Tony Clark Rumors

Odds and Ends: Roberts, Clark, Vidro, Manny

Time for today’s link collection.

D’Backs Acquire Tony Clark

2:37pm: Turns out the Padres will get a Single A pitcher for Clark: Evan Scribner.

1:41pm: ESPN’s Buster Olney says it’s a done deal.

12:04pm: According to Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic, the D’Backs "appear to be closing in" on a trade for first baseman/pinch-hitter Tony Clark.  It would be for a Double A pitching prospect, and could get done today.  Piecoro says Clark will apparently waive the $500K bonus he was to receive upon a trade.

Clark almost re-signed with Arizona last winter.  He was known as a clubhouse leader in his previous stint with the D’Backs.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Holliday, Burnett, Rauch, Ibanez

Ken Rosenthal has a new Full Count video up.

  • The Angels are not interest in Matt Holliday, while the Dodgers and Red Sox "could play" on him.  Rosenthal names the Nationals as an "intriguing dark horse," saying they’ve been checking up on Holliday.  They like the idea of having him for ’09, and could even entertain signing him long-term.
  • The Phillies have minimal interest in A.J. Burnett, plus they’re on his 15 team no-trade list.  Rosenthal notes that Burnett nearly signed with the Cardinals a few years back, but their interest is not mutual.
  • Jon Rauch is a hot commodity, drawing interest from the Rays, Red Sox, and Diamondbacks.  His price will exceed that of Brian Fuentes, since he’s under team control through 2010.
  • The D’Backs would like to add a left-handed hitting outfielder, and Raul Ibanez is under consideration.  Rosenthal suggests Matt Stairs or Tony Clark as possible bench additions.

Padres Rumors: Maddux, Wolf, Clark

Padres beat writer Corey Brock has the latest on the team’s trade candidates.

  • GM Kevin Towers recently told Greg Maddux which teams have expressed interest in him.  The Professor will ponder his options over the break, since he controls his fate with a full no-trade clause.  Possible suitors like the Cubs and Brewers may have backed off, I imagine.
  • As expected, Randy Wolf is drawing interest.
  • Tony Clark could be moved within a few days, with Arizona the rumored suitor.
  • The Padres are only looking to move veterans, and want prospects in return.

D’Backs Interested In Tony Clark

According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres’ callup of first baseman Bryan Myrow increases the likelihood of a Tony Clark trade.  Myrow, 31, hit .324/.455/.502 in 87 Triple A games.  Granted, he’s had multiple stints at Triple A.  But Myrow is a Paul DePodesta favorite who has never gotten a legitimate shot in the bigs despite mastery of Triple A.

DePo had this to say about Clark on his blog:

Tony is the type of player that you’ll often see moved at the deadline. He’s a veteran player who has been very successful coming off the bench in recent years, can change the game with one swing of the bat from either side of the plate, and is known in the industry as one of the finest clubhouse leaders in the game.

DePodesta admits that Clark’s power, his calling card, is down significantly this year.  He’s slugging just .314; it may be due to the limited role.  Krasovic notes that Clark gets a $500K bonus if traded.  According to Jack Macgruder, the D’Backs might be interested in bringing him back. They made a two-year offer to Clark in December, but pulled it off the table.

Odds and Ends: Ponson, Inge, Papelbon

Let’s round up some Monday morning links.

  • The Cardinals are taking another look at Sidney Ponson.  Insert your own punchline in the comments.
  • Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun could see the O’s making a minor trade for a veteran second baseman if they acquire Ronny Cedeno but not Eric Patterson in a Brian Roberts deal with the Cubs.
  • Brandon Inge is trying his best to talk his way out of town.  The Dodgers’ recently reported nibble hasn’t been publicly shot down, so that’s a plus.
  • South Side Sox thinks speedy infielder Eugenio Velez is the type of player the White Sox could desire for Joe Crede.
  • Jonathan Papelbon wants $900K in his last year before arbitration eligibility.  Ryan Howard set a scary precedent last year.  If Papelbon doesn’t get offered something close, he’d rather make a statement and be renewed near the minimum.
  • Buster Olney suggests Dan Johnson and Doug Mientkiewicz could be possibilities for the Mets in their quest for a backup first baseman.  Olney speculated on Nick Johnson, Scott Hatteberg, Richie Sexson, Tony Clark, and Kevin Millar the day before.

Odds and Ends: Closers, Benson, Reed Johnson

Some random links for the day…

  • I have created a Fantasy Baseball Closers page at RotoAuthority.  With the help of readers it will be constantly updated with current closers and the pecking order of each team.
  • Kris Benson will throw for teams again, probably a week from now.  The Phillies will again be in attendance.  Benson may only get a minor league deal this time around.  I remember when he set the standard with his three-year, $21MM deal.  Also, the Phils could look to move Wes Helms or Greg Dobbs now that they’ve signed Pedro Feliz.
  • The Red Sox had their eye on Reed Johnson, perhaps thinking he would be non-tendered.  He wasn’t, and Joe McDonald says Bobby Kielty and Eric Hinske will probably sign elsewhere as well.  That leaves Brandon Moss for the bench job, unless the Sox sign Tony Clark, Sean Casey, or Brad Wilkerson.

