More Cardinals Rumblings

Trusted blogger Lboros has a new post over at Viva El Birdos that does a solid, thorough job of sifting through the rumors flying about in relation to the Cardinals.  Especially with that infamous memo.  The memo!  The memo!  You can check out our post from yesterday morning as a refresher.

The short version:

Walt Jocketty has been unusually uptight this offseason and has been keeping things close to the vest.

The Abreu to the Cards rumor is more than idle speculation; it seems some talks have taken place on that.  Lboros doesn’t think the deal is a good fit economically or logically for the Cardinals, regardless.

Jason Marquis is as good as gone; Anthony Reyes is likely to stay.

Solid sources are saying the Cardinals are expected to sign A.J. Burnett soon, and lboros thinks that’s the most likely scenario.

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