Phils Crave 5th OF

Randy Miller wrote an article yesterday quoting Phils GM Pat Gillick’s desire for a lefty outfield bat off the bench. Miller didn’t throw out any names, so I thought I’d dig around a bit to see who might be on the radar.  According to my best Phillies source:

On B.J. Surhoff:  "I got a lukewarm response from a high ranking club official when i asked about him a week ago. Not saying it won’t happen, but i didn’t like the guy’s body language."

On Bobby Higginson:  "I got a thumbs down when I asked about Higgy a month ago."

On Josh Kroeger (already a member of the team):  "They could go from within with this Kroeger kid, but I’m sure they will keep looking."

Just throwing out a name here, but how about trading for Jorge Piedra?  Young lefty stick with pop who can hit righties and is buried on the Rockies’ depth chart.  I have a feeling the Phils wouldn’t be setting their sights that high for a fifth outfielder, however.

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