Odds and Ends: Howard, Aardsma, Odalis

Here we go, another random collection of links.

  • The Red Sox inked a couple of former closers to minor league deals: Dan Kolb and Dan Miceli.  No need to run out and pick them up for your fantasy team.  I think Papelbon is secure.
  • Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says the Red Sox are hunting for a lefty bench bat.  Tony Clark emailed him to say he’d love a return to Boston, but Cafardo says he’s not on the top of the list.  Clark hit .207/.265/.291 for the ’02 Sox.
  • A few comments from Pat Gillick on the Ryan Howard situation.  He says the Phillies are "open to anything."  Gillick also claimed arbitration hearings really aren’t all that contentious.  I guess that could be true, I’ve never been in the room for one.
  • The official acquisition of Octavio Dotel meant the White Sox DFA’d David Aardsma.  Aardsma, 26, has whiffed about a batter per inning over his last two seasons.  He has to have a little bit of trade value.
  • Impacto Deportivo says the Mets will meet with Odalis Perez.  Two left-handed O. Perez’s might confuse opponents, giving the Mets an advantage.  Really though it’s a good idea for Omar to stockpile some arms even if Odalis doesn’t have much left.  One thing’s for sure, he won’t be earning $7.75MM again.  (Hat tip to MetsBlog).
  • Looking for an MLBTR reader forum?  I offer you our Facebook discussion board.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Boras, Murton, Marquis, Clark

Ken Rosenthal is here to hopefully rescue what’s been a slow day for rumors.

  • Rosenthal points out that it seems Scott Boras has been more flexible with his clients’ contracts this year, perhaps even as the result of his "failures" with Alex Rodriguez and Kenny Rogers.  A new, gentler Boras?  Wait til Mark Teixeira, Matt Holliday, and Prince Fielder reach free agency.
  • The Padres are targeting Matt Murton for left field, a notion that gels with Kevin Towers’ stated quest to acquire a corner outfielder via trade.  Plus, Towers gets along well with Cubs GM Jim Hendry.  Not sure how the teams would match up, unless things expand to include Khalil Greene.  The Cubs would have to be sure they don’t need Murton for other deals or because of other deals.
  • Rosenthal agrees with the recent rumor that the Orioles will decide whether to trade Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts by month’s end.  He notes that Cubs starter Jason Marquis actually does have trade value, and could be part of a package for Roberts.  Other teams are interested in him too – go figure.  Innings are innings I guess.  Marquis, 29, is owed $16.25MM over the 2008-09 seasons.
  • An MLBTR commenter questioned the other day why Troy Tulowitzki‘s deal was said to top Grady Sizemore‘s as the record holder for a player with less than two years service time.  The commenter wondered why Brian McCann wasn’t part of the discussion – he signed for more than Sizemore ($26.8MM) in March of ’07 with about a season and a half under his belt.  Anyone know why McCann’s name doesn’t come up in this discussion?
  • One of Rosenthal’s sources believes progress has been made on a long-term pact with Holliday, and the recent two-year deal is a positive sign.
  • Teams inquiring on Tony Clark: Mariners, Giants, and Red Sox.  Clark has been mentioned as a Giants target before.

Giants Pursuing Corner Infield Help

I’m not sure of the Giants’ plan – are they rebuilding?  Playing for 2008?  Kind of rebuilding but trying to seem respectable?

At any rate, the Giants don’t have much going on at first and third base.  I like the idea of going after a cheap under-30 third base upside play like Dallas McPherson.  But I wouldn’t fill the spot with a vet just to fill it.  As for first, I’ve said before I’d just toss Dan Ortmeier there for 550 ABs in lieu of adding some stopgap.  But that’s just me; here’s the latest on Brian Sabean’s corner infield pursuits:

  • Tony Clark is a target, and San Francisco is a good fit for him in terms of playing time.  He’d probably get a one-year deal and be paired with Ortmeier.
  • The Mariners are apparently shopping Adrian Beltre for pitching.  Doesn’t seem to be a smart move for Seattle but it may be a moot point if they are nearing a Carlos Silva signing.
  • No doubt Joe Crede can be had.  Paul Konerko, not so much.  Crede makes sense for the Giants in that they might be able to flip him if he has a good April-May.
  • Morgan Ensberg is a free agent who would probably play for $3MM and jump at a full-time chance.
  • Pedro Feliz remains on the radar, but apparently still wants three years.  C’mon now.
  • The Giants have "moved in opposing directions" with McPherson, a Scott Boras client.