Grimsley Mania!

Well the hot story right now is obviously Jason Grimsley‘s naming of names.  If you don’t feel like reading Grimsley’s entire affadavit, just check out page 13.  It’s one of the more interesting pages, wherein Grimsley states that a certain steroid user was "very obvious and had the worst back acne he’d ever seen."

I decided to do some detective work by Googling various players’ names in conjuction with "back acne."  (Can you tell I was bored?)  Anyway, yes, I did find many Sammy/Barry references, but I also ran into this.  It’s a surreal, fascinating story about Juan Gonzalez from Jeff Sullivan, and yes, back acne and baby oil make an appearance.

Given the success of that detective work, I proceeded to flip through all of Grimsley’s former teammates.  I then compiled a list of players who probably did not use steroids, because I figured that would be easier than picking out the ones who did.  Here you go:

Mike Maddux
Terry Mulholland
John Kruk
Mickey Morandini
Felix Fermin
Billy Ripken

Randy Velarde (wait, scratch that)
J.T. Snow
Gary DiSarcina
Jim Abbott

Chuck McElroy (the glasses gave him super powers anyway)
Chuck Knoblauch
Joe Girardi
Lance Johnson
Joe Randa
Neifi Perez
Calvin Pickering
(couldn’t possibly get any bigger) 

It’s safe to assume that anyone not on this list used steroids.

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