Explaining The Durazo Disinterest

I’ve been at least mildly curious as to why Erubiel Durazo is being treated like he has a disease one year removed from a .919 OPS season.  I mean, if there’s interest in Ruben Sierra, there sure as hell should be interest in Durazo.

Fortunately, I had a source fill me in recently on the story here.  Seems that Durazo was raking in a simulated game last summer and was cleared by Oakland team doctors.  He was penciled in to the following week’s lineup, but ultimately chose surgery against the team’s advice.  Apparently Durazo is perceived as less than a team player around baseball, leaving him with few interested suitors.

Of course, the fact that he’s exclusively a DH and is coming off Tommy John surgery doesn’t exactly spark bidding wars, regardless of his attitude.  I still need Durazo and Roger Clemens to come to terms so that I can analyze the results of my Top 50 Free Agents list.   

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