuster eight-player deal to get Cabrera and Willis for Maybin, Miller, and four others.  In the same breath Molony adds that the White Sox are after Andruw Jones.

FROM 12-4-07 at 5:01pm:

This is unexpected.  Joe Capozzi says the White Sox "are making a strong push" to acquire Miguel Cabrera.  What’s more, some kind of major announcement is coming soon and White Sox sources admitted it involves Cabrera.

Josh Fields, Gio Gonzalez, John Danks, and Gavin Floyd could all be involved.  This would be an incredible move if Kenny Williams can pull it off.  I never though those guys could net Cabrera against all other offers.

Capozzi adds that that the Tigers also made a push for Cabrera this afternoon.

Latest Miguel Cabrera Trade Rumors

You can check out the old thread here, based on Rosenthal’s Cabrera/Willis to Detroit rumor.  ESPN’s Peter Gammons has an update on the Cabrera situation involving the Angels.

Gammons says the Marlins and Angels are "serious about moving Cabrera to the Angels."  The current rumor: Howie Kendrick, Nick Adenhart, Jeff Mathis, and one other prospect.

Marlins/Tigers Cabrera/Willis Blockbuster

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 2:41pm: Joe Capozzi agrees – separate deals if anything.

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 1:29pm: MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro has a source indicating that the Tigers are interested in Willis or Cabrera and not necessarily both.

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 12:23pm: According to Danny Knobler, the Tigers feel they’re being used by the Marlins to jack up the price for other teams like the Angels.  The trade talks between Detroit and Florida are characterized as discussions rather than trade negotiations.  Knobler says Dombrowski doesn’t want to trade Maybin, but I can’t see this happening otherwise.

FROM 12-4-07 at 11:02am:

Ken Rosenthal has an update with a whopper of a trade rumor.

  • The Marlins and Tigers are talking about a monster deal that would send Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis over to the Tigers for Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, and others.  Dave Dombrowski has always worked well with the Marlins, his former team.
  • Rosenthal confirms Bob Dutton’s assertion – the Royals signing Jose Guillen may not stop them from getting Andruw Jones too.
  • The O’s are trying to move Ramon Hernandez. They could sign Michael Barrett if they move him, or else get Jeff Mathis or Mike Napoli from L.A. in a Tejada deal.
  • The Tribe hasn’t decided whether to trade Cliff Lee, though there’s been plenty of buzz so far.

Cardinals Rumors: Rolen, Tejada, Edmonds

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 9:38am: Tom Haudricourt confirms that the Brewers will have access to Rolen’s medical records.  That the Brewers will take a look indicates they are probably serious about Rolen.

FROM 12-4-07 at 12:14am:

Joe Strauss has a new one in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, presumably for the Tuesday morning edition.

  • The Cards have already met twice with the Brewers to talk about Scott Rolen.  They’re providing medical information to the Brewers, and appear flexible on the amount of salary they need to cover.  Teams interested in Rolen can speak directly to the third baseman’s doctor and surgeon.  Strauss confirms the Rangers and Giants as two other interested parties.
  • The Rolen deal may hinge on Miguel Cabrera being traded first.  The Cards poked their head in but wouldn’t part with Colby Rasmus.
  • The Cards are likely to create a third base vacancy, so they’ve been talking to the Orioles about Miguel Tejada
  • As you know, the Cards met with the Padres to discuss Jim Edmonds.  The Friars also have their eye on Anthony Reyes.  Maybe the Cards can pry Kevin Kouzmanoff loose?
  • Aside from the aforementioned Brewers, Orioles, and Padres, John Mozeliak also met with the Mariners today.

Odds and Ends: Tavarez, Lieber, Stewart

Another collection…

Odds and Ends: Cabrera, Blanton, Haren, Sabathia

Let’s round ’em up.

  • Indians GM Mark Shapiro will soon get a contract extension offer for C.C. Sabathia approved by ownership.  Then he’ll put that in front of Sabathia’s agent, with an eye on resolving the situation one way or another before Spring Training.  Shapiro’s model will not be Johan Santana‘s upcoming deal but rather Jake Peavy‘s three-year, $50MMish extension.
  • White Sox outfielders Ryan Sweeney and Brian Anderson might be on the fringe.  The Marlins, if I recall correctly, once had interest in Anderson as a center field option.
  • Miguel Cabrera is out to prove he’s a good athlete and can stay at third base – he’s beginning a rigorous workout program like nothing he’s ever done before.
  • The D’Backs could pursue Joe Blanton or Dan Haren, while the Yankees may turn to Haren if they fail to acquire Johan.
  • The Yankees are receiving a lot of interest in The Farnz, according to Brian Cashman.

Heyman’s Latest: Santana, Bedard, Willis

UPDATE, 12-3-07 at 5:48pm: Jayson Stark confirms the Reds’ interest in Willis.  However he suggests that the Marlins would ask for Homer Bailey and then some in return.

FROM 12-3-07 at 11:41am:

SI.com’s Jon Heyman checks in with the latest hot stove banter he’s hearing.  There’s some confusion here as Heyman has contrary info to other published sources.

  • Heyman believes Johan Santana is "more likely than not" to get traded at the Meetings, and quite possibly today. 
  • Heyman says the Red Sox and Yankees are the two teams Santana would waive his veto power for, running contrary to LENIII’s recent note.
  • Heyman reports that the Mets offered Gomez/Humber/Heilman for Erik Bedard, though as you may recall Roger Rubin said it was Lastings Milledge and not Gomez.  Whatever it was, the Orioles weren’t impressed with the offer.  Heyman says the Mets feel they still have a chance.  The Dodgers, Mariners, and loser of Santana will be in on Bedard as well.
  • Heyman seems to indicate the Marlins are still asking for Adenhart and Ervin Santana in a Miguel Cabrera deal, despite Peter Gammons’ comment this morning.
  • The Reds may pursue Dontrelle Willis.  I was thinking they might, the fit makes sense.  A package with Josh Hamilton and one of the Reds’ stud pitchers might be required though.  Also keep in mind that Joe Frisaro said the Marlins plan to keep Willis at least until July.
  • Heyman suggests the Mets could re-acquire Xavier Nady to play right field for them.