Signs of Reds OF Trade Mounting

More and more, it’s looking like the Reds will deal one of their outfielders before the season begins.  First off, Jon Heyman’s column from yesterday:

"Now that Scott Hatteberg has been signed for first base, the Reds might shop that extra outfielder they’ve been carrying for a while. They have Adam Dunn, Wily Mo Peña, Austin Kearns and Ken Griffey Jr., with Peña most likely to go for young pitching. Previous owner Carl Lindner rejected deals for Griffey (including one with the Cubs last year), but maybe new owner Rob Castellini will do the right thing."

I must say, I hadn’t heard about that Cubs/Griffey offer before now.  Griffey to the White Sox, yes.  Anyway, Will Carroll also got in on the act today:

"Adam Dunn in left field? Who’s headed out of Cincinnati?"

I agree with Heyman – Wily Mo seems most likely to go.  But we should start with the Reds when figuring this one out.  The Reds need pitching.  Surprisingly, their rotation is actually already five-deep if Paul Wilson is able to take the hill.  The Reds won’t put a timetable on his return.

Possible matches: Boston, Cleveland, Kansas City, Minnesota, Anaheim, Florida, and Los Angeles.  OK, that didn’t exactly narrow it down.  But all these teams could use an outfielder and could probably come up with a youngster to get it done. 

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