Braves Looking To Trade Giles

Just got word from a reputable, well-connected source out of Atlanta.  Excellent timing, as Braves fans have been clamoring for any indication of a deal.

According to my source, the Braves are serious about trading Marcus Giles and using Wilson Betemit at second base.  The club loves Betemit’s bat and he’s earned a chance as a regular.  The Braves have gotten a paltry .235/.328/.349 line out of Giles in 238 ABs this year. 

Fantasy players often ask me what happened to the 28 year-old Giles, and I don’t have a good answer.  His PECOTA projection of .284/.363/.449 seemed about right given his last three seasons.  Giles is not blaming April’s strained finger ligament, but you have to wonder if he’s completely healthy.  He’s making $3.85MM this year and isn’t eligible for free agency until after the 2007 season.

Betemit has only played three games in his career at second base, but the team thinks he’s capable.  He’s always shown decent power, slugging .425 in the minor leagues.  But this year’s .524 mark in 103 ABs is beyond even his highest expectations.    

There was no word on which teams are interested in Giles, but the Cardinals are a possible fit.


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