Brad Wilkerson To The Blue Jays?

The rumors just never seem to stop.  Here’s one I haven’t mentioned yet.

Apparently the Blue Jays might want to trade for Brad Wilkerson.  According to the Washington Post:  "Ricciardi has long coveted Wilkerson, who is coming off a down year in which he hit just .248 with 147 strikeouts. Ricciardi said his team might be able to deal pitching, and the possible offers include swingman Miguel Batista or 26-year-old starter Dave Bush."

It seems that Wilkerson’s strikeout tendencies are undercutting his true value.  That’s great for teams looking to acquire him.  Wilkerson is still young and has a .365 career OBP.  He’s got 20-30 HR pop.  He’s durable, averaging 537 at-bats over the past four seasons.  He’s versatile, able to play all three outfield positions and first base.

If Ricciardi has lost patience with supposed future star Alex Rios, Wilkerson would be a great addition in right field.  Sending two mediocre players like Bush and Batista over to the Nationals would be well worth it.

The Cubs are also interested in acquiring Wilkerson.

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