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Jays Want Craig Wilson, Burnett To Miss A Month?

Columnist Marty York is "one of Canada's most popular sports columnists with a track record for breaking big stories."  Works for me.  In yesterday's column, he tells us that the Blue Jays would like to acquire Craig Wilson by Opening Day. 

York mostly disses the team's interest in Wilson, comparing him to other "slow, white guys who can hit relatively well but who cannot run much and who are so subpar defensively that they have to be hidden at positions where they’re least likely to cause problems."  He ignores Wilson's .363 career OBP in his comparison.  That's the difference, Marty.

He mentions that the Braves, Padres, Mariners, and Indians are also interested in Wilson.

York goes on to report that A.J. Burnett will miss at least the first month of the 2006 season.  That'd be a pretty big hit to their staff.  This is definitely news to me, as I'd read that the injury was "not serious" and that he'd only miss a week or two.


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Have you heard anything about the rumor of the Reds trading Jason LaRue to the Dodgers for Brad Penny? Popped up on a couple Reds blogs.

And, so I comment on the topic, I think that Wilson would be just the player that the Blue Jays should trade for. That would give them a very good outfield, and make their offense even more solid. If they improved their bullpen a little more, they could be among the division leaders.

Well, Wilson's OBP mainly comes from his HBP. He had 30 in his full season in 2004 and a .354 OBP. Only 50 BBs that year.

I find the stuff about Burnett suspect to be honest because he was testing his arm yesterday aswell with no pain. apparently whats holding up the wilson deal is the Pirates want Rios and I think the jays are somewhat unwilling to deal him or just waiting it out to see how he does.

But I agree Wilson would really be the final piece, and really ya gotta be joking about their Bullpen they have one of the best in the majors. Last season the lowest full time relievers era was Batista the closer who was replaced by ryan.

Oh and the Slow white guys comment is just adding fuel to a fire. Apparently there has been afew story's in toronto saying JP Riccardi is Racist because all he was bring in was white guys.

Heard the Penny/LaRue rumor...don't really buy it though.

Sure, but getting on base is getting on base if you can do it consistently.

Burnett hurt? No way.

JP rolled the dice there, and I think hes gonna crap out before he hits it big.

Wilson is worthless. I was very afraid Boston would trade for him. Let Toronto have him.

im a Jays fan and there is no way i want Wilson. id rather have Hinske who can bat LH and play the same positions.
if the Jays are looking to add an OF with power Wilson is not the answer.
personally i think the Jays should be looking more for a leadoff hitter, but thats just my opinion.

Canadian columnists who write about baseball don't know a thing! They hardly follow baseball and are second rate columnists who couldn't get the hockey coverage. Chances are, the guy isn't even in Dunedin.

Shut up Brandini

Who are the Jays gonna trade? Eric Hinske?

i think that it would be an ok trade but i dont think that the jays should give up rios for him. I think he has the possibilty to be a very good player. But your right wilson is super slow and i dont know how good og a fielder he really is .

Craig Wilson is less lost in LF than Hinske is. Hinske's been horrible at getting jumps on flies out to him not to mention he lacks the range to play outfield in most parks. Blue Jays put themselves in a hole by overloading on 1B/3B/DH types. Now they have to move at least one of them or suffer the defensive consequences. Craig Wilson while not exactly an impact player would be far less of an embarassment in LF than Hinske would be.

Honestly i don't think teams really know how good thier bullpen is until the season has started. Who would have said the indians would that the best pen last year.

It looks like to me that Craig Wilson will probably be traded to Atlanta for Thomson. Read this from the Pittsburgh Gazette.

Marty York is a joke, and he's now writing columns in The Metro, which is a free newspaper they pass out on the subway - hardly a credible source.

He's just reciting other newspapers and like rotoworld or something as his "sources." Burnett will probably pitch like 300 innings this year because Marty said he'd miss a month. Though even busted clock is right twice a day.

Calling Lyle Overbay "subpar defensively" shows you his credibility.

As an Indian fan I hope our interest isnt true.

I hardly see Wilson as an upgrade over Broussard and feel more comfortable with the Defense and Leadership Blake can bring to the club even when sacrificing slight production.

Why is Pitt so down on him anyway, signing Burnitz hardly seems like an upgrade

Burnitz is a highly underrated player he's up around 900 OPS every year.

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