Wednesday Morning Reading

I’m sure some of you are just rolling out of bed, while others at the office are counting down til lunchtime.  Either way, you need something to read.  Allow me to help:

My first post on AllCubs is about Kerry Wood.  I refrained from posting these thoughts on this site, as the realists and White Sox fans would probably have a field day.  What can I say, hope springs eternal for Cubs fans.

Over at HoopsBuzz, Andrew analyzes a possible Darko Mlicic trade.

RotoAuthority has some under-the-radar guys capable of 25 HR seasons.

Quick linkage:  Outlook not-so-good on Brad Wilkerson‘s shoulder…with the recent Antonio Alfonseca signing, you should take notice of this interesting stat…Elephants in Oakland rants on overuse of the word Moneyball…Forget Anna Benson, the Mets just wanted John Maine.

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