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Grimsley Names Revealed

Remember all that Jason Grimsley stuff from way back in June?  L.A. Times reporters Lance Pugmire and Tim Brown got a glance at an unredacted version of Grimsley's affidavit, and all the names within were made public in this article

Here are the infamous six:

Andy Pettitte
Miguel Tejada
Brian Roberts
Jay Gibbons
David Segui
Roger Clemens

In addition, Albert Pujols's trainer, Chris Mihlfeld, has apparently been cleared.  The trainer in question turned out to be former Yankees and Blue Jays strength coach Dr. Brian McNamee.  According to the article, McNamee works with Clemens and Pettitte.  It had previously been reported on Deadspin (at about an 80% confidence level) that Mihlfeld was the trainer named in the affidavit. 

It appears that McNamee once wrote a response column in the New York Times sometime in 2002 to refute Steve Kettman's allegation of widespread steroid use in baseball.  I'll try to find that one, but in the meantime you can read this.  McNamee was named on page 14 of Grimsley's affidavit as a person who once referred Grimsley to an amphetamine source.  Kettman is an author and former sportswriter for the San Francisco Chronicle and was the ghostwriter of Jose Canseco's Juiced.

You can read a little bit about Brian McNamee's "Navy SEAL workouts" here and here.  Aside from Clemens and Pettitte, Ted Lilly and some other pitchers from the 2001 Yankees participated in McNamee's rigorous workouts.  At this link, McNamee is interviewed and repeatedly hawks a multi-vitamin called InVite.  Finally, the New York Daily News adds to the info about McNamee, mentioning that he was questioned in connection with a possible sexual assault in 2001.

Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun already have reactions from Tejada and Gibbons in the Sunday edition of the Baltimore Sun.

Gibbons, back when Alex Sanchez became the first steroid bust back in April of 2005:

"We're not messing around now.  Just the public perception that every time he goes to the plate, people will say he's a cheater. You knew it was going to happen, you knew they would catch somebody."


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I am just hoping that Roger Clemens is clean. Despite this report, I don't think he used anything. Still, it would be the most damaging thing to Major League Baseball if the best pitcher of the past 20 years is found to be a steroid user.

We've already got the greatest hitter of the past 20 years covered...

do you have any reason to suspect he DIDN'T take them? i mean, he did seriously turn a corner from good pitcher to completely dominant over the last few seasons... not to mention he's 40+ years old. sounds a lot like bonds career huh? great player that became the greatest...

We have no reason to believe that Clemens DIDN'T take steroids. This is exactly why I think Pettitte a part of this too. Pettitte and Clemens are best friends. Best friends have each others backs, whether it be keeping each other clean or using together. If one did it, so did the other.

Uh, Roger Clemens has always been a dominant pitcher. He didn't win his 348 games after the age of 35.

But I guess in the steroid era, everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

You dont think anything is up when a player peaks at the age of 43? If he was just a good pitcher in his 40's I could accept it, but he pitched better at 43 than he did in what should have been his prime in 1990. That isnt even taking into account that the game was much less offensive in 1990 than it was in 2005. His 1.87 era in 05 probably translates to about 1.30 in 1990 even going from NL to AL.

When you peak in your late 30's and 40's your going to be suspected. Players just dont get better post 35.

This isnt idle speculation, this is a teammate of Clemens spilling his guys about who he knew was using banned substances. Before this came out it was speculation, now the evidence is starting to mount up.

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