Odds And Ends: Abreu, Manny

In very minor news, ESPN is reporting that the Cubs have signed righthanded pitcher Jason Simontacchi to a minor league deal. He was slightly less than terrible for Triple A Memphis last year and saw 15 ugly innings in the Majors.  He’s not young, but did win 11 games for the Cards back in ’02.

Bill Conlin of the Philadelphia Daily News acknowledged the Abreu to the White Sox trade rumor, branding it an "Internet rumor."  Fair enough; I could’ve sworn Howard Eskin started this one though.  Regardless, I think we should start referring to rumors from the Philadelphia Daily News as simply "newspaper rumors."  Why try to identify the source?  Too much work. 

According to Conlin, "officials from both teams deny any such talks."  OK.  But I promise that the White Sox have interest in Abreu.  Whether they have the goods for it, I’m not sure.  While Conlin indicates the White Sox would be settling by adding Gavin Floyd to the deal, my sources and most Phillies fans feel that Floyd as a throw-in is overpayment by the Phils.

If this newspaper rumor about Manny Ramirez is to be believed, the Red Sox have no concept of trading players for equal value.  They might as well have asked for John Lackey and Vlad while they were at it.

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