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Soriano, Sanchez, Meche: Much Ado About Nothing

Seems that a couple of the more interesting rumors to come up today have proven to be nothing at all.

The first was ESPN's rumor that Brandon McCarthy would be included in a Soriano to the White Sox deal, which was to be extremely close.  It seems that the deal has fallen through at least in the short term, and Kenny Williams stated publicly that neither McCarthy nor Josh Fields will be traded.  Still in the stockpile: Brian Anderson, Ryan Sweeney, Jerry Owens, Sean Tracey, Lance Broadway, Casey Rogowski, and Charlie Haeger

It has also been noted that Humberto Sanchez missed his start tonight due to a tender elbow.  Not exactly a way to pump up a prospect's value, so the Tigers may have to deal other prospects.  They've still got Brent Clevlen, Jordan Tata, and Jair Jurrjens, among others.  Still, Sanchez seems like the one available trading chip who could help bring a star player to Detroit.      

Also, we're unclear at this point whether the rumored ESPN Radio report of a completed Aaron Heilman for Gil Meche trade is legit.  Indications are that it was a hoax.  Sorry 'bout that.  Here's MetsBlog's take on this (non)rumor.


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In defense of ESPN, they did say it "could" be McCarthy, not "IS" McCarthy. I've also been noticing a lack of Lugo in Tampa.

According to ESPN radio, Gil Meche has been traded to the Mets for Aaron Heilman.

Really? Wow! What city did you hear that in, I'll try to post on it.

Kramerica - drop me a line at dierkes@gmail.com about the deal.

Bdid is right, looks bogus.

The Heilman deal is getting around as much as that fake Arod to Philly deal the other night. But hey, maybe it is legit. There are so many places reporting it. Apparently it has actually been talked about before.

Agreed, I think it has been discussed. Unfortunately I helped spread it by posting...gotta be more careful even with the illusion of an ESPN report.

espn just isnt the same without Peter Gammons

My only question then...Why wasn't heilman in uniform tonight? I know that is true.

Who knows, maybe there's something there. Unfortunately I don't have any info yet.

I wonder if Milledge was in uni tonight...HMan and Lasto for poor man Zito? Wishful thinking.

Some people are telling me Heilman was in uni tonight. How do you know he wasn't?

'How do you know he wasn't?'

I watched the entire thing and don't remember seeing him.

What does Meche throw? Not another finesse pitcher, yeah?

My friend was at the game, said a lot of people noticed he wasn't there. In a one run game, you'd think someone would have seen him.

Can't say. He does have a decent K rate and throws a mix of fastballs, curves, changeups, and sliders in that order. Don't know the velocity though.

My friend was at the game, said a lot of people noticed he wasn't there. In a one run game, you'd think someone would have seen him.

If I'm wrong my apologies, but my boy said he looked for him. Couldn't see him anywhere, including warmups. Thats why I started looking for rumors.

Get your mets source on the phone! He should know.

Talked to a pretty solid Mets guy who said he was in uni. I dunno.

Flash Gordon, that was quick!

I don't think I like that Meche deal.

Then I'll believe you. My boy could be wrong.

So on august 1st wat team do u guys think Soriano will be on? I think he will end up in Detroit and help then take the title this year. Post back on where u think he will end up.

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