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Josh Beckett Boston Projection

Personally, I think the Josh Beckett trade is decent for the Red Sox.  Beckett will probably never be a workhorse, but maybe a change of scenery will help.  He should bring the team a couple of extra wins over David Wells in 2006.  Anibal Sanchez will be very good in a few years, but Hanley Ramirez didn't exactly master Double A in 2005.  I'm skeptical that he'll even become an average shortstop in the Majors. 

Anyway, I've done some extensive projections over at RotoAuthority for Josh Beckett's 2006 season as a member of the Red Sox.  The main purpose is fantasy baseball, but casual fans might be interested to see the numbers as well.

Read Josh Beckett's Boston Red Sox Projection at RotoAuthority. 


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That is quite an optimistic projection. You have him pitching over 200 innings when he's NEVER pitched more than 180.

I would also look for the ERA to go up more going from a pitcher's park in the NL, to a hitters' park in the hard hitting AL East.

The innings pitched is a huge leap of faith from me, and I'm an analytical guy.

But I do think the ERA should be right around 4.

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